Defence Sites III: Heritage and Future

Defence Sites III: Heritage and Future


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ISBN-13: 9781784660819
Publisher: WIT Press
Publication date: 06/02/2016
Series: WIT Transactions on The Built Environment , #158
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.12(h) x 0.37(d)

Table of Contents

Engineer Leandro Badarán's project to safeguard the fortresses of Alicante in 1794 V. Echarri 1
Summary of the evolution of the fortifications of Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante from its origins to the beginning of the eighteenth century M. I. Pérez Millan & A. B. González Avilés 13
Rehabilitating, repairing and restoring against demolishing, tearing down and destroying: the recovery of the military fort for the Santa Pola town museum A. Martínez-Medina & P. J. Juan Gutiérrez 25
Fortress churches on the Spanish Mediterranean coast in the sixteenth century A. Palenzuela Navarro 39
Analysis of the spatiotemporal transformation of Fort San Domingo in Tamsui, Taiwan, from the perspective of cultural imagination C.-Y. Chang 51
Tiburzio Spannocchi's project for the fortifications of Fuenterrabía in 1580 R. T. Yáñez Pacios & V. Echarri Iribarren 61
Reading the history of bastion castles in Galicia (Eastern Europe) using the Friedrich von Mieg map O. Tikhoonova 73
The influence of tabaire stone on military architecture: the case of Cartagena (Spain) A. Lasheras Estrella, M. I. Perez Millan, J. A. Martínez López & J. H. Alcañiz Martínez 85
Study of the archaeological building materials on Farasan Islands, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and their relationship with the islands' local and climatic environment A. Ali & E. Al-Banna 95
Reuse of Spanish civil war air-raid shelters in Alicante: the R46 Balmis and R31 Seneca shelter A. B. González Avilés, M. I. Pérez Millan & A. L. Rocamora Ruiz 107
Transforming fortresses into artworks: two cultural sites become spaces of topological immersion L. Psarologaki 117
The garden of Burle Marx in the Palace of the Lions in the city of St. Luis, Brazil B. I. Wasinski Prado 127
Recognizing the significance of a Viking fortification in its landscape C. Canzonieri 137
Tourism potential analysis of the castles of Vinalopó, Spain: an opportunity for social and tourist development of cultural heritage E. Rico Cánovas 147
Shape recognition for ships: World War I naval camouflage under the magnifying glass W. Bekers, R. De Meyer & T. Strobbe 157

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