Death, Mourning and Burial: A Cross-Cultural Reader / Edition 1

Death, Mourning and Burial: A Cross-Cultural Reader / Edition 1

by Antonius C. G. M. Robben
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Death, Mourning and Burial: A Cross-Cultural Reader / Edition 1

In Death, Mourning, and Burial, an indispensable introduction to the anthropology of death, readers will find a rich selection of some of the finest ethnographic work on this fascinating topic.

  • Comprised of six sections that mirror the social trajectory of death: conceptualizations of death; death and dying; uncommon death; grief and mourning; mortuary rituals; and remembrance and regeneration
  • Includes canonical readings as well as recent studies on topics such as organ donation and cannibalism
  • Designed for anyone concerned with issues of death and dying, as well as: violence, terrorism, war, state terror, organ theft, and mortuary rituals
  • Serves as a text for anthropology classes, as well as providing a genuinely cross-cultural perspective to all those studying death and dying

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ISBN-13: 9781405114714
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/28/2004
Series: Human Lifecycle: Cross-Cultural Readings Series
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 442,177
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.70(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents


Death and Anthropology: An Introduction: Antonius C. G. M. Robben.

Part I: Conceptualizations of Death.

1. Magic, Science and Religion: Bronislaw Malinowski.

2. The Terror of Death: Ernest Becker.

3. Symbolic Immortality: Robert Jay Lifton and Eric Olson.

4. The Hour of Our Death: Philippe Ariès.

5. How Others Die: Reflections on the Anthropology of Death: Johannes Fabian.

Part II: Death and Dying.

6. Death Omens in a Breton Memorate: Ellen Badone.

7. The Meaning of Death in Northern Cheyenne Culture: Anne S. Straus.

8. Kinds of Death and the House: María Cátedra.

9. Displacing Suffering: The Reconstruction of Death in North America and Japan: Margaret Lock.

Part III: Uncommon Death.

10. Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande: E. E. Evans-Pritchard.

11. Burial Alive: Godfrey Lienhardt.

12. State Terror in the Netherworld: Disappearance and Reburial in Argentina: Antonius C. G. M. Robben.

Part IV: Grief and Mourning.

13. The Andaman Islanders: A. R. Radcliffe-Brown.

14. Metaphors of Mediation in Greek Funeral Laments: Loring M. Danforth.

15. Grief and a Headhunter’s Rage: Renato Rosaldo.

16. Death Without Weeping: Nancy Scheper-Hughes.

Part V: Mortuary Rituals.

17. A Contribution to the Study of the Collective Representation of Death: Robert Hertz.

18. The Rites of Passage: Arnold van Gennep.

19. The Phase of Negated Death: Hikaru Suzuki.

20. ‘Thus are our bodies, thus was our custom’: Mortuary Cannibalism in an Amazonian Society: Beth A. Conklin.

Part VI: Remembrance and Regeneration.

21. Sacrificial Death and the Necrophagous Ascetic: Jonathan Parry.

22. The 19th-Century Tlingit Potlatch: A New Perspective: Sergei Kan.

23. Dead Bodies Animate the Study of Politics: Katherine Verdery.


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"An invaluable resource, this enormously welcome volume traces the historical development of the cross-cultural study of death and provides readers the luxury of a single-volume collection of anthropology’s classic contributions to the field."
Jenny Hockey, University of Sheffield

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