Deep Secrets That Can Save Your Marriage & Relationship

Deep Secrets That Can Save Your Marriage & Relationship

by M M Kirschbaum


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My experience from interceding for married people and writing on relationships, I have no doubt in my mind that, the marriage sector is Satan's favorite playground. I would even go a step further to say that, it is the foremost sport of wicked principalities and powers in the lower heavenly realms. The home is the bedrock of a fruitful society. It is where different people of different assortments live together to form a bond of love. When a man marries a woman, he learns to love and tolerate her baggage. The same goes for the woman, who accepts his family, stories and extras as her own. It is natural, therefore, that this delicately balanced living pattern is the first to suffer assault of the devil. Why attack an individual when a seed of animosity can be thrown into the midst of many? When trouble is sown in the home, is spreads to other family members leaving many bruised, battered and beat-up. In this battle, no one is spared for the family pets are also marred for life. That laughter, that happiness dissipates into the aftermath of revolting and malicious bomb. Satan knows and understands the power of the home and the possibilities from this union. All you have to do is to imagine the nasty consequences of broken homes. This is a constant battle that must not be taken lightly or nonchalantly. The battles in this field is prone to sudden eruption or slow poison. Whichever way you look at it, to be married is one of the most beautiful experiences that is fraught with battles. Many have being known to take the path of attending counselling, amassing pornographic videos, tricks of lovemaking and enrolling in exercise regimens. Some have even taken it a step up the ladder through drastic face-lifts, breast enhancement that cost a fortune. All these are commendable but they are temporary, Band-Aid solutions.
The good news is that, marriage is God's own plan from the very beginning. It was Satan who threw the spanners into the first peaceful arrangement. God is very involved with the affairs of the heart. This is evident in the affairs of Adam. If you read your Bible, you will notice that, Adam, the first man, did not request for a helper. He did not complain about working in the garden and tending the animals alone.

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