Debussy, Bartók, Prokofiev: Études

Debussy, Bartók, Prokofiev: Études

by Garrick Ohlsson



Études are primarily intended as exercises to train musicians in specific techniques, but since the Romantic era they have become associated with other miniature forms, such as the prelude and the intermezzo, and frequently regarded as evocative character pieces or tonal pictures. Garrick Ohlsson's album of piano études by Claude Debussy, Sergey Prokofiev, and Béla Bartók offers a brief survey of the genre in modern practice, and demonstrates the blending of pedagogy and poetry in these works. Ohlsson has become internationally known as an exquisite interpreter of the music of Frédéric Chopin, and much of the subtlety and atmosphere found in his previous recordings is present here. Ohlsson's finesse and humor are perhaps most evident in Debussy's "Études, L. 143," which have a lighter character than Prokofiev's "Études, Op. 2," which tend toward the sardonic side, and Bartók's "Études, Op. 18," which are intensely virtuosic and mysterious. Hyperion's recording captures the nuances of Ohlsson's playing, and the piano is close enough to hear every detail, while the acoustics lend it a pleasant natural aura.

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Release Date: 07/10/2015
Label: Hyperion Uk
UPC: 0034571280806
catalogNumber: 68080


  1. Studies (3) (Etudök) for piano, Sz. 72, BB 81 (Op. 18)
  2. Etudes (4) for piano, Op. 2
  3. Études (12) for piano in 2 books, L. 136

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