Deadly Risk: American Cattle Ranching on the Mexican Border and other True Cattle Ranching Stories

Deadly Risk: American Cattle Ranching on the Mexican Border and other True Cattle Ranching Stories

by Nancy Dale


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Deadly Risk: American Cattle Ranching on the Mexican Border and other True Cattle Ranching Stories by Nancy Dale

(November 2013) CONTACT: Nancy Dale 863 214-8351 or
The living legends of the American Cowboy reflect the American Dream of spirit, fortitude, and dedication to principles as their destiny created the story of the American West. It all began in the desert region of South Africa (now Chad), ten thousand years ago before the Sahara Desert was created by worldwide glacial climate change. Early hunter-gatherers domesticated the Auroch ox, the first bovine species of cattle that served to advance agriculture and survival.
Early "cattle ranching" was initiated when hunter/gatherers migrated with their herds up the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers then expanded into India, Europe and United States when Ponce de Leon brought Andalusian cattle into Florida from Spain. "Western Expansionism" gave birth to the cattle industry in the American West
These true stories of early pioneer cattle ranchers instill the American spirit into the 21st century. As legendary cowboy author, J.P.S. Brown (Nogales, Arizona) says, "Real cowboys are not always who you think they are whether or not they wear boots and cowboy hats; it is their Spirit that lives."
The tragic story of border heritage rancher, Rob Krentz (murdered by a suspected illegal) is told by his dedicated wife, Sue, (Douglas, Arizona) with other border ranchers describing their everyday battles with the Mexican Cartel: John Ladd (Bisbee, Arizona), Ed Ashurst (Apache, Arizona). Interview with Scott George, Pres. National Beef Cattleman responding to rancher questions on border issues; Sheriff Lanier Hardee County interview on cartel drug bust in Lake Placid, Florida; McCain statement; Sen. Rubio and Flake (AZ) refusing to answer border rancher questions AND statement from Tex. Ag. Commissioner on border security not being met.
In a world wrought with political strife, man waging war against man, global power struggles, new technology and climate change, the cowboy Spirit and Heritage gives hope for humanity as joy, suffering, grief, emotional, spiritual challenges arrive upon our doorstep through these true stories. Hopefully, their lives will inspire future generations to recognize that the global frontier and beyond it is yet to be fulfilled and will challenge those who dare to carve it.

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About the Author

Nancy Dale, Ph.D. is a Native Miamian and author of five pioneer ranching books: The Legacy of the Florida Pioneer "Cow Hunters" - In Their Own Words; Wild Florida The Way It Was As Told by the Florida Pioneer "Cow Hunters" Who Lived It; Would Do, Could Do and Made Do: Florida's Pioneer "Cow Hunters" Who Tamed the Last Frontier; Where the Swallowtail Kite Soars: The Legacies of Glades County, Florida and the Vanishing Wilderness.

Dr. Dale writes these books to preserve the cultural heritage of Florida pioneer "cow hunters" and the American cowboy. She teaches Communication at South Florida State College and is a certified Yoga Instructor. She enjoys cycling and nurturing a Florida Certified Yard on the Lake Wales Ridge in Sebring, Florida.

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