Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey

Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey

by Linda K Ford


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Unlock Your Life Journey

Unveil the mystery of your life and embark on an extraordinary voyage of discovery. “Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey” was written with you in mind.

Whether you have it all, are searching to find yourself, or live with regrets and what-ifs, Decrypto is the key to opening the door to changing your life.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of your thoughts, emotions and life, as you discover what is happening to you and why. Your newfound self-awareness will empower you to make positive and long-lasting changes, to create the life you are longing for.

Be inspired to find a new direction, as you ignite the passion to follow your dreams.

Change starts now!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780648299004
Publisher: Linda K Ford Author
Publication date: 06/02/2018
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.45(d)

About the Author

I have an avid love of being in, on, or by the sea. During the 1990's, I embarked on an extraordinary, 15-month, sailing adventure, from New Zealand to England. It was not until some years later that I wrote my first book "Caution to the Wind," about this life-changing experience.

Travel is a special interest of mine, as is exploring different theories of thought. My life is a journey of discovery, where I am driven by a deep curiosity, to unravel how our thoughts & emotions, influence, and impact, on the life we live. My love affair with the ocean, combined with a genuine passion to support others, is the inspiration behind my writing.

I live in Sydney, Australia, with my partner Ivan, and two young grandchildren. I have worked for many years as a Social Worker and a Natural Therapy Practitioner.

Table of Contents

Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey- promo video

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: How it All Started. (Page 3)
  • Chapter One: The Search. (Page 9)
  • Chapter Two: Footprints in the Sand. (Page 13)
  • Chapter Three: A Reflection on Emotions. (Page 19)
  • Chapter Four: The Eye of Reality. (Page 29)
    • Discover the Hidden You. (Page 31)
    • Starting A Journal. (Page 32)

  • Chapter Five: The Blank Canvas. (Page 37)
    • Letting Go of Emotional Blocks. (Page 42)
    • Sarah’s Childhood. (Page 43)

  • Chapter Six: Defeat. (Page 47)
    • Sam’s Experience of Defeat. (Page 49)

  • Chapter Seven: Inaccuracies of Thought. (Page 57)
    • Mental versus Physical Tiredness. (Page 61)
    • Strategies to Deal with Emotions. (Page 63)
    • Find Out What Works for You. (Page 64)

  • Chapter Eight: To Observe or Participate. (Page 69)
    • Stephen’s Experience. (Page 69)
    • Mindfulness—Walking Meditation. (Page 72)
    • To Be in a Place of Stillness or Quietness. (Page 73)

  • Chapter Nine: The Will. (Page 77)
    • Jane’s Battle. (Page 78)

  • Chapter Ten: The Void. (Page 83)
    • Carol Breaks Free. (Page 85)
    • Redefine Yourself and Reassess Your Life. (Page 87)

  • Chapter Eleven: Diving Deep. (Page 91)
    • The Little You. (Page 95)
    • Praise Yourself and Give Focus to the Positive. (Page 98)
    • Innocence. (Page 99)

  • Chapter Twelve: Inherited Legacies. (Page 103)
    • Working with Children. (Page 105)

  • Chapter Thirteen: Emotions and Health. (Page 115)
  • Chapter Fourteen: Leave the Past Behind. (Page 121)
  • Chapter Fifteen: Relinquish and Rechoose. (Page 127)
    • How You Can Use This Method. (Page 128)
    • How to Start. (Page 129)
    • Sarah’s Outcome. (Page 136)

  • Chapter Sixteen: The Power of Manifesting. (Page 141)
  • Chapter Seventeen: Dream Big. (Page 149)
    • Create a Dream Catcher. (Page 151)
    • Empower Positive Thought. (Page 152)

  • About The Author. (Page 156)

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