Death And Anti-Death, Volume 5

Death And Anti-Death, Volume 5

by Charles Tandy (Editor)


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A description of the anthology DEATH AND ANTI-DEATH, VOLUME 5: THIRTY YEARS AFTER LOREN EISELEY (1907-1977) follows: Volume 5, as indicated by the anthology's subtitle, is in honor of Loren Eiseley (1907-1977). The chapters do not necessarily mention him. The chapters (by professional philosophers and other professional scholars) are directed to issues related to death, life extension, and anti-death. Most of the contributions consist of scholarship unique to this volume. As was the case with all previous volumes in the Death And Anti-Death Series By Ria University Press, the anthology includes an Index as well as an Abstracts section that serves as an extended table of contents. (With Volume 5, you will also find a new section entitled BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS.) The 17 chapter titles are as follows:

1. Asking The Unaskable Question - Do People Have The Right NOT To Die? (by Marcus Barber) -----

2. Deadly Economics: Reflections On The Neoclassical Paradigm (by Giorgio Baruchello) -----

3. A Frozen Future? Cryonics As A Gamble (by Gregory Benford) -----

4. Three Big Problems (by Nick Bostrom and Rebecca Roache) -----

5. A World Of Exception: Exploring The Thought Of Loren Eiseley (by Marcus Bussey) -----

6. Knowledge And Death: Return To The Garden (by Harry Hillman Chartrand) -----

7. Is It Safe For A Biologist To Support Cryonics Publicly? (by Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey) -----

8. Taking The Defeat Of Aging Seriously: The Time Is Now (by Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey) -----

9. Choosing Death In Cases Of Anorexia Nervosa - Should We Ever Let People Die From Anorexia? (by Simona Giordano) -----

10. Technologies Don't Die (by Kevin Kelly) -----

11. Intimate Moments Among The Dead: Death And Time In The Work Of Loren Eiseley (by Lawrence Kimmel) -----

12. No Turning Back: Past-Directed Time Travel Is Scientifically Unlikely, Though Virtual Alternatives May Still Offer Solace (by R. Michael Perry) -----

13. Embodiments Of Paradise: Symbolism Of Death As Existential Mastery In Jihadism (by Arthur Saniotis) -----

14. On Death And Dying: Summing Up At 70 (by Arthur B. Shostak) -----

15. Once Upon A Time (by Stanley Shostak) -----

16. Teleological Causes And The Possibilities Of Personhood (by Charles Tandy) -----

17. Terrestrial Peoples, Extraterrestrial Persons (by Charles Tandy) -----

----- The TITLE of the anthology is: Death And Anti-Death, Volume 5: Thirty Years After Loren Eiseley (1907-1977). It's EDITOR is: Charles Tandy, Ph.D. It's ISBN is: 978-1-934297-02-5. It's PUBLISHER is: Ria University Press. It's DISTRIBUTOR is: Ingram.

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ISBN-13: 9781934297025
Publisher: Ria University Press
Publication date: 12/25/2007
Pages: 456
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