Decorating Your Garden

Decorating Your Garden

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Decorating Your Garden by Jeff Cox

Practical and inspiring, this delightful book is filled with ideas for furnishing a garden, and making the room outside, whether small or large, a stylish, comfortable place to enjoy the natural world.

In his anecdotal text, Jeff Cox explores all the non-plant elements that may be found in a garden, among them fountains, pools, and waterfalls; walls, fences, and gates; paths and walkways; furniture; gazebos and arbors; garden art; birdhouses; treehouses and play equipment for youngsters; and grottoes, groves, and hideaways. He suggests creative ways to incorporate these additions to a garden, provides useful building guidelines and tips, and cautions against pitfalls that can occur, while noting that the best designs reflect the gardener's personal taste. And though the emphasis is on decorating, Cox names the best choices for plants when they are an integral part of a man-made structure-for example, vines for arbors, tropical blossoms for ponds, and flowers for stone walls.

An appendix describes more than twenty simple construction projects, and a source list for garden decorations rounds out the coverage.

Illustrating the book are 160 specially commissioned color photographs by Jerry Pavia of private and public gardens in the U.S., Canada, England, and France. His striking overviews and garden closeups will prompt gardeners to pay attention to landscapes as well as to the structures, plants, and other details that comprise a memorable garden. This is an irresistible picture book as well as an important reference guide for enthusiastic gardeners.

Other Details: 160 full-color illustrations 192 pages 9 x 9" Published 1999

is purely human. This part includes the fences, walkways, patios, terraces, arbors, pergolas, gazebos, walls, hutches, skeps, birdhouses, waterfalls, pools, tables, chairs, benches, lighting, and bridges. Here we can also include constructs made from soil, rocks, and water: berms, pits, hollows, grottoes, leveled places, and peaks of the landscape's architecture. In other words, it's everything in the garden but the plants.

Here wild nature pretty much gives way to our human desires. Here we are finally in charge, with the power to do what we wish with the land. This power brings responsibility, however. We must remember that we don't see all of nature's purposes, or fully understand her motives. We should create our gardens humbly, and decorate them with as much taste as we can muster.

Part of the great, grand fun of creating a garden is to infuse it with personal meaning, or with purely human ideas that visitors can comprehend.

Take as an example my clamshell garden. I grew up near the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and digging in the soil of my backyard, I often unearthed clamshells deposited there thousands of years before, when our property was shoreline. Today, I have a small side garden where I have buried many clamshells left over from the times when they were part of our nightly dinners, months or even years ago. Now when I dig there to put in annuals or divide perennials, I usually unearth a shell or two, and I am pleasantly transported back to my early childhood on Long Island.

My clamshells are personal; but everyone can relate to another of my favorite garden devices: a place of refuge-and-vista. The refuge may be a bench placed back in the shadows of a leafy bower, and the vista, seen from the bench, is of a sunny, open space where one can secretly watch the world go by. This kind of idea appeals to nearly all visitors.

Personal and human expression determines how we decorate our gardens. This book is devoted to describing the many ways people decorate their gardens, and the many things they use in this pursuit. The purpose of decorating a garden-which we often (incorrectly) assume is decorative enough with no help from us-is not to gild the lily, but to enshrine the lily in a place that illuminates its transcendent beauty.

--Jeff Cox

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ISBN-13: 9780789202291
Publisher: Abbeville Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/01/1999
Edition description: 1 ED
Pages: 191
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