Deep Structure and Past Kinematics of Accreted Terranes

Deep Structure and Past Kinematics of Accreted Terranes

by John W. Hillhouse (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9780875904542
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/08/1991
Series: Geophysical Monograph Series , #50
Pages: 283

Table of Contents

J. W. Hillhouse xi

1. Global Mesozoic Reconstructions Using Revised Continental Data and Terrane Histories: A
Progress Report
K. M. Wilson, M. J. Rosol, and W. W. Hay 1

2. Geodynamic Interpretations From Paleomagnetic Data of Late Paleozoic Rocks in the Southern Andes
A. E. Rapalini, J. F. Vilas, M. L. Bobbio, and D. A. Valencio 41

3. The Falkland Islands: New Palaeomagnetic Data and Their Origin as a Displaced Terrane From Southern Africa
G. K. Taylor and John Shaw 59

4. Paleomagnetic Data and the Accretion of the Guerrero Terrane, Southern Mexico Continental Margin
H. Bohnel, L. Alva-Valdivia, S. Gonzalez-Huesca, J. Urrutia-Fucugauchi, D. J. Moran-Zenteno,
and P. Schaaf 73

5. Plate Kinematic Controls on Accretion
D. M. Jurdy 93

6. Refinements of the "Baja British Columbia" Plate-Tectonic Model for Northward Translation Along the Margin of Western North America
P. J. Umhoefer, Joe Dragovich, Jeff Cary, and D. C. Engebretson 101

7. Paleomagnetism of the Mississippian UP Pipe and the Western Margin of the North American Craton
D. T. A. Symons and M. T. Lewchuk 113

8. Structural and Paleomagnetic Evidence for Tertiary Bending of the Eastern Brooks Range Flexure, Alaska
P. W. Plumley, M. S. Vance, and Giulio Milazzo 127

9. Paleomagnetism of Cretaceous and Paleocene Sedimentary Rocks Across the Castle Mountain Fault, South Central Alaska
J. A. Stamatakos, K. P. Kodama, L. F. Vittorio, and T. L. Pavlis 151

10. New Aspects of Rotational Dynamics Within the North American-Pacific Ductile Shear Zone
E. R. Ivins 179

11. The Deep Structure of North American Accreted Terranes From Deep Seismic Reflection Data
C. J. Potter 203

12. Seismic Anisotropy of the Subcrustal Lithosphere in Europe: Another Clue to Recognition of Accreted Terranes?
Vladislav Babuska and J. Plomerova 209

13. Paleozoic Accretionary History of the North American Plate Margin (Central and Southern
Appalachians): Constraints From the Age, Origin and Distribution of Granitic Rocks
A. Krishna Sinha, E. A. Hund, and J. P. Hogan 219

14. Paleomagnetic Study of the Upper Cretaceous Izumi Strike-Slip Basin Along the Median
Tectonic Line in Southwest Japan
Kazuto Kodama 239

15. Paleomagnetic Evidence for Pleistocene Clockwise Rotation in the Osio Hills: A Possible
Record of Interaction Between the Philippine Sea Plate and Northeast Japan
Masato K. Dyama and Hiroshi Kitazato 249

16. Tectonic Implications of Permo-Triassic Paleomagnetic Results From North and South China
Xixi Zhao and R. S. Coe 267

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