Death on West End Road (Hamptons Murder Mystery #3)

Death on West End Road (Hamptons Murder Mystery #3)

by Carrie Doyle


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More murder in the Hamptons, from New York Times best-selling author Carrie Doyle!

Two-Time Benjamin Franklin Silver Award Winner for Best Mystery and Best Cover Design

Death on West End Road is the third book in Carrie Doyle’s sophisticated but cozy Hamptons Murder Mystery Series. Along with a colorful cast of supporting characters, the beating heart of the book is Antonia Bingham, restaurateur, gourmand, and nosy carb-lover. For readers who love Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone series and Alexander McCall Smith’s No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, look no further than Doyle’s new series!

An unsolved crime is something that Hamptons innkeeper and sleuth Antonia Bingham just can’t resist. Despite a busy high-season schedule and an inn booked to capacity, Antonia has agreed to investigate a cold case in her beloved adopted hometown, East Hampton, NY: the killing of Susie Whitaker, whose brutal 1990 slaying on a tennis court in the poshest part of town was never solved.

And the person who has hired Antonia? Prime suspect Pauline Framingham, a manipulative pharmaceutical heiress from a powerful family. As Antonia attempts to unravel the mysteries of the past she unearths even darker secrets and ultimately wonders if it would have been best to let sleeping dogs lie. To make matters worse, past acquaintances and love interests reappear in the Hamptons, disrupting Antonia's world and causing her to scurry to the fridge for comfort.

Join Antonia for this gripping new third installment in the Hamptons Murder Mystery series from New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Carrie Doyle

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ISBN-13: 9780997270181
Publisher: Dunemere Books
Publication date: 06/20/2017
Series: Hamptons Murder Mysteries Series , #3
Edition description: None
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 638,946
Product dimensions: 8.80(w) x 5.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Carrie Doyle Karasyov lives with her husband and sons in New York City and East Hampton, NY. A fan of mystery and crime novels, a cooking enthusiast, a former employee of Food Network star Ina Garten’s at the Barefoot Contessa store, and a generally nosy person, Carrie combined all of her interests to create Antonia Bingham, the foodie innkeeper and reluctant detective character who stars in the Hamptons Murder Mystery series. Carrie is the bestselling author of six novels (written as Carrie Karasyov, five of them with Odd Mom Out’s Jill Kargman), and five optioned screenplays (one of which was produced and screened at the Sundance festival), as well as a Contributing Editor to Hamptons magazine. The founding editor of Marie Claire magazine’s Russian edition, as well as a former editor at Harper’s Bazaar magazine and Harper’s Bazaar Russia, Carrie is currently developing an animated comedy series she has co-written with her 15- and 13-year-old sons. Visit Carrie’s author site at for news on the next installment of the Hamptons Murder Mystery series.

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Death on West End Road 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Miccox99 More than 1 year ago
This book is the 3rd in a series that visits the Hampton's with Antonia and her cast of sidekicks. It is the best book in the series in that it really starts fleshing out the characters better. You get a much better sense of who everyone is and what their personalities are. This more fleshed out version makes the storyline all that more enjoyable. Although Antonia's best friend is only featured lightly in this book, it is a satisfactory appearance in that it finally adds some heft to her character that makes her worthy of friendship. In this installment to the series, this story finds one of the wealthy elite dangling a cold case to entice Antonia's indignant sense of right and wrong to find the trail of a long gone killer or perhaps one who is hidden in plain sight. While you will figure out who the killer is, it won't take much away from the story and the twists lightly interwoven in it.
debforb56 More than 1 year ago
Death on West End Road by Carrie Doyle is the third book in her Hamptons Murder series but I think it is the best so far. I love that it is about solving a cold case murder that leads to some fascinating circumstances. It has an ominous feel right from the start. Things seem off when Paula asks Antonia to find who murdered her friend years ago and prove it wasn't her. It gets stranger as she starts interviewing the people who were involved years ago with Susie and the stories are not adding up. Antonia has to figure out who she can trust and who she can't and is Paula using her in some cruel game she is playing? I have always thought if I was an investigator I would want to work on cold cases and help families find answers and get justice. that is why this book appealed to me at first. This plot has that element of solving a cold case to help reach justice but it also leads to exciting circumstances in the present day also. The mystery keeps you guessing and has so many possibilities. I like how Antonia is smart, quick thinking but naive too. She tends to jump in.with both feet then wonder what have I gotten myself into. If you like a good mystery, with exciting twists and more than one possible suspect you will want to read this book. It is a good mystery with fun smart characters as well as a few sinister characters too. I enjoyed this one and couldn't put it down. I suggest you read the first two in the series also. I hope you will check it out. I received this book for my honest opinion and reveiw.
momelaine More than 1 year ago
This was an interesting story. Antonia is investigating an old case. There were several suspects in the case but no one was convicted. Who murdered Susie? And why? Antonia questions many people that were around at the time of the murder. She asked everyone who they thought did it. The answer in the end was a surprise. This is a very good series and the story flows so well. I'm looking forward to the next one to come out. Thanks for the fun read!
KatzMama More than 1 year ago
Set against the background of Long Island’s exclusive East Hampton community, Death on West End Road kept me guessing the identity of the murderer until the last. I enjoyed the way the author first identified a number of suspects with creditable motives for the 20 year old cold case and, through initial interviews, uncovered surprising connections within that pool. Re-examination of the information revealed even more motives, leading to another look at each individual. I changed my candidate for the culprit several times before the surprise of an ending. The differences between the wealthy residents and their privileged lifestyle are sharply contrasted with the lives of the working class and merely well-to-do. And, once again, I was struck by how much power established wealth can wield. Antonia, the main character, remains somewhat of a mystery to me. I longed for more background on her and how she came to move from her California origins to be an innkeeper on Long Island. Another character I’m curious about is an older man named Joseph who makes the inn his home and who is presented as a friend and confidante of Antonia and who helps her with the mystery through online research. Larry Lipper, a newspaper reporter, provides both comic relief and insight. I loved the scenes depicting Antonia’s and Larry’s interactions. I’m eager to read the two previous volumes in the series with an eye to learning more about Antonia and her close companions. The book introduces some additional information about the innkeeper/sleuth that is sure to be explored in the next installment. I’m looking forward to it. I received this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
CozyOnUp More than 1 year ago
It's Summer in the Hamptons and Antonia Bingham is busy running the Windmill Inn and Restaurant during the height of the season as tourists stream in for Summer vacation. If running the Inn wasn't enough to keep Antonia busy, Pauline Framingham, a wealthy local resident, asks her help in solving a cold case from years ago. Having suspected Pauline in a previous murder investigation, which left Antonia injured, she is hesitant to take on another investigation. As busy as she is, Antonia agrees to look into the murder of Susie Whitaker after feeling that the young girl deserves to know what happened to her...even though Pauline herself was the main suspect in the murder of her BFF all those years ago. While Antonia lived on the opposite coast when the murder took place all those years ago, she is now a local and has friends who help her delve into solving the mystery of what happened and who killed poor Susie all those years ago. Love is also in the Hampton air as Antonia helps a guest find the woman he met the year before and his heart has been pining for over the past year. Even Antonia's love life is looking up...can't wait to see where this leads in future installments! I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book and the third installment is just as amazing as the first two I have read. The main character is real and relatable. The other characters add to the charm of the series and make you want to book a room at the Windmill Inn this Summer! This is a definite must read for Cozy lovers this Summer!
C_Fowler More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed Death on West End Road, the third book in the Hamptons Murder Mysteries -- it does not disappoint. But first I would recommend starting by just enjoying the beautiful cover of this book, which even has a bit of sparkle to it. My daughter said she wanted to read the book just for the cover alone! Antonia Bingham is on the mend from a serial killer's attack in A Death on Lily Pond Lane, and eager to just enjoy the summer season in East Hampton at her Windmill Inn and Restaurant. She wants to enjoy the glorious East Hampton weather and spend some time thinking about her love life, or lack of a love life. Unfortunately, that is not to be. Because she is getting a bit of a reputation for crime solving, one of East Hampton's wealthiest residents, Pauline Framingham requests her services in solving a cold case from the 1990's where her friend, Susie Whitaker, was murdered on the Framingham's tennis court, and Pauline was the main suspect! Antonia wants to refuse, but Pauline makes her an offer she cannot refuse. With the help of her dear friend, Joseph Fowler, and the often unwanted help of journalist Larry Lipper (yes, Larry Lipper!), Antonia finds herself visiting the East Hampton of the summer of 1990 in order to try to solve the crime. This mystery has plenty of suspects, and so many twists and turns and evasions, that Antonia has to use all of her resources to try to solve it. The ending came as a complete surprise to me! All of the Hamptons Murder Mysteries are wonderful, and I think that Murder on West End Road is my favorite so far. Don't miss out on this great series which puts your right in the lovely town of East Hampton, both past and present. I received an ARC of this book, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.
KimHeniadis More than 1 year ago
The third installment in the Hamptons Murder Mystery series is still flourishing in regards to the descriptive details of the town, and the scrumptious food that is made at the main character’s, Antonia’s, inn and at other restaurants in the area. I didn’t feel as if there was as much character development for the recurring characters as there has been in the previous two books. Antonia was so busy buzzing around town looking for clues, that it didn’t leave as much time for the reader to get to know them even better. While Carrie Doyle’s descriptions of the characters, as well as their dialogue was done very well, I just wish we got to read more about the wait staff, Joseph, and her best friend. There was a lot of movement with the love interest though, so I am looking forward to reading about that in future books. And Doyle left even more sinister clues about Antonia’s ex-husband, so when he finally shows up, that should be very interesting. I didn’t feel as emotionally attached to the murder victim and the various people that Antonia had as suspects as I did in the previous books. It could be because many of them were rich, and could have changed their situations, if they had been better people. The revealing of who did it was interesting, and I didn’t see part of the answer beforehand. Another good book in the series, and I’m interested in what Doyle will have in store for us next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kept up the intrigue to the end.
CozyUpWithKathy More than 1 year ago
fast paced and fascinating DEATH ON WEST END ROAD by Carrie Doyle The Third Hamptons Murder Mystery It's the height of the summer season in the Hamptons and Antonia Bingham is busy at her inn. When Pauline Framingham pays her a visit, Antonia is compelled to look into the long ago murder of Pauline's friend. Why does Pauline want to bring the murder back into the light? Is it truly to grant the dead girl's dying mother her final wish? To clear her own name once and for all? Or is it some less altruistic reason? The wealthy Pauline always gets her way and Antonia is following all of Pauline's instructions, but in doing so is Antonia setting herself up for trouble? Manipulation plays a key role in Carrie Doyle's latest Hamptons Murder Mystery. Manipulation, especially coupled with the power of the rich, can be a frustrating reality that "regular folks" encounter. Antonia is faced with it and even though she knows she's being played, she joins in putting herself and her inn at risk. The past comes back to haunt, not only the residents involved in the long ago murder, but Antonia herself as she learns of a family secret and discovers that her abusive ex knows where she is. DEATH ON WEST END is fast paced and fascinating. A brutal cold case combined with ruthless and some could say soulless characters, a life changing secret from the past, and an unfulfilled fantasy make for a captivating read. Carrie Doyle leaves us with chilling possibilities for future books and I can't wait to discover what will come to pass. FTC Disclosure – The publisher sent me a copy of this book in the hopes I would review it.
BeagleGirl123 More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book. It's interesting to think that a place as lovely as the Hamptons could have such a dark side. In Death on West End Road by author Carrie Doyle, innkeeper Antonia Bingham is once again embroiled in a murder, this one decades old and very dangerous for our heroine, but she is unable to resist the proposition put forth to her to investigate. Ms. Doyle has woven quite the story, and there are even smaller mysteries interwoven throughout. I did not solve the mystery until it the end, a definite plus for me very well done! Of note - it's good background to read the first two book in the Hampton Murder Mystery Series (Death on Windmill Way and Death on Lily Pond Lane) but not necessary, as this book does very well as a standalone mystery. I look forward to future installments in this series, and any other books by the author. A+
mamie316 More than 1 year ago
Antonia Bingham is asked by socialite Pauline Framingham to look into the death of her friend Susie Whitaker, who was killed in 1990. Pauline has always had a shadow of doubt about her, did she kill her best friend? Pauline says that Susie’s mother is ill and she wants it solved once and for all before she dies. Antonia isn’t a private detective. She runs an inn and restaurant in the Hamptons but she has solved a couple of murder mysteries before. With the help of her friends, she delves into the past lives of Susie, Pauline and some others in their circle. Will she find out who the killer is before time runs out? This is a very enjoyable read. The descriptions of the inn and really, all of the surrounding area, sure made me want to visit! I felt as if I was already there. I can see me walking along the beach, looking at all the pricey homes. My biggest problem with the book was that it was the third in the series so they talked about things I didn’t really know about, having not read the first two. I think if you pick up this one, you should definitely get the first two. I am going to have to do just that! Another really fun summer read, perfect for the beach, or if you are so lucky, the Hamptons. I received a copy of this book from Dunemere Books and this is humbly my opinion.