Deep Overstock Issue 3: Paranormal Romance

Deep Overstock Issue 3: Paranormal Romance


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In March of 2018, Deep Overstock started as a means to connect and share the creative work of booksellers. So many of our fellow bookstore employees are writers, illustrators, or comic artists. We wanted to give them and ourselves a venue to explore new work - and self-imposed deadlines are good motivators as well.

Within the sexy pages of issue three you'll find content inspired by one of the most overlooked and derided sections in a bookstore: Paranormal Romance. Often tucked away in a dark, smelly aisle like a werewolf’s tail tucked between her legs as she asks her beloved for her tentacle in marriage, Paranormal Romance offers a rich field of untapped potential of pleasures of the guiltiest kinds.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781949127027
Publisher: Deep Overstock Publishing LLC
Publication date: 10/26/2018
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.31(d)

Table of Contents

P7 Mater Dei - Jonathan van Belle [prose]

P9 Is There Anyone Awake - Desmond Everest Fuller [prose]

P16 Ghost Hotel - Ariel Kusby [poetry]

P17 The Tribe of Amalfia - Michael Calkins [prose]

P19 Tips for Dating a Minotaur - Stephen Kelly [poetry]

P21 Ghostfuckers - Kelleye McBride [prose]

P26 The Woman with a Thousand Heads #18 - Glen Armstrong [poetry]

P27 My Girlfriend is a Unicorn - Oaktea [comic]

P36 The Pitcher Plant - Cosima Bee Concordia [prose]

P53 To the Shadow That Watches Me Sleep...- T.m. Lawson [poetry]

P56 The Honey Locust Tree - Leanna Moxley [poetry]

P60 Vampire’s Lament - Michael Calkins [prose]

P61 Parliament of Babies (episode one) - Jason Squamata [prose]

P66 “INCUBATORIUM” - Jason Squamata [poetry]

P69 Ghost Bustin’ - Piers Rippey [comic]

P72 Bedside Book of Narrow Escapes - Glen Armstrong [poetry]

P74 The Hunter - Mickey Collins [prose]

P79 The Monster - Hannah Broadbent [prose]

P82 Untitled - Andy Anderson [poetry]

P86 The Sun and Her Shadow - Timothy Merritt [prose]

P90 Tendrils - Maya McOmie [art]

P91 You Think Your Tendrils Kicked In— - Maya McOmie [poetry]

P93 Love Hate Relationship - Kimberly Owen [prose]

P96 The Moon & the Wolf - Ben Talley [prose]

P99 Year of the Sea Monkey VIII - Glen Armstrong [poetry]

P101 The Parable of the Three-Legged Stool - L. Fid [prose]

P106 The Lost Rose (excerpt) - Kummam Al-Maadeed [prose] Lost Rose art - Jowhara Mohammed

P116 Stars in a Pudding - Ayşe Tekşen [poetry]

P120 Pome Sweet - Brady Brockman [prose poems]

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