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Oxford University Press, USA
Debating the Earth: The Environmental Politics Reader / Edition 2

Debating the Earth: The Environmental Politics Reader / Edition 2

by John S. Dryzek, David Schlosberg
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ISBN-13: 9780199276295
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 01/20/2005
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 672
Sales rank: 327,464
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Table of Contents

Part One: Feast or Famine? The Severity of Environmental Problems
Section One: Limits and Survivalism
1. The Limits to Growth, Donella H. Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows, Jorgen Randers and William H. Behrens III
2. The Tragedy of the Commons, Garrett Hardin
3. A Planet under Stress, Lester Brown
Section Two: The Promethean Response
4. Introduction to the Resourceful Earth, Julian L. Simon and Herman Kahn
5. The Truth about the Environment, Bjorn Lomborg
6. Ten Pinches of Salt, Tom Burke
Part Two: Reformist Responses
Section Three: Administrative Rationalism
7. Rationality and the Logic of the National Environmental Policy Act, Robert V. Bartlett
8. Appraising Adaptive Management, Kai Lee
9. Beyond Backyard Environmentalism, Charles Sabel, Archon Fung and Bradley Karkkainen
10. Gola: Replace Risk Assessment with Alternatives Assessment, Mary O'Brien
Section Four: Liberal Democracy
11. The Allocation and Distribution of Resources, Mark Sagoff
12. Green Governance in the New Millennium: Towards the On Green Democratic State, Robyn Eckersley
13. Sustainability and the Limits of Liberalism, Marcel Wissenburg
14. The American Political Economy II: The Non-Politics of Laissez Faire, William P. Ophuls and A. Stephen Boyan JR
Part Three: Environment and Economics
Section Five: Market Liberalism
15. Rethinking the Way We Think, Terry L. Anderson and Donald T. Leal
16. Market-Based Environmental Policies, Robert Stavins and Bradley Whitehead
17. Selling Environmental Indulgences, Robert E Goodin
Section Six: Sustainable Development
18. From One Earth to One World, World Commission on Environment and Development
19. Sustainable Development: Definitions, Principles, Policy, Herman Daly
20. Sustainable Development and the Crisis of Nature: On the Political Anatomy of an Oxymoron, Wolfgang Sachs
Section Seven:Ecological Modernization
21. The Next Industrial Revolution, Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins
22. Ecological Modernization, John Barry
Part Four: Green Social Critiques
Section Eight: Deep Ecology and Bioregionalism
23. The Shallow and the Deep, Long Range Ecology Movement: A Summary, Arne Naess
24. Putting the Earth First, Dave Foreman
25. Living by Life: Some Bioregional Theory and Practice, Jim Dodge
26. Paths beyond Human-centredness, Val Plumwood
Section Nine: Social and Socialist Ecology
27. Society and Ecology, Murray Bookchin
28. Toward an Ecological Feminism and a Feminist Ecology, Ynestra King
29. Ecosocialism, Joel Kovel
Section Ten: Environmental Justice
30. Principles of Environmental Justice, First National People of Colour Environmental Leadership Summit
31. Environmental Justice in the 21st Century, Robert Bullard
32. Women of Colour on the Front Line, Celene Krauss
Section Eleven: Southern and Indigenous Perspectives
33. On Poverty and Globalization, Vandana Shiva
34. Environmentalism and the Poor, Ramachandra Guha and Juan M. Alier
35. Introduction to All My Relations, Winona LaDuke
36. Overturning the Doctrine: Indigenous People and Wilderness - Being Aboriginal in the Environment Movement, Fabienne Bayet
Part Five: Society, The State and The Environment
Section Twelve: The Green Movement
37. Politics Beyond the State: Environmental Activism and World Civic Politics, Paul Wapner
38. Farewell to the Green Movement? Political Action and the Green Public Sphere, Doug Torgerson
39. The Politics of Networking in the Grassroots Environmental Justice Movement, David Schlosberg
40. Green Parties in the National Governments: From Protest to Acquiescence?, Thomas Poguntke
Section Thirteen: Ecological Democracy
41. The Politics of the Risk Society, Ulrich Beck
42. Political and Ecological Communication, John S. Dryzek
43. Environmental Citizenship, Andrew Dobson

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