Deep Witchcraft In The 419 Fraud: The Mystery Behind

Deep Witchcraft In The 419 Fraud: The Mystery Behind

by Jules Fonba


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It will be a delirium not to acknowledge the fact that, 419 frauds has not been of an ultimate cash flow, into the lives of 419ers, for the last twenty-five years.

It, proving through confidence trick, and sophisticated business frauds, that unethical accumulation of considerable fortunes, can be done in a very short space. Particularly, when converting dollars to currencies less strong, sees money display on golden tray. As many has witness an unbelievable flow, of wealth into their lives, that they were never programmed for.

In a bit to maintain this status quo, as faced with this serious problem of awareness, of their various fields of capture, or victims harvesting, another form has been vastly put to functionality. This, the dark arts of body, mind and spirit control, the ability to contradict human nature, just to maintain the money-grubbing into their accounts. This being nothing else, but witchcraft, in languages of charms, witchdoctors and occultism, a world infested with rules and regulations to rather murderous. In the deeper you go the more frenzy it gets, saying farewell to the exogenic intelligence for the endogenic one.

The realization theory is done in three stages. The telepath, that is via Para-photoflash, which is the act of receiving flashes to possession, particular via dreams etc. The second telepathized form is, the Para-teleportation of one spirit to the victim or vice-versa, for command plus control, and the third, being the last, is the physical presence of the 419er with the victim, using his mystical intelligence, through all forms of body contact to manipulate.

Regrouped as SAKAWA CULT, YAHOO PLUS CULT, YAHOO PLUS PLUS CULT; the most deadly sects, causing the worst cyber nightmare to Americans, Asians and Europeans. Because they know, most occidentals only comply with getting a radical analysis to all seeable, and despise the non-seeable. They believe and seduce only the natural intellect which has nothing to do with the irrationality of metaphysical realm.

This is always the result of the victim losing all connections with reality, getting sick, committing suicide, loss of reasoning, lone speaking and gesticulating out of norms. Because, spirits have been assigned to plaque him 24/7, it is an operation beyond human manipulation. The victim at this point is soiled with filth, in what might be called Hypnos-magnetism. This is the point, most enjoyed by 419ers, where the name Mougou, becomes a jubilation and raison &dgrave;etre.

This is exactly what this book is going to handle. We are going to navigate to the paranormal world of this devilry reaches by these decisive 419ers. Freeloaders well bent, to maintain their lane.

Telling each effect, in a way to blood stirring and pure discovery to keep the reader spellbound. Again a book like this one, as was advised with the first publication (419 The Cyberscam Game) by the same author, readers are advised to read it, as many times, as possible, for the comprehension, of each theme layout.

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