Dear Folks: A Soldier's Letters Home 1941-1961

Dear Folks: A Soldier's Letters Home 1941-1961

by Carol E. Yorke


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Before computers and the internet, letter writing was a labor of love. They could make you laugh or cry, holding untold mysteries within a quaint, many-times-over postmarked envelope.

When the letter writer is a strapping lad of twenty-four who is blind in one eye and gets into the Army by faking the eye test, his letters home span the hysterically funny to the downright absurd.

Meet Hal, Harold W. Yorke, Jr., a tall young man with coal black hair, a strikingly pale moustache, tanned complexion, and intelligent blue eyes that speak volumes.

What started as a lark, turns into an interesting career in the Army spanning twenty years. The military took him all over the United States and to exotic locales like Korea and Puerto Rico.

Hal’s journey of sepia-tinted World War II memories relates how he makes do with a not-so-handsome salary, yet his sharp mind and will to succeed has him fixing cars and planes, as well as just about anything broken that needs repairs during wartime.

His letter home on how to score a cake from the base kitchen without getting caught is hilarious, while his letter about a terrifying fire will chill hearts.

Presented by his daughter in this nostalgic compilation, each day in the military produced something new for Hal, and all those outpourings are captured as if on cellulose.

About the Author: Carol E. Yorke lived the nomadic life of an Army brat throughout the United States and overseas during her childhood, ultimately landing in Southern California. She spent 25 years as a CPA and was married three times. After suffering a debilitating stroke in 2009, she wrote her first book Brain Attack: Surviving a Stroke in 2015.

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Publication date: 03/23/2020
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