Death Tried to Consume a Living Rose

Death Tried to Consume a Living Rose

by Diana Golden


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ISBN-13: 9781456364571
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/05/2011
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author

A New Day Author has emerged in Pine Bluff, AR! She is Diana Golden, a native of Helena, AR!
She was born to Willie Lee Golden and the late Elizabeth Diane Ann Woods-Golden on February 18, 1985. She has three brothers on her mother's side. On her father's side, she has four brothers and one sister.
"God did not create Diana Elizabeth Ann Golden to be in the norm for mankind," she says.
Golden was given the name "Lady Di" by Lady Bishop Tammy Ester some years ago after she learned of Golden's survival of rape and emotional abuse! Ester told her that she was going to live the name "Lady Di" one day. "Lady Di" stands for the naked truth no matter who does not want to hear her.
"During this journey I have watched many friends, loved ones, and people turn their backs on me because of the truth," Golden says. "The truth of me speaking out for what I believed in, caring less about what others felt. I was being abused, misused and cast aside from the walls of protection in my life. So, like any other child I became angry, lashing out on everyone and anyone who seemed to be invading my world."
Golden loves to write, dance, recite, live, laugh and capture the loving moments of life as God pulls her through. Her goal is to complete this journey God created for her destiny. One thing she prays for is that her life will be pleasing unto the Lord when it's all said and done. She is thankful for the candles God lights along the stairway to heaven ordering her foot steps.
"After 24 years of surviving this journey, writing has been the outlet for the voice within allowing me to speak," Golden says. An up and coming author, Golden released Death Tried to Consume A Living Rose, a straight-forward autobiography that chronicles the challenges she faced growing up in the Arkansas Delta.
"The title is what some may call profound," says Golden. "But I call it a breakthrough in my life."
Death Tried to Consume A Living Rose is not a sexual tell-all like others inside the box may think. It is a book that allows people to see inside of a young woman who has survived in order to help others overcome.
Golden has been blessed with life in the midst of every test and trial that came her way. She has faith in God and joy that is definitely more than what man could ever supply. Her journey has left survival war marks. But she reflects back on the goodness of God. Even the inner marks left behind by no convictions on nine counts of a sick man's killer.

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