Deadline Artists--Scandals, Tragedies and Triumphs:: More of America's Greatest Newspaper Columns

Deadline Artists--Scandals, Tragedies and Triumphs:: More of America's Greatest Newspaper Columns


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ISBN-13: 9781468301205
Publisher: The Overlook Press
Publication date: 11/21/2012
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.40(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

John Avlon is a senior columnist for Newsweek and The Daily Beast as well as a CNN contributor. He is the author of Independent Nation and Wingnuts. He lives in New York City.

Jesse Angelo is Editor-in-Chief of The Daily, the first national news brand built for the iPad, as well as Executive Editor of the New York Post and lives in New York City.

Errol Louis is the host of “Inside City Hall” on NY1 and a CNN contributor. He lives in New York City.

Table of Contents

Introduction 17


Ten Days in the Mad House Nellie Bly-New York World 23

A Woman Tells: Seduction Led to Murder Irvin S. Cobb-New York World 25

The Germans Were Like Men After an Orgy Richard Harding Davis-New York Tribune 30

Mata Hari Falls Before Firing Squad Henry G. Wales-International News Service 33

8 Men Out: Black Sox Indicted Harvey T. Woodruff-Chicago Tribune 35

Woman Plays Jazz as Victim Dies Maurine Dallas Watkins-Chicago Tribune 38

The Klan Holds a "Klavern" Lindsay Denison-New York World 40

Wanted: A Wet Nurse for the Oil Industry Will Rogers-Tulsa Daily World 44

No Sweetheart Worth Killing Maurine Dallas Watkins-Chicago Tribune 46

Arguments at the Scopes-Monkey Trial H. L. Mencken-Baltimore Sun 47

A Woman Burns Gene Fowler-New York American 49

The Trial of Al Capone Damon Runyon-New York American 56

The Burning of the Books Heywood Broun-New York World-Telegram 59

Dillinger "Gets His" Jack Lait-International News Service 60

Louisiana's Kingfish Lies in State Joseph Cookman-New York Post 62

Mussolini's Tough Guys Westbrook Pegler-Scripps Howard 65

Mr. Welles and Mass Delusion Dorothy Thompson-New York Herald Tribune 67

Union Thugs Westbrook Pegler-Scripps Howard 69

When American Citizens Murder U.S. Soldiers George S. Schuyler-Pittsburgh Courier 71

The Liberation of Dachau Marguerite Higgins-New York Herald Tribune 73

Veteran Kills 12 in Camden Meyer Berger-The New York Times 75

The Southern Gentlemen Murray Kempton-New York Post 83

The Death of Senator McCarthy Harry Golden-Carolina Israelite 86

The Harlem Riot Jimmy Breslin-New York Herald Tribune 87

Alabama Literacy Test Art Buchwald-Washington Post 90

Zodiac Killer Gives Gilbert & Sullivan Clue Paul Avery-San Francisco Chronicle 91

The Pentagon Papers: Freedom versus Security James Reston-The New York Times 94

Attica Prison Riot: Night in the Yard Tom Wicker-The New York Times 95

Murder in Munich Red Smith-The New York Times 97

A Faceless Man's Plea Mike Royko-Chicago Sun-Times 99

The Phony-Tough Meet the Crazy-Brave Stewart Alsop-Washington Post 101

Watergate: For a Lot of People, It Has Changed Everything Mary McGrory-Washington Star 103

You Can Bet on Sinatra Mike Royko-Chicago Daily News 106

Son of Sam: Fear in Queens Jimmy Breslin-New York Daily News 108

Endless Talk About Cambodia William F. Buckley Jr.-Universal Press Syndicate 110

Bernhard Goetz: Notes from the Underground Pete Hamill-Village Voice 112

A Boldfaced Lie Dave Barry-Miami Herald 117

Ignorance Epidemic During AIDS Crisis Molly Ivins-Fort Worth Star-Telegram 118

Real-Life Rodmans Have to Work It Out Mitch Albom-Detroit Free Press 120

The O.J. Effect Carl Hiaasen-Miami Herald 123

Accused Officer's Girlfriend Stands by Her Man Mike McAlary-New York Daily News 124

I Still Believe Michael Kelly-Washington Post 127

In the Land of Oz with Bad Guys Kathleen Parker-USA Today 129

No Party for Essie Mae Colbert King-Washington Post 131

Open Casket Opened Eyes Leonard Pitts, Jr.-Miami Herald 133

Why Truth Matters Nicholas Kristof-The New York Times 135

All the President's Girls Nora Ephron-The New York Times 136

Torture, American Style Andy Rooney-Tribune Media 138

Long a Public Scold, Now Facing Life as a Punch Line Clyde Haberman-The New York Times 140

Who We (Still) Are Peggy Noonan-Wall Street Journal 141

Polanski Backers Lose Sight of Real Victim Steve Lopez-Los Angeles Times 144

Devil of a Scandal Maureen Dowd-The New York Times 148

The Age of Indiscretion Dan Henninger-Wall Street Journal 150


The Murder of President Lincoln Noah Brooks-Sacramento Daily Union 155

The Death of Rodriguez Richard Harding Davis-New York Journal 156

Galveston is Gone Winifred Black-San Francisco Examiner 160

San Francisco Earthquake: The Story of an Eyewitness Jack London-Collier's 163

A Policeman Walks East to Death Frank Ward O'Malley-New York Sun 166

The Death of Henry Spencer Ben Hecht-Chicago Daily News 169

Iowa Village Waits All Night for Glimpse of Funeral Train Lorena A. Hickok-Minneapolis Tribune 175

Bulfighting is Not a Sport-It is a Tragedy Ernest Hemingway-Toronto Star 178

Battling Siki Westbrook Pegler-Chicago Tribune 184

The End of The World Heywood Broun-New York World Telegram 186

Death in the Dust John Steinbeck-San Francisco News 189

Barcelona Bombing Herbert L. Matthews-The New York Times 192

Success Westbrook Pegler-Scripps Howard 194

Reflections on Gandhi Walter Lippmann-New York Herald Tribune 196

The Sorehead Murray Kempton-New York Post 198

La Nacha, Dirty Dope Queen of the Border Ruben Salazar-El Paso Herald-Post 199

Obit on the Dodgers Dick Young-New York Daily News 202

There is No News from Auschwitz A. M. Rosenthal-The New York Times 205

Archie's Kind of Music Jimmy Cannon-New York Post 207

Final Returns, Final Night Murray Kempton-New York Post 209

Kennedy Assassinated Merriman Smith-UPI 212

Malcolm X: The Fruit of Islam Murray Kempton-New York Post 213

The Stone's at the Bottom of the Hill Jack Newfield-Village Voice 215

P.F.C. Gibson Comes Home John Fetterman-Louisville Times 218

The Cubs and Conservatism George Will-Washington Post 222

We Should all be Dead Today Rich Heiland-Xenia Daily Gazette 223

Dies the Victim, Dies the City Jimmy Breslin-New York Daily News 225

Civility and Madness Vermont Royster-Wall Street Journal 227

Thanks to All of You Mike Royko-Chicago Sun-Times 229

John Lennon: It's the Promise That's Gone Ellen Goodman-Boston Globe 230

Beyond Politics Jimmy Breslin-New York Daily News 232

A Child Wrestles with His Dog's Death Pete Dexter-Philadelphia Daily News 235

Ireland's Rage: Sands' Mourners Will Not Be Pacified Richard Ben Cramer-Philadelphia Inquirer 237

A Night to Be Jolly Jimmy Breslin-New York Daily News 240

Homeboys and Heroes Frank del Olmo-Los Angeles Times 242

Echoes of Grief "in the Line of Duty" Mike Barnicle-Boston Globe 244

Amid Destruction, City's Heroes Robbed of Chance to Save Lives Michael Daly-New York Daily News 246

Amid the Ruins, a Separate Peace Steve Lopez-Los Angeles Times 249

Going So Fast ... Gone Too Soon Mitch Albom-Detroit Free Press 250

After the Sky Fell Brady Dennis-St. Petersburg Times 258

Former Tropicana Owner Still Has Faith After Mob; Corporate Muggings John L. Smith-Las Vegas Sun Review 258

A Lesson Before Dying Bret Stephens-Wall Street Journal 260


Twelve Seconds That Changed the World H. P. Moore-Norfolk Virginian-Pilo 265

The Dempsey-Willard Fight Grantland Rice-New York Tribune 267

The Subway Rebel Frederick B. Edwards-New York Herald Tribune 271

Homo Neanderthalensis H. L. Mencken-Baltimore Sun 274

Lindbergh Lands in Paris Edwin L. James-New York Tribune 277

Ruth for President Westbrook Pegler-Chicago Tribune 279

The Cinderella Man Damon Runyon-New York American 282

Joe Louis Uncovers Dynamite Richard Wright-New Masses 287

London Still Stood This Morning Helen Kirkpatrick-Chicago Daily News 290

Liberating the City of Light Ernie Pyle-Scripps Howard 291

The Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki William Laurence-The New York Times 293

Hope This is the Last One, Baby Homer Bigart-New York Herald Tribune 299

A Month after the Atom Bomb: Hiroshima Still Can't Believe it Homer Bigart-New York Herald Tribune 302

Go for Broke Hodding Carter Jr.-Delta Democrat Times 303

The Rise of the United States Walter Lippmann-New York Herald Tribune 305

Don Larson's Perfect Game Shirley Povich-Washington Post 307

Martin Luther King: Where Does He Go from Here? Ted Poston-New York Post 311

Jim Brown Beats the Redskins Shirley Povich-Washington Post 315

I Have a Dream Eugene Patterson-Atlanta Journal Constitution 317

I'm the Greatest Red Smith-New York Herald Tribune 318

Edward R. Murrow: In Memoriam James Reston-The New York Times 320

Boys Will be Heroes William F. Buckley-Universal Press Syndicate 322

You're Joe Namath Jimmy Cannon-New York Post 323

Moon Launching Brings Mood of Reflection Lacey Fosburgh-The New York Times 325

Jackie's Debut Mike Royko-Chicago Sun-Times 327

Super Hero Wells Twombly-San Francisco Examiner 329

A Salute to Gilliam Jim Murray-Los Angeles Times 331

It Could Happen Only in Hollywood Jim Murray-Los Angeles Times 334

His Dreams Belong to the Next Generation Diane Griego Erwin-Orange County Register 336

From Selma to Berlin Dorothy Gilliam-Washington Post 337

Conviction of Their Courage Mary McGrory-Washington Post 339

When Jordan Cried Behind Closed Doors Bob Greene-Chicago Tribune 340

Amid the Graves, Gratitude Lives on Mike Barnicle-Boston Globe 342

Hero Builds a Life After Pal's Death Mike McAlary-New York Daily News 344

All She Has, $150,000, is Going to a University Rick Bragg-The New York Times 346

My Favorite Teacher Thomas L. Friedman-The New York Times 349

Fighting for Life, 50 Floors Up Jim Dwyer-The New York Times 351

Welcome Back, Duke Peggy Noonan-Wall Street Journal 353

Pope John Paul II: Bigger Than the Nobel David Brooks-The New York Times 356

A Gambler Sees Beyond the Jackpot Dan Barry-The New York Times 358

Post-Cancer Life: Precious, Priceless Regina Brett-Cleveland Plain Dealer 360

The Last Lecture Jeffrey Zaslow-Wall Street Journal 361

Being Albee Michael Riedel-New York Post 363

Nobody's Perfect, but They were Good Peggy Noonan-Wall Street Journal 365

About the Columnists 369

Acknowledgments 393

Permissions 395

About the Editors 400

What People are Saying About This

Peggy Noonan

An indispensable anthology of an American art form… a broad and brilliantly chosen compilation of the best newspaper column writing past and present- and a real feast. I couldn’t stop reading.

From the Publisher

"The best of the past in an essential anthology. Buy it and read it. You'll have a good time and you just might learn something." --Jimmy Breslin

"Some of the finest journalism in the American canon, at once celebrating, flogging and observing the varieties of mankind." --Page Views

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