Death Speaker

Death Speaker

by Vickey Kall


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The horns screamed for battle, and from all sides, men responded.

On a day two thousand years ago, in a country we now call France, horses rear, throwing centurions off their backs. The Romans crouch and run away like scared dogs, their red cloaks flailing behind them. Shrieking to match the horns, tribal warriors burst from the bushes to give chase. Emyn stands in a river that seems shallow and still as death--then the warriors run past, holding their swords and axes high.

The screams and horns stopped. Emyn looked around. The sun shone on the curious faces of the king and his guests. As they had since she was a child, the ghosts had transported her soul to someplace far away.
"A battle begins," she announced.

Emyn, a Celtic peasant, possesses a gift at once terrifying and rare: she hears the dead. Spirits warn her of Caesar and his legions who rampage through her homeland seeking power, gold, and slaves. But the ghosts can only talk, and they don't always tell the truth. In the end, Emyn must rely on her own stubborn courage to meet her destiny.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780985397302
Publisher: Kalambakal Press
Publication date: 04/10/2012
Pages: 462
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.03(d)

About the Author

Vickey Kall is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles, California. Her articles on history and pop culture have appeared in magazines, blogs, encyclopedias, and books.

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Death Speaker 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Horizpro More than 1 year ago
Death Speaker is a wonderful and epic adventure which I did not want to return from! It’s attention to historical detail, coupled with it’s fascinating esoteric themes kept me enthralled and enchanted as the pages, and the world of heroes, kings, warriors, princes, maidens, gods, and spirits, unfolded before me! It takes place during a turbulent period in the history of mankind, as Ancient Rome spread its influence, as well as devastation, throughout the lands to the north. Yet, it is filled with enchantment, mystery, and romance. I was immediately able to identify with the main character Emyn and felt a kinship with her during her life journey. Author Vickey Kall has painted a vibrant tapestry and delivered the true essence of the period, as she displays her literary genius.
MSWPwriter More than 1 year ago
Vickey Kall has a gift for description and imagery, and she uses it to good effect in her first novel, Death Speaker, a tale of ancient Gaul (France) during the time Julius Caesar is conquering it (remember veni, vidi, vici from your high school Latin?). Caesar didn’t say that in connection with Gaul, but he did divide Gaul into three parts (Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres.) Emyn, a Celtic peasant living in Gaul, has the unique ability to talk to dead people, and this gets her audiences with druids and kings who want to know what is happening in their part of the world beyond what they can see. However, the dead don’t necessarily tell the truth, and Emyn is torn between them and the living. Her life is fated to be short and mostly unhappy, but there are some good times too. She travels and meets many people, and a historical period written about by many others comes to life through her eyes, giving it a different perspective. This is a good book for those who like novels based in the past with a touch of magic thrown in.