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Decoding Sylvia Plath's

Decoding Sylvia Plath's "Daddy": Discover the Layers of Meaning Beyond the Brute

by Julia Gordon-Bramer


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Not your average literary criticism, Decoding Sylvia Plath's "Daddy" talks you through complex information in a lively, conversational way.

Revised and expanded from the Fixed Stars Govern a Life: Decoding Sylvia Plath system (2014, Stephen F. Austin State University Press), Decoding Sylvia Plath's "Daddy" is an affordable, concise, comprehensive analysis of Plath's poem "Daddy," written in a playful spirit that brings Plath out of the ashes of mere depressive autobiography and into the fascinating world of mysticism-in which Plath and her husband Ted Hughes had an intense interest.

See what the academics have missed for over 50 years. Explore Plath's "Daddy" and how it perfectly aligns to reflect the "mirrors" of tarot and Qabalah, alchemy, mythology, history and the world, astrology and astronomy, and the arts and humanities. Gordon-Bramer surprises us with startling new insights and connections that, once seen, simply cannot be denied. She builds a strong case that we have yet to recognize Plath for her real genius and that Plath remains as relevant as ever.

Back cover text:

"Daddy": Not your average everyday Electra complex...

"You do not do" Sylvia Plath studies without her bedazzling poem "Daddy." But do you get it?

...beyond the drama of anger and attraction from a daughter and wife?

Fans: Discover the parallel themes of Sigmund Freud, King Brutus, the London Stone, and other exciting facts within "Daddy" that scholars have missed for over 50 years

Poets & Writers: Judge for yourself how "Daddy" includes themes of Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Joyce's Finnegans Wake, and other literary works

Students: Understand all themes and meanings beyond the superficial; learn why Plath used derogatory names and racism in "Daddy," and enlighten your classmates to her higher goals

Teachers: Save time with a complete class plan, discussion questions and more

Decoding Sylvia Plath's "Daddy" is the first of a series of Decoding books presenting Plath in compelling, original context, interpreted by the Fixed Stars Govern a Life: Decoding Sylvia Plath system, by author Julia Gordon-Bramer.

What readers are saying about Decoding Sylvia Plath's "Daddy":

"I am fascinated and intrigued by Julia Gordon-Bramer's wildly and dizzyingly original readings of Sylvia Plath's poems. Not only does she make me realize that I need to go back and read the poems again, she comes pretty close to convincing me that I have really never read them at all."

-Troy Jollimore, National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry, Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts Recipient

"Julia Gordon-Bramer's Decoding Sylvia Plath's 'Daddy' presents the iconic poet in full three-dimensional view. Or six-dimensional, if you prefer. This Sylvia Plath is far more than the depressive, suicidal drama queen and father-hater depicted in easier accounts of the poet's life. Plath emerges as the genius's genius. Ms. Bramer's tone adds enjoyment to her already rigorous and penetrating work."

-Robert Nazarene, founding editor, The American Journal of Poetry

"This is a friendly, conversational approach so that students won't feel overwhelmed, and it talks about topics that other guides don't, allowing students to make original, insightful commentary on the work. The study guide is a worthwhile, useful investment for students."

-Cathleen Allyn Conway, editor, Plath Profiles: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Plath Studies

101 pages

Author Julia Gordon-Bramer is a cross between Gregg Braden, who brings spirituality to science, and Jen Sincero, who brings spirituality to being a "Badass." With personality, clarity, and wit, this author, poet, scholar, professor and professional tarot card reader has spent the last decade interpreting Sylvia Plath's

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