by Stephanie Smelova


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ISBN-13: 9781449013431
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/14/2009
Pages: 340
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.76(d)

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An Erotic Tale of Twisted Fate
By Stephanie Smelova


Copyright © 2009 Stephanie Smelova
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-1343-1

Chapter One

Tasha stood there looking at herself in the mirror, her mind wandering as she dried herself. Hmm, blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs, great tits, very firm, athletic and a fabulous ass, yet her husband rarely touched her. He never seemed interested in her and the fact that his career took him away from home a lot left her very lonely.

She had taken up online friendships to help pass the time. She found the internet chat rooms interesting and fun. And truthfully, a little naughty. She could change her profile to become anyone she wanted, she could say anything and experience anything. Lately she had been entering a bondage chat room, with dominant males and submissive females. It excited her to watch and listen but she never joined the conversation. She just sat there, quietly observing, that is until two weeks ago when he began chatting with her.

She thought about him as she dressed for the day. The things he said to her excited her but she wasn't sure she could ever do anything like the things he suggested, although she really did enjoy the idea of it all. She had found herself masturbating to the idea more than once over the past two weeks in fact, she had probably done it 20 or more times. She silently wondered if that was normal,to be so sexually aroused by an idea implanted in her brain by some guy she had never met.

She shrugged it off and began tying her bikini top, a trip to the beach is what she needed, a nice swim in the ocean. She loved the ocean air, the smell of the salt and the way the water felt on her body. She drove to the beach in her fancy convertible her husband had bought her for Christmas, a pretty red Porsche. She loved it, she knew she was lucky. Lucky, to be living in South Florida. Lucky, to have a rich, sexy, hockey playing husband.

She knew his career had afforded them all the finer things in life and she should be happy but lonely is what she felt most often. All the money in the world could not fix loneliness; this was something she had come to learn over the past year.

One year ago, she could hardly believe it had only been a year since their fairy tale wedding. She remembered the flowers, the music and the cake, all of her brothers standing there so handsome in their tuxes. She remembered Mark walking her down to the aisle and seeing Sean standing there waiting for her, she was so happy, marrying the man of her dreams. The sexiest man she had ever seen.

She remembered his eyes how blue and sparkling there were, his usually messy blonde hair neatly combed. Sean was the only man she had ever known at least sexually. His eyes were the only ones to ever see her completely naked. She remembered how shy she was the first time they made love. Scared to let him see her naked body, to afraid he would not approve. The thought made her giggle.

She pulled into her favorite parking place nearest to the seaside bar. She parked and got out of the car, a beautiful day, sunshine and no clouds. She gathered her things and headed for the bar. The bartender recognized her immediately.

"Hey girl, what's up? Haven't seen you in a few days."

"Yeah, he's been home the past week so we were spending some quality time together." she chuckled.

The bartender started to laugh, "Yeah, I remember that, quality time you call it? Is that where he wakes up and says hey where's breakfast, need to make it snappy going to play golf with the boys?" Laughing nearly hysterically the bartender said. "Sorry girl, just kidding. Don't look so down, hockey season is almost over and you'll see more of him then."

She wanted to believe her but in her mind all she could think is yeah long hot summer left at home while he plays golf with his buddies.

"Hey, let me get my drink so I go get some sun."

"Sure thing sweetie" the bartender yelled back from across the bar where she was now serving one of the sexiest men she had ever seen.

Next to her husband she thought to herself, my god does it get any better than this. His muscles were a little more defined than her husbands, his skin a shade darker and his eyes the most gorgeous deep brown. Shit. What are you thinking, get that thought out of your mind. You are a married woman, not some two bit whore; you wouldn't have the guts to do it anyway.

She left the bar feeling even more lonely than when she first arrived. A nice swim, yes that would solve her current state of misery, she thought. She turned again to look back at the man at the bar; she noticed he was watching her too. She turned away and began to blush. She should not be thinking such thoughts.

The swim indeed did her good Tasha came out of the water with little to no breath left, exhausted from swimming with the ocean current but yet revitalized somehow. She sighed and leaned back on her towel. She thought she would just lay there awhile soaking up sun.

Damn. She must have fallen asleep for how long she wasn't sure but from the way her skin felt she was sure it was more than an hour. Her skin was so hot. She had the strangest feeling someone had been touching her but nobody was around, she saw no one even close to her spot. That is why she liked this section of the beach, it was rarely used even with the bar so nearby. So why was it freaking her out today? Why did she suddenly feel as though she had somehow been violated?

She began collecting her things to head back to her car; she was surely sunburned and a little light headed. She noticed her drink was nearly gone, strange as she did not remember drinking it. She started to think, oh shit, she vaguely remembered him approaching her asking her how the water was. Damn that's all she remembered until waking up, she was still very light headed and thought she might puke. The sun, too much sun that is all, nothing more she thought.

Slowly she walked back to her car; she was surprised to find a note attached to her wind shield. She put her stuff into the car and went for the note. As she was unfolding the note her bartender friend approached her.

"Hey girl, so?????"

"So, what?" She asked.

"What's his name? What did he want?" The girl gazed at her waiting for a response but she had none.

She didn't remember him speaking to her actually. She thought, well shit she really didn't know what she thought. God, he must have talked to her but, she just didn't remember.

"Come on you can tell. I promise I won't tell, you know me, I always keep your secrets don't I?"

"Michelle, I really don't know his name he never said, he just asked how the water was, no big deal, we did not get around to names. No secrets to be kept here."

"Damn girl, no need to get so defensive, I didn't mean anything but he was there with you for a long time"

"Ok, Michelle define long time in your words, what is that like two beers, one cigarette, 10 minutes in your time, not long at all?"

"No, he was with you for like a half hour or more. When I started stocking coolers I saw him walk up to you, when I finished the coolers I had like 3 customers order food, I took their orders and he was still there, by the time I got the food orders and drinks he was gone and you were laying there all alone. Surely I thought after such a long conversation you would have at least gotten his name"

"Hmm, I have to go, Sean will be home soon" Now she was somewhat scared. Her mind was racing, shit, she had almost forgotten the note she was holding in her hand. She climbed into her car, starting the engine and automatically pushing the button to lower the roof.

"Sorry, Michelle, I think I got too much sun. I am really not feeling good; I'll talk to you soon, Bye."

She started to drive away before the other girl could respond. When she got to the stop sign she read the note. It said, your pussy tasted so good today, I can't wait to teach you to be a good little whore. Oh Jesus, she thought my pussy tasted good, she didn't remember him touching her, hell she didn't remember talking to him. Christ, what the hell? Why couldn't she remember?

She drove home feeling scared and confused, she was still light headed and felt like she needed to puke. When she pulled into the driveway she immediately open the car door and began puking her guts out, damn, why am I so sick? She got out of the car and headed straight to her bedroom.

A shower, she thought, yes, I need a shower. The hot water flowed softly over her naked body, it felt good. Her mind was still racing, so many thoughts, had he touched her, why couldn't she remember? She was so light headed. She wasn't sure how long she had been in there when she heard Sean's voice.

"Hey Princess, how long you going to be in there? Want some company?"

"No Sean, not now, I am not feeling well. I will be right out ok?"

"Ok, you sure you're ok, you don't need anything?"

"No babe, I will be right out."

She had no idea why she didn't just yell out to him and tell him what she thought had happened to her, but how could she? She really had no idea what happened. She did know the conversation with Michelle and the brief memory of him approaching her coupled with the note left her more than a little scared. She stepped out of the shower and began drying herself off, when Sean entered.

"Now that's what I call sexy."

"Sean, I really don't feel good."

"Yeah, I noticed you got sick in the driveway"

"Sorry, too much sun I think."

"It is ok; I really didn't feel like going out tonight anyway." Our anniversary, she had temporarily forgotten,

"Damn, Sean. I am so sorry."

"We can celebrate when I get back from my road trip."

Damn, she had forgotten he was leaving in the morning; his team would be on a 3 game road trip. Alone again she thought and once again there would be no sex. This time, entirely her fault. She was really sleepy and decided to lie on the bed and before she knew it she was fast asleep.

She awoke realizing Sean must have moved her and was now sleeping next to her. His breathing was deep, his body laying naked, exposing his incredible ass. Oh how she loved his ass. She believed it to be the most enticing feature of his entire body. She slowly began to get out of the bed trying not to wake him but almost instantly he opened his eyes and asked.

"Where you going Princess?"

She liked it when he called her that but she sometimes wondered why he never called her by her name, not even when they made love, it was always princess. From the first day they met 14 years before, he had always called her Princess, back then it made her feel special, to be Sean's Princess, when she was 7 years old but now it made her feel more like a porcelain doll a baby doll. She wanted to be called Sexy, Hot stuff, something but was feeling a little to grown up for Princess.

She pushed the thought from her mind and said. "I need to take something for this headache." It was the first time she realized her head did hurt.

"Princess, if I didn't know you better I'd say you were drinking a bit much at the beach today." He began chuckling, but that statement sent her mind in a whirl.

Damn, my drink was nearly gone and I don't remember drinking it. It was then that she realized the man at the beach had drugged her drink. That made sense; it would explain why she did not remember talking to him, as well as her being light headed and vomiting in the driveway.

Shit. She was scared but yet not too frightened to tell Sean. In her mind she did not think Sean would believe her. I mean come on a stranger, drug you and what taste your pussy on a public beach in front of your friends, come on who would believe that? She swallowed the pills and went back to bed curling up tightly with Sean, he had always made her feel safe, ever since the accident that took her real parents and brother 12 years ago when she was just nine years old.

His arms embraced her drawing her in closer to his naked body; she could feel his cock pressing on her ass as they lay spooned together. He began nibbling on the back of her neck.

"Stop that. You know it drives me crazy."

"Yes, I know, that's why I'm doing it."

He gave her that wicked little laugh he always gave her when he wanted sex. She had no energy to fight him so she gave in. She felt him spreading her legs and caressing her pussy, his touch was soft and gentle, and she liked it. She felt his legs begin to force her apart, he was ready and she knew it. His cock slide in her easily, his thrusts were gentle, his hands feeling every inch of her body and then it was over. Damn, she thought, there must be more to it than this? He kissed her gently and pulled her close to him whispering.

"Sleep Princess your brothers are expecting breakfast early in the morning, before we leave." Shit! Why did they do this to her? Why did he do this shit? They never tell me anything but expect everything. Damn, no use in fighting it. She closed her eyes and drifted into a dream.

She awoke sweating, her pussy wet and pulsating. She realized she must have had an orgasm while she was sleeping; she was trying to remember the dream that left her in this state. She rolled over and looked at Sean, he was still asleep, she could see the alarm clock. It was still early barely 6:30, she decided to get up and take a shower just the same.

She really loved the way water feels on her body, it stimulates her so, it always had. She liked the way the water caresses her pussy, teasing at it goes. Her hands were massaging her body as the water ran down, she touched her pussy and realized her dream must have been a lot more vivid than she knew; her pussy was completely cum drenched.

She spread herself wide letting the water rinse away juices left there. Soaping herself up, she was aware of the intense sensations her fingers were creating. Could she really be this sexually aroused by a dream? Before she knew what was happening she was caressing her clit, it felt so good and yet somehow bad, her husband was lying in the bed not far from her and she was masturbating to, oh shit! It hit her then, it was him. The man on the beach, he had touched her, and in fact he had made her cum.

She remembered, his touch was far more forceful than Sean's, he was not gentle. She remembered the feel of his fingers inside her. Shit, she was having an orgasm right there, just thinking about it.

"Hey, looks like you are having a good time in there, mind if I join you." She let out somewhat of a small whimper mostly out of embarrassment that he had caught her.

"It's ok Princess, I just want to join you" He entered the shower, lifting her off her feet, and pushing her back against the shower wall, before she had even the slightest chance of responding, his cock was in her.

He was not nearly as gentle as she was accustomed to; in fact he was bordering on hurting her. This was the first time she could remember him being so forceful, his thrusts were hard she could feel him sliding his cock almost all the way out and slamming it hard into her, she started to fight him. He was really starting to hurt her but his grip was tight. Her struggle seem to somehow entice him, excite him, he began faster and faster thrusts, kissing her, tasting her breasts, his fingers caressing her clit, and she came hard. She felt his final release as he slammed his cock in her wet and swollen pussy.

"WOW! You've never done that before."

He leaned back and looked at her and said "You never let me do that before" and then he kissed her. He pulled back from her and smiled, "You know you might actually make a good whore someday." He was laughing but she slapped him anyway and acted mad.

"Come on Princess; don't be mad, I was only joking." She finished her shower quickly, threw him a nasty look and stormed out of the shower.

"I'm sorry" he yelled after her. "I was only joking."

Now she was upset, she had wanted him to call her something other than Princess, but a good whore? That was not what she had expected, but deep inside it kind of excited her. She smiled to herself and went about getting dressed for the day. She chose blue jean shorts and a tank top, always sunshiny in South Florida she thought and off to the kitchen to start breakfast. Yes, she could not forget, her brothers were coming for breakfast.


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