Decent Work, Green Jobs and the Sustainable Economy: Solutions for Climate Change and Sustainable Development From the World of Work

Decent Work, Green Jobs and the Sustainable Economy: Solutions for Climate Change and Sustainable Development From the World of Work

by Peter Poschen


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The challenges of achieving environmental sustainability and of generating decent work for all are closely linked. While it is certain that environmental degradation and climate change will increasingly require enterprises and labor markets to react and adjust, the goal of environmentally sustainable economies will not be attained without the active contribution of the world of work.

An integrated approach turns the drive towards environmental sustainability into a significant avenue for development, with more and better jobs, social inclusion and poverty reduction. This book demonstrates that green jobs can be a key economic driver, as the world steps into the largely uncharted territory of building a sustainable and low-carbon global economy. Poschen shows that positive outcomes are possible, but require a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges, as well as country-specific policies that integrate environmental, social and decent work elements. The opportunities for gains may in fact be greatest in developing countries and emerging economies.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of climate change, sustainable development and decent work. It addresses the challenges of achieving environmental sustainability and turning the vision of decent work for all into a reality.

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ISBN-13: 9781783534494
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 06/30/2015
Pages: 204
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About the Author

Peter Poschen is the Director of Job Creation and Enterprise Development at the International Labor Organization (ILO). He has over 25 years' experience in international sustainable development, with a focus on the social dimensions of the use of natural resources.

Table of Contents


Executive summary


Chapter 1. Sustainable development and decent work

Environmental challenges Their economic and social cost

Social challenges and economic instability: Their link to the environment

The drive to environmental sustainability and its implications for decent work

Chapter 2. Seizing the opportunities: Lessons from international experience

Evidence of the positive employment effects from green policies

Lessons learned

Chapter 3. Identifying and managing the challenges

Economic restructuring

Climate change adaptation and the world of work

Adverse income distribution effects originating from energy poverty

Chapter 4. Effective policies and the scope for a supportive role by the ILO

Initiatives to promote environmental sustainability and decent work

ILO support for environmentally sustainable development

Coherent policies for more and better jobs in a greener economy

Towards a policy framework for sustainable development, decent and green jobs

Chapter 5. Major findings

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