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Deadly World Summit, Will Anyone Survive the Next 10 Days

Deadly World Summit, Will Anyone Survive the Next 10 Days

by Sterling Cooper
Deadly World Summit, Will Anyone Survive the Next 10 Days

Deadly World Summit, Will Anyone Survive the Next 10 Days

by Sterling Cooper


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This an award winning thriller of international proportions, that will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to read it till the end, and we will not reveal its ending.

The setting is a beautiful remote tropical island resort, secluded for security and safety purposes due to the fact that ALL the leaders of all the counties of the world arrive for what is billed at the WORLD PEACE SUMMIT; a conference designed to one and for all design and agree on a framework to end all conflicts and wars between nations forever.

In addition religious leaders and others are invited to attend to add to the event's success in establishing forever a framework of never having any more conflicts between nations.

The United States sends its best warships, every kind of security detail imaginable to make sure that the conference is highly defended and secure form any possible threats.

Aircraft patrol the skies, warships the ocean, and ground forces make sure that nobody can possible cause a security breach of the conference or threaten its VIP attendees representing every leader of every country.

Then, though a simple "glitch" a simple overlooked detail, a cargo ship routinely arrives to deliver necessary supplies to the conference, but in addition to the cargo, it delivers a deadly cargo that nobody expected or could have anticipated...the crew is infected with and does not realize that they are with the most deadly virus that takes 10 days to kill everything it infects!

The crew is not aware that they are in fact carrying this virus, and it will as an airborne virus infect everyone in attendance and that unbeknown to them they may all die within 10 days of contact with anyone else.

The conference goes as planned but the infection permeates every world leader and VIP attending the conference, and they all go back to their home countries, unaware of being infected with this deadly virus that will kill in 10 days and will spread airborne to all those not infected.

The virus has been planted by a terrorist group and has no antidote.

Every world leader returning to their home country will now infect, without even knowing that the virus is already in his body and will transmit to all he comes into contact with, the deadly infection.

As world leaders return to their countries to celebrate the success of the WORLD PEACE CONFERENCE, they will spread the virus to their friends, family, their government officials and to their entire population.

Everyone is subject to infection, but they do not know that with the 10 day incubation period, they are spreading the virus far and wide with all contact.

People start getting sick, they are not diagnosed properly as the symptoms seem normal at first, but then within 10 days the people infected simply die...die where they are standing or living or going.

Nobody can figure out why people are getting sick and simply falling and dying...all over the world!

The president dies, this is hidden from the population, but then so do other high officials in the government, and in governments all over the world, as panic spreads.

No country is immune from the spread of this deadly virus.

Government leaders start dying first, they were the first to be infected at the island summit. They brought the virus with them, and now one by one, it has spread to every living person they came into contact with.

Entire governments, security forces, police and keepers of law and order start dying where they fall!

There are huge gaps in services as people essential to keeping the infrastructure die...nobody to keep the power plants running, to deliver goods, or to provide the essential services are dying and sick.

This is a thriller like no other to read to the end in one reading as it simply will keep your it is ripped from the headlines that we fear as a possible event that nobody can ever prepare for...just like the black death in the middle ages that killed off humanity on a grand can happen.

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ISBN-13: 9781494460488
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/25/2014
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)

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