by Mrs Michelle Irwin
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Decide by Mrs Michelle Irwin

Strap in, get ready to start your engines and see where it all began.

From an early age, Declan Reede's only goal was to race in the ProV8 Championship Series. One thing he couldn't anticipate was that a blistering kiss shared with his best friend, Alyssa Dawson, might derail his plans.

While he knows things between them will never be the same, it's impossible to predict just where the road will take them, or how rocky it might get.

Will he decide to fight for love or follow his dreams?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781515144571
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/19/2015
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Michelle Irwin has been many things: a hobbit taking a precious item to a fiery mountain; a young child stepping through the back of a wardrobe into another land; the last human stranded not-quite-alone in space three million years in the future; and a time-travelling madman in a box. All of these feats and many more were achieved through her voracious reading. Eventually, the cast inside her mind took over and spilled onto the page.

Michelle lives in sunny Queensland in the land down under. A lover of love and overcoming the odds, she writes romance.

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Decide 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
badkat17us More than 1 year ago
This is the first book by Michelle that I have read. I really enjoyed it. This book is about Declan and Alyssa and their relationship in high school. The book spans two years. Declan has always wanted to be a ProV8 racer. Declan and Alyssa have been friends for what feels like forever. In the past few years Declan’s feeling for Alyssa have changed to more than friendly. Declan worries that she may not feel the same way. Then one day they kiss and this starts their relationship as more than friends. What should be easy because they are such good friends turns out to be difficult. Declan gets his chance to start racing more than karts. Alyssa gets frustrated that Declan spends so much time at the track. Alyssa finally gets fed up and tells Declan that one day he will have to choose between racing and her. Declan doesn’t always understand Alyssa. She goes from happy and laughing to crying to angry. Sometimes I felt Alyssa was being unfair to Declan. He supports her dreams and goals but she doesn’t return that for him. Sure racing isn’t her thing and she finds it boring but it is such a huge part of Declan’s life. She could at least attend one of Declan’s races or watch one with him on TV. They are both stubborn. They do love each other but I think maybe they don’t truly know how to express it plus what they want is so different. I didn’t want to put this down once I started. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series as well as more of Michelle’s books. I was given this book in return for an honest review.
vs_valerie More than 1 year ago
I have been curious about this book since I saw this as a cover photo on Facebook but I kind of got hesitant when I learned that this is a New Adult book. Aside from a couple of authors which I guess I can now make three, the New Adult genre and I does not get along very well. However, I can say that I am happy to have read the beginning of Declan's story. This introduction story to Declan Reede started when both of the main characters were very young. I think a lot of people can relate to this story because I believe that at some point of our lives, we've been through what these two characters have been. To be honest, I was kind of annoyed and disappointed with Alyssa a lot of times as I was reading this story. But when I take into account her character, her age, her upbringing, I can very well say that she's definitely acting like her age. And maybe it didn't help that this book was written in Declan's POV so her side was not really explained for me to relate and understan her. However, it actually made me looked back at my past and think if I ever was anything like her in one way or another. The relationship she and Declan have is also very much their age. The immaturity, the bickerings and the ups and downs they went through, there are times I wish I could get inside the book and put some sense to the two of them. Declan has his share of disappointing sides too but I like how he is very driven and how he dreams and knows what he wants for his future. He may not have handled every situation well, but I do believe that at his age, he made the right choice. Even so, I think all of these are good things because it leaves so much room for not only the story to develop but also for the characters to grow. Given a few years and a little maturity, I am excited to find out how the two of them will fare. I can't wait to find out how this beginning affect their lives in the future.
Maari More than 1 year ago
This is the prequel to Decline. I wasn't sure what I would think of this story, due to the age of the main characters, but I got over it, lol! It brought me back to when I was that age.. This was a nice, quick read, with all of the essentials to get to know Alyssa and Declan, the growth of their friendship and the firsts that they share. I enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing what happens in Decline, the next book in the series! I was gifted this ebook by Sinful Intentions Promos on behalf of the author for an honest review. Opinions in this review are my own.
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
Declan Reede and Alyssa Dawson had been best friends since they were little kids. In high school, they decide to risk it and become more than friends. Both are attracted to one another and the heat and chemistry is strong. Declan needs her like he needs to breathe. He sees and overhears other guys talking about how they want to ask her out. Good thing he beat them to it. He cannot stomach the idea of her with anyone else. Alyssa has future dreams about what she wants to be when she grows up. She also wants Declan to be a part of these dreams. Things like going to University together, marriage, kids, etc. Declan has only wanted 2 things in life. Alyssa, and to race in the ProV8 circuit. When he actually has the chance he has spent his formative years killing himself to earn - why is Alyssa the one thing that may hold him back? Alyssa thinks the racing was just a hobby. He tried to share this interest with her several times but it just bored her. Now she wants a chance to grab the future with someone who wants a completely different lifestyle. Such a compelling and interesting read! I was rooting for both characters right away. I think Alyssa should have been more supportive. This is a conflict we have to see resolved in the next book, I hope! Declan Reede: The Untold Story series is really HOT and sweet at the same time. I cannot wait to see where it goes!
jeniNY More than 1 year ago
I really like this novella. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review by the author. When I read the synopsis it sounded nice enough. I figured I would give it a read see where the story was going to go. I am so glad I did. When I first started reading I thought I would be lost since the setting is Australia, where they use slang that even this New Yorker can’t understand. However, the author gives a list of definitions at the beginning of the book which I thought was a great idea. I also loved how the story was told from Declan’s point of view starting at age fifteen and ending at age eighteen. Declan has big dreams of racing in the ProV8 but he also has big dreams of a future with Alyssa. He is elated when they finally kiss for real and their young love blossoms quickly. As with any teenage relationship there is lots of drama and misunderstandings. Declan and Alyssa spend much of the book feeling their way around trying to get to a good place in their new found relationship. Jealousy rears its ugly head a few times breaking the couple up. I liked Declan a lot he was a great character and such a hopeless romantic sweetie. He loved Alyssa more than anything but being young and not sure how to handle an adult relationship, try as he might Declan makes some stupid moves as well. Alyssa acts like your typical teenage girl she wants one thing but then asks for another. As you would expect she makes poor Declan crazy. The teenage angst was very well written and the relationships the h/H share with other characters like their parents help to build a really strong story. I was invested from chapter one. Though Alyssa loves Declan, she doesn’t support his dreams of racing and wants him to go to university with her and then plan a life of marriage and kids. I found her to be a bit pushy and a little immature when it came to relationships. Again teenage love totally expected, but frustration for me and Declan. She wanted Declan to abandon his dreams for her own, which is a very childish request. Loving someone means supporting them even when it might cause you a little heartache. I thought the author did a great job conveying the troubled young love. When they lose their virginity to each other it was both sweet and sad, and so incredibly well written. This is the introduction to Decline book one in the series, which features Declan as an adult and living his dreams. Until Alyssa shows back up and then everything goes to hell for Declan when he can’t get the girl who got away out of his heart. I am looking forward to finding out the aftermath of his decisions. The story is about young love, young heartbreak and learning to make adult decisions, even if it means ruining one dream to capture another. Highly recommend. RECEIVED AN ARC IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW.
AmandaWise More than 1 year ago
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. First off-I LOVE this book!! We meet Declan & Alyssa, two life long friends entering puberty together. Like most teenagers, they have their emotional turmoil and insecurities. And true to the immaturity they possess they get mad & act out instead of just talking to each other and working through the issue. They fall in love, but allow these insecurities to break them up time after time. Declan's life long dream is to race cars, but Alyssa has no interest in it-she only sees the future they could share: college, house, kids--all things that Declan is afraid of, and that his dad warned him would get in the way of his dream. Eventually, they break up for the last time-both afraid to be honest with themselves and each other. Declan leaves to peruse his dream and attempts to put Alyssa out of his mind-sure that she'll be better off without him........ Boy-he couldn't be more wrong!