Deep Overstock Issue 2: Fairy Tales, Folktales, & Fables

Deep Overstock Issue 2: Fairy Tales, Folktales, & Fables


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Our contributors have shown how many different directions we can take the fairy/folktale, from the very beginning, with a reimagined Eden, through shadow puppet theater and magic spells, to end with a happily (or not-so-happily) ever after.
Even Goldilocks herself would have to say that this issue is "just right."

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781949127010
Publisher: Deep Overstock Publishing LLC
Publication date: 06/28/2018
Series: Deep Overstock Journal , #2
Pages: 122
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.29(d)

Table of Contents

Shadow's Zoo of Shadows - Jonathan van Belle [prose]

Malin Kundang - Sarah Nicole Donaldson [prose]

Mermaid - Emily Lakehomer [art]

Mermaid Bath Spell - Ariel Kusby [spell]

Troll's Soul - Mickey Collins [poetry]

Stepfather's Dog - Mike Calkins [prose]

RaPUNzel - Dan Heise [poetry]

Bobbi the Mermaid - Kellye McBride [prose]

Late Night Pomes: Fairy Tales - Late Night Pomes

Parthenia - Joe Galván [prose]

Droggoth - Jonathan van Belle [prose]

The Boy and the Tick - Mickey Collins [prose]

Fairy Tale Dream - Ula Jankowska [prose]

Apple of My Eye - Maya McOmie [poetry]

The Fox - Azalea Micketti [prose]

Two-Headed Troll - Robert Eversmann [prose]

Happily Never After - Jaya Blackburn [poetry]

Weaver and the Swarm - Timothy Merritt [prose]

Lust Fish - Ariel Kusby [prose]

Bedtime with Frummy's Friend - AJD [prose]

The Garden of W's Beginning - Andy Anderson [prose]

Interview with Sarah Nicole Donaldson [excerpt]

Fairy Tales with Coleman Stevenson and Ariel Kusby [excerpt]

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