Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides

Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides

by Thomas Dalton


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ISBN-13: 9781591481782
Publisher: Castle Hill Services
Publication date: 03/16/2017
Series: Holocaust Handbooks , #32
Pages: 334
Sales rank: 270,290
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Author’s Preface to the Second Edition, p. 9

Introduction, p. 11


Chapter 1: The Great Debate, p. 21

The Core of Revisionism, p. 26

Four Myths, p. 28

Who’s Who in the Debate, p. 33

And in the Other Corner…, p. 35

Chapter 2: Truth vs. Lies, p. 39

The Traditional Story, p. 40

“Shocking and Strange”, p. 42

A Question of Evidence, p. 46

The Nuremberg Trials, p. 47

Chapter 3: On the Origin, and Future, of the ‘Six Million’, p. 53

Holocaust by Numbers, p. 55

A Most Remarkable History, p. 58

The Saga Continues, p. 61

Revisionist Death Figures, p. 65

World Jewish Population, p. 67

Another Theory, p. 71

Chapter 4: Breaking it Down: The Death Matrix, p. 73

The Hilberg Matrix, p. 74

Coming into Focus, p. 79

Life (and Death) in the Ghettos, p. 81

The Einsatzgruppen, p. 87


Chapter 5: Chelmno and the Nazi Camp System, p. 99

The Language of Mass Murder, p. 100

The Missing Hitler Order, p. 105

Gas Chambers Galore, p. 107

Death Camp Chelmno, p. 112

Further Issues, p. 119

Disposing of the Bodies, p. 120

A Chelmno Death Matrix, p. 123

Traditionalist Replies, p. 124

Chapter 6: The Reinhardt Camps (Part 1): Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, p. 127

Orthodoxy and Estimated Fatalities, p. 128

Camp Structure and Maps, p. 131

The Death Matrices, p. 136

Chapter 7: The Reinhardt Camps (Part 2): The Diesel Story, p. 143

Electrocution, Steam, Diesels, Chlorine…, p. 143

The Diesel Story, p. 145

Gerstein, Reder, and the Diesel Exhaust, p. 145

More Problems with Gerstein, p. 148

More Problems with Reder, p. 150

Traditionalist Reply, p. 152

Chapter 8: The Reinhardt Camps (Part 3): The Vanishing Bodies, p. 155

Disposing of the Evidence, p. 155

Burying the Bodies, p. 156

Exhuming and Burning, p. 157

Traditionalist Replies, p. 161

Excavations (I)—Belzec, p. 163

Excavations (II)—Sobibor, p. 167

Excavations (III)—Treblinka, p. 169

A Better Account…, p. 172

Closing the Camps, Tracking the Deportees, p. 174

The End of the Line, p. 176

Chapter 9: Majdanek, p. 177

The Death Matrix, p. 178

The Seven Chambers of Majdanek, p. 182

Chapter 10: Auschwitz, p. 189

The Essentials of the Auschwitz Story—The Main Camp, p. 189

Birkenau—Alleged Extermination Camp, p. 192

Estimated Fatalities, p. 197

The Death Matrix, p. 198

Death Matrix (I): The Gas Chambers, p. 200

Star Witnesses, p. 203

Gassing Capacity and ‘Actual’ Usage, p. 204

The Mechanics of Gassing, p. 206

No Holes?, p. 208

“Fixing a Hole…”, p. 213

The Leuchter Report, p. 219

Death Matrix (II): Body Disposal, p. 221

Furnaces and Capacity, p. 223

The Hungarian Operation, p. 227

Air Photo Evidence, p. 229

A Revisionist Auschwitz, p. 240


Chapter 11: “Storytellers Supreme”, p. 245

The Problem of the Witnesses, p. 246

Elie and Viktor, p. 250

From Bad to Worse, p. 252

Moving Ahead: A Revisionist Holocaust, p. 256

Chapter 12: Hoax? Fraud? Conspiracy?, p. 259

A ‘Jewish Conspiracy’?, p. 261

Covering All the Bases, p. 264

Media Dominance, p. 266

Dominance in Government, p. 268

Exploiting the Holocaust, p. 276

A New World Order, p. 280

Epilogue, p. 283

Bibliography, p. 301

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