Deceptions (Blending Enthroned Series #2)

Deceptions (Blending Enthroned Series #2)

by Sharon Green

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)



In the empire of Gandistra,
a mystical union of elemental magics reigns...

Lorand, Rion, Tamrissa, Vallant, Jovvi and Naran have combined their elemental powers and their deep compassion to bring a new era of enlightenment to their once enslaved land. The miraculous reforms decreed by the Ruling Sixfold Blending have enabled all to freely pursue the Lmits of their magic. But freedom is a hated thing to some, giving rise to jealousy, deceitfulness and unchecked ambition.

As traitors scheme at home, the Chosen Six are called beyond Gandistra's borders to deal with a dire threat to their empire and their world. For, as the leaders of neighboring Gracely bicker and brood and play politics, an inconceivable army is massing — an invading wave of impossible terror, dedicated to the total devastation of everything in its path. And it may already be too late to stop a foe immune to every known magic — including the awesome blended might of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Sight, and Spirit.

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ISBN-13: 9780380812943
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/28/2001
Series: Blending Enthroned Series , #2
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 4.18(w) x 6.75(h) x 0.96(d)

About the Author

Sharon Green is the author of more than two dozen novels, including the five books of her tremendously popular series, The Blending. She lives in Tennessee.

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Chapter One

"I think we need to go into a few more details about exactly what happened," Lorand said into the deeply shocked silence filling the large room. "If those invaders have a way to keep themselves from being touched by talent, it might very well be possible to negate whatever method they're using. Governor Marne, were your High talents able to learn anything?"

"Too many of them learned how easy it is to die," Marne answered after taking a long drink of the water someone had given him, The man was a short step away from exhaustion, not to mention in pain from his wounds, but he and his companions couldn't be allowed to rest yet.

"Are you trying to say they died uselessly?" Tamrissa put in, for once speaking soberly and quietly rather than sharply cutting. "If those invaders are to be stopped before they kill everyone in this empire, we have to know as much as we can about them. if you didn't notice anything, maybe one of your companions did"

"It wasn't possible to notice things," one of the men with the governor said with a headshake, his hand and the cup it held trembling ever so slightly. "The invaders are beasts —animals — and when you see women and children being cut down along with everyone else it's hard to notice much more."

"But that's on a conscious level " Jovvi pointed out very gently, speaking to the assembly members as well as to the men who had come to ask the assembly's help. "Deep in our minds we do notice other things, but after a time of great stress we need help to reach those observations. If these gentlemen will allow the assistance, surely one of your Spirit magic members can reach theinformation."

"Of course we can" a woman said, one of the two other women in the assembly besides Antrie Lorimon. "Or, perhaps I should say I can do the job. Step aside, please."

It wasn't hard for Lorand to see that the woman was larger than Antrie Lorimon and very brisk in her movements. She had brown hair and brown eyes, an ordinary face, and a thin body that she seemed to be holding back from moving nervously in some way. Jovvi stepped out of the woman's way with a faint smile, and somehow Lorand suddenly knew that the assembly woman wasn't as strongly sure of herself as she pretended to be.

"Allow me to present Banta Fullnor, a member of our assembly," the big man called Cleemor Gardan said dryly. He clearly spoke to Lorand and his Blendingmates, the dryness of his tone apparently an attempt to apologize for the abruptness of the Fullnor woman.

"We don't have time for the amenities now, Cleemor," Fullnor told her fellow assembly member without turning to look at him. "We have a crisis on our hands, and we have to settle it as quickly as, possible. Now, Governor Marne, this won't hurt at all so please relax as much as you can"

The wounded and exhausted man looked more disturbed than relaxed, an odd expression in his eyes. He stared up at Fullnor for a long and silent moment, and Fullnor was the one who broke the silence.

"Why are you fighting me?" the assembly woman demanded with annoyance clear in her voice and expression. "I can force my way through to your mind, but I don't know why that should be necessary. What are you trying to hide?"

"He isn't trying to hide anything," Jovvi said at once, taking one step closer to the two people. "He doesn't want to relive what he went through, and that's what he thinks you'll make him do. If you'll just distance his conscious mind from the memories, he won't fight you any longer."

"Why don't you mind your own business!" Fullnor snapped, turning her head to glare at Jovvi. "This is our country and our problem, so stop trying to mix in!"

"If the people here in your country don't solve the problem, then it becomes ours:' Jovvi countered with a sharpness that surprised Lorand. The tone would have been more fitting coming from Tamrissa..."Instead of standing back and waiting for all of you to be killed before we do anything, we'd rather get involved now. And it's pointless for you to refuse to admit that you can't distance the man's mind from his memories. If you were able to do it, it would already be done. "

"It isn't very intelligent to challenge someone on her home ground," the woman growled at Jovvi, fists closed tight at her sides. "If I decide to crush you I can do it, and the law can't protect you. You aren't one of us, so it doesn't apply to you."

"I don't think you want to crush me" Jovvi said calmly to Fullnor while Antrie Lorimon, Cleemor Gardan, and a few others began to protest what their fellow assembly member had said. "What you want to do is cooperate with everyone here to counter the crisis, not use the opportunity to advance your political plans. Only a mindless fool would jeopardize a country to gain personal aggrandizement for the short time it would last. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, of course I agree," Fullnor answered at once after taking a deep breath, her anger completely gone. "I was foolish to see this as an opportunity, and I won't make the mistake again. Go ahead and do what's necessary — I won't try to stand in your way."

"I appreciate your cooperation." Jovvi told the woman graciously while the other assembly members stared at both of them. Lorimon, Gardan, and the others obviously had no idea why Fullnor had done such a complete about-face, but Lorand was certain he understood. Jovvi had taken over the woman before she could attack, and now had the woman responding to reason rather than to selfish desires for bettering her place in life.

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