Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy

Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy

by Karen Moriarty, Dr Karen Moriarty

Paperback(Revised Edition)

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A comprehensive, in-depth portrayal of Michael Jackson that includes his last mysterious years, Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy reveals new information and unique insights into this "king of a man."

More controversial in life and in death than anyone else, Michael Jackson's goodness has been mostly ignored. This volume needs to be affixed to the legacy of his genius and greatness.

Bizarre behavior is normal in bizarre circumstances. Dr. Moriarty leads her reader through the maze of stunningly bizarre circumstances in which Michael lived and struggled, through private joys and suffering as a real person ... at the absolute pinnacle of human existence.

If you want an eye-opening portrayal of the real Michael Jackson-delivered in a rare blend of disclosure, respect, insight, and passion-this is it!

-Thomas A. Mesereau, Jr.

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ISBN-13: 9781432794422
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 08/17/2012
Edition description: Revised Edition
Pages: 538
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About the Author

Dr. Karen Moriarty has worked as an English teacher, counselor, administrator, and consultant in public schools and as a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. She earned advanced degrees, including her Doctorate, from Northern Illinois University. Baby Richard: A Four-Year-Old Comes Home (2003) was her first book, written "because it's a story that had to be told." Karen is married to Dr. Robert V. Moriarty, licensed clinical psychologist and former president of a community college and of a private graduate school. They reside with their feline companions, Stephanie Ann and Tom Riley, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

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Defending a King ~ His Life & Legacy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 163 reviews.
chldhart More than 1 year ago
Dr. Moriarty has compiled a genuinely interesting book regarding the world's most enigmatic and maligned entertainment figure of our times. She exposes the level of isolation he endured as a result of two factors ... our unrestrained adoration ... and the media's unrelenting 'witchhunt' to which he was subjected by the American so-called '24 hour news cycle' in the most public case of bullying in recorded history. She delves deeply into the anti-Jackson bias so prevalent in the publishing industry since 1993, even skirting the power-broker publishing houses by publishing Defending a King herself. Dr. Moriarty paints a moving panorama of the nomadic existence Jackson was forced to live by the intrusion of small-minded, bigoted law enforcement agents out to feather their own nests with salacious, unfounded accusations that they failed to prove in a court of law. In fact, many legal professionals bemoaned that the case should 'ever have come to trial.' Within the pages of "Defending a King: His Life and Legacy," Dr. Moriarty paints the portrait of a caring father who is totally devoted to providing for his children the kind of childhood he, himself, could only dream about. Through the eyes of his friends and employees, we come to know the profoundly-committed humanitarian who would stop the car and offer money to homeless vagrants as well as enter hospitals all over the world loaded down with gifts for children whose lives were blighted by illness, disease, war or poverty ... who personally funded and oversaw two air-lifts of medicines, food and toys to wartorn Sarajevo ... and who is personally responsible for cutting the number of people starving on this planet in HALF in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This is the man our media tried to convince us was a freak for twenty-five years of his too-short life. Reliable, factual information regarding Michael Jackson has been in short supply for far too long in his home country. My gratitude to Dr. Karen Moriarty for stepping in to stem the tide of rampantly negative reportage. My only regret is that it was not published before Michael Jackson was taken from us.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a Pleasant Suprise, March 4, 2012 By LonnieJohnson - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Defending a King ~ His Life & Legacy (Paperback) What a pleasant suprise. Although not a strong Michael Jackson fan when I started this book - it completely changed my outlook on him. The book is thoughtful and well written. It is easy to reay and provides detailed insight into the enigma we thought him to be. For his fans, this book confirms all that you believed good in Michael Jackson. For others, the book reveals MJ to be a great father and a thoughtful and caring person. All of this in addition to his being a great and talented entertainer. It may take a little more time, but one day the world will come to fully appreciate Michael for his values and his achievements. Lonnie Johnson - A new admirer.
michaelsguardian More than 1 year ago
"Defending a King" made me cry.  It made me angry and it made me realize that empathy is all but dead in this country.   I had read other books about Michael by two of his siblings and "Defending a King" seemed to fill in some holes that perhaps Michael's siblings couldn't say. The most valuable thing I gleaned from this read was a growing relationship with a man I never met, but wished I had.  Michael had a lot to teach us about how to be human beings to each other and Moriarty's portrayal fput on paper from those who knew Michael's struggles made me want to be a better person. I was never a fan of Michael Jackson, even though I admired his work.  But in reading Moriarty's book about him, and through my own research, I jumped beyond "fan" to "friend.  I really wish there were more people like him in the world.  We have forgotten how to care about each other and he was only trying to show us how to do that again. If there was ever a person in modern history that deserved to be credited for using Christ as a role model, Michael Jackson's childlike sincerity in his efforts are highlighted in "Defending a King". It is an amazing read if you would TRULY like to get to know the man at his core.  I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get to know this gentle and loving man. - "Michaelsguardian", Bonnie Cox
njr22 More than 1 year ago
I would highly recommend "Defending A King - His Life & Legacy". This book tells so many unknown stories of Michael Jackson. It has completely changed my perspective of his life and what he did. No other book, article, or news story I have seen has been so thoroughly researched and written so well. If the author meant to change many negative opinions and misconceptions of Michael Jackson, she has succeeded! Whether a super fan of the King of Pop, or a skeptic, I promise that you will learn things about him you never knew. You will enjoy and be captivated by this book. Many of us have only seen Michael as a performer, the pop star, the man on the stage, but with this book you see him as a human, and an exceptional one at that. It's two thumbs up from me!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found Dr. Karen Moriarty's book to be very interesting and informative considering this reader is not a diehard Michael Jackson fan. However, after further review, I came away with a different perspective about MJ. Once again, the media has crucified an American Icon and Dr. Moriarty has done a phenomenal job in trying to salvage a person's reputation with some timely research. I have recently donated my copy of Defending A King to a local library so more people could enjoy this great read about a true loving parent, a highly complicated individual and a totally mismanaged superstar. An educational experience and a Must Read for ALL!!!
DaniDimi More than 1 year ago
ONE OF THE BEST BOOK'S I HAVE EVER READ GREAT JOB Dr KAREN MORIARTY! This would have to be the best autobiography book ever written about a person. Defending a King - His Life & legacy is written and composed in the utmost accuracy about our late beloved Michael Jackson. The detail of Michael Jackson's life and career keeps you at the edge of your seat and hanging on every word as you read the book the more you want to know and you can't help but read more and more, to the point can't put the book down. Dr Karen Moriarty the author of this magnificent book deserves praise as she has out done herself in writing this book, One of the best books written of all time. Dr Karen Moriarty surely has done a great job in researching the life and career of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, as she herself is a great author and Dr in clinical psychologist in her own right. Dr Karen Moriarty has had on outstanding career and has so many achievements credited to her, in so saying Dr Karen Moriarty is the right person to have written in the life and career of Michael Jackson, you could not as for a better read than this book. I was touched by the way Dr Karen Moriarty had poured her heart and soul into writing this book, by reading this book we get to know and know what a beautiful, loving caring person Michael Jackson was, Michael always thought and cared more about other than he thought and cared about himself. Michael has thought us a great deal in life and how much life means to us by sending us messages through his music. All Michael ever wanted in return was just to be loved the same way he loved his fans. if you are a huge Michael Jackson fan the way I am Defending a Kind - His Life & Legacy by Dr Karen Moriarty is the right book to read, in this book you will see the real Michael Jackson for the person he was and will always be and mot for the monster that the haters claimed he was. Michael will forever be in our heart's and will never be forgotten we miss you everyday Michael there is not one day that we don't think about you. Thank you Dr Karen Moriarty from the bottom of my heart in giving me the opportunity in reading your book about my cherished and loved icon of all time Michael Jackson. Michael you will for always and for ever be in our heart's. "It's all for love" Daniela :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My attachment to Michael Jackson is very weak. A "super fan" is what I am not. But like the rest of the world, Michael Jackson's music has, in one way or another, made an impression on my life. I decided to read this book out of curiosity. I knew Michael Jackson the artist but I wanted to know him as a person. I was able to preview the first edition through Amazon. I believe that this second edition has additional parts. I read before I went to bed and in between working on assignments for class. It is written in a way that is comprehensible to fans and non-fans alike. This book made me realize how much of an impact circumstances have on human behavior. Simply put by Dr. Moriarty, bizarre circumstances can lead to bizarre behavior. Michael Jackson's lifetime is arguably suffused by such circumstances. Having been in the limelight at such a young age, he was deprived of the childhood that most of us had. His talents were awe-inspiring and impeccable but it wasn't so without distress and affliction. In the end, I came to understand Michael Jackson as an ordinary human being who faced extraordinary circumstances.
HayleyLHowell More than 1 year ago
There are simply not enough words to express how much I love and appreciate Karen Moriarty's beautiful book , "Defending a King." I have been a Michael Jackson admirer for almost ten years now, and it breaks my heart how badly he was treated, misunderstood, and lied about when all he wanted to do was help heal the world, especially our children. He had a heart of a child, and I have never read a more beautiful, truthful, heartfelt, and genuine book that explains Michael Jackson the way this book does. My favorite parts of the book were how gentle and kind he was as a father and person. It brought tears to my eyes how he changed and healed so many children's lives with his amazing, caring, and charitable spirit. This book not only shines a ray of light on Michael being the beautiful person he was, but also clears up any misunderstanding and false accusations he was so wrongfully accused of. It touches thoroughly on every part of his life with true facts and credible references. No doubt readers will see Michael Jackson in a different more positive light than they may have before. I am so thankful to Karen for a book that was so greatly written and from the heart. I definitely want to share it with everyone I can! Much L.O.VE. -Hayley L. Howell ♥♥♥
marsshine29 More than 1 year ago
Dr. Moriarty has given us a loving, true, look into the life of our sweet Michael Jackson. This book is at times sad, when we see how imprisoned He was by His extreme fame. We are also given examples of His deep love for His children and fans! It was very well thought out and presented, and I thank her for such a positive book! This is a must read for everyone within the community as well as the rest of the world! Thank-you Dr. Karen Moriarty for defending our King so eloquently and with such love! peace, light & MichaeLOVE!
DMassaChappee More than 1 year ago
Exceptional and well written. By Donna Massa-Chappee May 1 2014 If you were to define a king the definition would be: One who rules over a country or province. He shall rule over the people maintaining peace and order, and within his kingdom are his loyal servants or subjects. In history there have been good kings and bad kings. The way in which they intend to rule subjected their people to be at the mercy of their decisions resulting in either harmony or destruction. In the book Defending a King this humble majesty is a very unique and different king who's sole purpose is to rule over his people with unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, dedication and service. Quite the opposite of the definition of a traditional king. In reading this incredible book every detail about Michael Jackson's entire life is personified in an eloquent manner treating his reputation with respect, honor, and reverence. He is presented to us as a royal king with riches, values, and earthly possession's that are shared with all humanity. His connections are one with a higher source, that of an even greater king. Karen captures the true essence of Michael's whole being and shares her knowledge with reputable facts and careful research. Every piece of information she provides us with, is as if the king himself had written it. I truly enjoyed reading this powerful and informative book about the King of Pop. A king indeed who walked among us without authority or judgment, power or greed, but sacrifice. He was richer then any entitled king who has ever ruled on this earth. Without a kingdom, crown, sword, or throne he was born with the riches and gifts to "Change The World." If you want to know everything about the real King of Pop read Defending a King. It is a book written like no other, with exceptional determination, spirit and service. Karen's work and dedication to this humble and noble king is what makes this book richer than gold..
king19 More than 1 year ago
I myself am a published author. My work, If I Told You My Inspired Poems, is a long way off from being a story about Michael Jackson and all of his trials and tribulations. However, over the years I have been waiting for a decent and above average book about my favorite artist to come to light. And I found it in this book. I am really enjoying this interesting book about Michael Jackson. Each of its 19 chapters covers a specific theme about Michael Jackson, which helps the reader to understand the man behind the music in a comprehensive way, chapter by chapter. Being a Michael Jackson fan myself, I have been looking for books that accurately portray him as the human-being that he was and not what the media described him to be. This book is a great read for all true Michael Jackson fans.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Whether you are a die hard Michael Jackson fan, or just someone searching for the truth that the media always manages to distort, then this is the book you need to read. Defending a King, not only shows you "the man in the mirror" ~ it shows you the "man behind the mask" Dr Karen Moriarty takes you on a journey of truth, showing you the real man. Her love for Michael Jackson shines through whilst showing us the absolute truth. Endorsed by the man who defended Michael in court, Defending a King is a book to open the eyes of the ignorant, and let the hearts of the fans swell with pride. My gratitude and thanks to Dr Karen Moriarty for having the ability to write what is in our hearts. God bless you
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My name is Eva Wingelmayer How many books about MJ? But "Defending a King" is different of all others. It is not only telling about facts but also ANALYSING them. Very impressive the chaperts about the might of the doctors and the money payed for layers. In no other book I found such profonde esposè on one single fact. For my own book, "Jesus_21", a history-fiction and entertaining, Karen's book gave me a lot of ideas.....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading Defending A King for the 2nd time. I plan on reading it again and again. . I wasn't a lifelong fan of Michael Jackson and only knew what I heard on TV or read in various magazines, yes, tabloid. After reading this book I realized just how little I knew of Michael Jackson. My view and opinion of Michael Jackson completely changed after reading Defending A King. Defending A King, is filled with carefully researched facts collected over a 2 year period of time by Dr. Moriarty. Defending A King puts to rest the many factious rumors surrounding the life of Michael Jackson. This book is about the man and the entertainer. If you thought you knew it all think again. I highly recommend this book to every one of his fans as well as those who would like to know the life this man lead. Each chapter is filled with examples clearly showing the trial and tribulations Michael Jackson endured during the last years of his life. Chapter by chapter you are drawn into the life of a man known as "The King of Pop". What he endured through endless tabloid journalism, court cases, friends and known business associates extorting not only his wealth but his name. You'll hear accounts from close friends and associates in his inner circle on what Michael was thinking. You'll read the heartwarming accounts of his relationship with his children from their body guards. You'll hear accounts of how he handled the daily pressure he was under. You'll begin to understand why Michael Jackson took certain actions and decisions for the sake of himself and his family. You'll begin to understand the man, not the entertainer. The life this man lead was simply remarkable in all aspects, the good, bad and ugly, it's all here. Dr. Moriarty looked for facts, reliable sources and specifics on certain events until she uncovered the truth. If you want the honest truth without the tabloid interjections, this book is the one you want. Each of the 500+ pages is a wonderful representation of the true King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Wonderful representation of the Live and Legacy of a man named Michael Jackson. Zita C Ost
Kirsten7 More than 1 year ago
This is a amazing book for all. Both for Michael Jackson fans and for thoose who wants to learn about who Michael Jackson was.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A very special book about Michael Jackson -- the best! I recommend it for MJ fans and non-fans alike. Julius
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This great book about Michael Jackson is the HIGHEST-RATED MJ book on ALL of the 8 major Amazon websites -- US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and India! It is also rated 5.0 on Barnes & Noble. These ratings reflect the quality of this unique and powerful book about the greatest entertainer of our times. A must-read!
zzz1 More than 1 year ago
The most beautiful, in-depth portrait of Michael Jackson that I've read! In researching and writing this book, Karen Moriarty has given a magnificent Gift to those who love Michael, and those who want to better understand him. This book is no less than a Gift to the Planet. I've read most of the major books about Michael (many of them wonderful, for various reasons). _Defending a King_ was the most grounded, yet it lost no aspect of the emotion or intensity surrounding Michaels life and death -- and his Spirit that lives on with us. It offers the most in-depth, moving, and captivating portraits of Michael Jackson -- in life and in death -- his private joys and his deep, life-long suffering as a human being. A beautifully written and moving accounting and analysis. The respect this author shows for Michael touched me deeply. My most high recommendation for this particular book as one to be read by anyone who wants a deeper understanding of Michael Jackson and the unfathomable contribution he made to the Planet and to Humanity.
RebaL More than 1 year ago
Who would think that a mega-star needs defending, yet Karen Moriarty does just that, making an impassioned plea not only for justice, but also for Michael Jackson's dignity and humanity. Moriarty takes the measure of the man and finds him to be a true king not only of the pop stage, but also a king of love and compassion in a world that was not always kind to him. A fascinating account of an extraordinary life, Moriarty offers jewels of insight on every page. A very worthwhile and thought-provoking read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was in tears, just reading Dr. Moriarity's personal acknowledgement in this beautiful book.....She  offered this book as a gem, among many, for the crown of a man who deserved to be a king, and to  those of us who love him and his amazing contribution to the arts, is truly a king. The rest of the book  followed the same, having this reader in tears most of the time. I strongly recommend you read it and  have a box of tissues at your side when you do. I have purchased and read a lot of books on the subject  of our beloved Michael Jackson, and have to say that I absolutely L.O.V.E. this one. It is my personal  favorite and portrays, through Dr. Moriarity's interviews with many people who had contact with Michael,  what I consider to be the truth about this man, a man whom some say I am obsessed with, whom I  never met and yet feel like I have known for most of my life. This book brings the truth about Michael  closer to the reader and I highly recommend it. Thank you for such a beautiful work Dr. Moriarity.  Love You More <3 <3 <3
8whiskysourgirl8 More than 1 year ago
FIVE STARS for reminding why I always loved Michael Jackson This book was a true testament to one of the greatest music icons of our time. Dr. Karen Moriarty's truthful look into Michael Jackson's life was something that the media should have portrayed rather than the negative slander they were so accustomed to printing or blasting all over the news. I found myself smiling about the great memories I had from growing up listening to Micheal's music as I dove into each chapter in this book. I even pulled up my MJ playlist to listen to his music while reading, which made me feel more connected to the trials and tribulations he went through each time his success reached unimaginable heights.  No other artist could ever be so lucky to experience that. He truly brought so much joy into many people's lives with his lyrics and his humanitarian efforts to donate millions of dollars to charities, which made me have even more respect for him. As sad as it was to hear of his loss, it was refreshing to read something that wonderfully memorialized a great man.   I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loved Michael Jackson, his music, and what he stood for.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Defending a King His live &Legacy. This beautiful book is written by Dr Karen Moriarty.This book is totaly diferent like others about Michael Jackson. Do u kno why?? Wel i know why.Its Because its written with the L.O.V.E for Michael Jackson. Dr Karen Moriarty is a real loving Michael Jackson fan and that is why this book came out so beautiful.I am proud to own a copy of the book.I realy love it. Karen has spoken to the right people around Michael Jackson and has this beautiful written in the book. If u are a real loving Michael Jackson Fan u shut have this book and enjoy the beautiful story,s I am sure you wil be more then satisfide iff u have read the book. Happy Reading Albert de Lugt
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great job Karen moriariaty By hattie hardiman
Laura-Burt88 More than 1 year ago
A simple, easy to understand and straight forward read, fan or not I would strongly recommend that you give this a go. Dealing with legal jargon is difficult, and as such its very easy to ignore it and rely on mass media to give you the facts. Sadly, you won't get the facts from newspapers, they have their own agenda and will twist any and every tidbit to fit their own ends. This book shows what happened, why it happened, and why it was reported in the way it was in an easy to understand and factual way.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What I remember about Michael Jackson when I was growing up was that instead of his music gracing the charts, his face graced public media with scandals and lawsuits. Needless to say, this book is an honest portrayal of what was going on in Michael's life behind the media and scandals. I thought it was a great read for people who grew up appreciating Michael's music but confused about his personal life. Learning that Michael was an extremely caring humanitarian, who suffered through an unfortunate childhood, gave me a new found appreciation for him. Despite the controversy surrounding him, I can assure you that Dr. Karen wrote the book with the aim of portraying Michael in the way his closest friends and family saw him rather than what the public saw through the eyes of the media. She has done her research and her education and experience as a psychologist gave me a completely different view of Michael's life. I encourage you to pick it up and give it a read!