Deathsworn Arc: The Last Dragon Slayer

Deathsworn Arc: The Last Dragon Slayer

by Martyn Stanley

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BN ID: 2940046140040
Publisher: Martyn Stanley
Publication date: 09/11/2014
Series: Deathsworn Arc , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 705,920
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Martyn Stanley is the author of 'The Deathsworn Arc' a epic fantasy adventures series dragons. He lives near the Staffordshire/Cheshire border in England, with his long suffering wife and two small children. Martyn has always enjoyed epic fantasy novels and began reading them at a young age, starting with 'The Hobbit', ending with 'The Inheritance Cycle' and including everything in between. His 'Deathsworn Arc' is more than a hack and slash, swords and sorcery series. It examines, faith, companionship, morality, pragmatism and more. If the characters of 'The Deathsworn Arc' come across as strange, it's partly because they're intended to. It isn't a series which will be dragged out indefinitely, it has a beginning, a middle and a definite end. He already has the plot for his second series forming in his head. To write is to create characters and to have freedom for them to succeed or fail and to travel wherever you want them to, and meet who ever you want them to meet. He sincerely hopes you enjoy reading his epic fantasy adventure series 'The Deathsworn Arc' as much as he enjoyed writing it. If you enjoyed my free, first book, why not buy me a coffee? -

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Deathsworn Arc: The Last Dragon Slayer 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A good beginning to a series. Intelligent, well-imagined with deep character glimpses.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fun read with morality, honest weakness in each character that made one feel as if this might be just a memory being recalled from the past.
christinaraven More than 1 year ago
What a great book one of a new fantasy series by a new author to me. I love fantasy books with quests. The plot was engaging and the writing I thought was great. Very easy to read. Once I started reading I could not put it down. Had to find out if there really was a Noble Dragon in the north. The characters were well written and easy to get attached to. I liked that the group was made up of a human mage, a dwarf, dark elf they rescued, a haughty elf, 2 barbarians from the north and the aging last dragon slayer. I loved reading about the problems the group ran into on their way to find the dragon and loved how it ended. What a great set up for the next book. I was left with a few questions that set up the rest of the series and I cannot wait to read the other books to find out what happens next. I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review.
Jim_Pike More than 1 year ago
Well put together story, though at times it felt I was reading from an AD&D adventure campaign. Aside from that, the progression was well paced, and didn't veer off on wild tangents of obscure information. Descriptions were direct and to the point. Nothing extra needed, nor given. All and all, a really good story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A multi-racial group journeys to a dreadful dragon. Fast paced and gripping story Bingaux
Ebienic More than 1 year ago
Saul has recruited (somewhat by accident) a formidable little band. Charged by Empress Jade to track and eliminate a Noble Dragon, he finds himself with two elves, a dwarf, and 3 men - one of whom was the only survivor of the last dragon slain. Can they make the dangerous journey to the dragon, much less kill such a magnificent beast? I really enjoyed this story, both because I love fantasy and because this fantasy is somewhat different. For one thing, it throws you into the journey without loads of back story; you are just suddenly with Saul seeking out the man who was the last dragon slayer. In some ways it reminds me of an RPG, where you start on the quest and get bits of pertinent information as you go along. Unlike an RPG, the side quests are to a minimum; rather the character development deepens on the journey. In any case, it is a solid start to the series, as I am both intrigued by the plot and the characters, and was quite satisfied with the level of action and character introduction. I look forward to the next book!
jmcgowen More than 1 year ago
An adventure an alluring story at its best! Somewhat similar to the Lord of the Rings, yet different in its own special way. The story includes a human, a dwarf, an elf, and of course a dragon. The characters set out to kill a dragon that is threatening a village at the directive of the empress. The story unfolds from there and keeps you captivated and engaged. The sequels to this fantasy are really something I look forward to. Character development was done really well and I cant wait to see how the relationships further expand in the remainder of the series.