Deficit and Debt Transition

Deficit and Debt Transition

by Istvan Benczes


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The adjustment problems of public finance in countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are often misunderstood and misinterpreted by western scholars. This book contributes to the bridging of the gap between what is being thought by external observers and what the actual public finance reality is, as described by competent local scholars. Popular political economy research has remained biased towards advanced countries and has neglected developing and transition economies. Publications on CEE countries' public finances seem to be reluctant to apply the conceptual framework of standard political economy to these countries because of the assumption that CEE economies are different from their Western peers. But is this really the case? Are CEE economies so much different that none of the well-known "Western" political economy concepts or models can be applied to the analysis of fiscal performance in the region? Benczes demonstrates that they can be safely applied in the context of CEE economies as well. He sees no need to develop a separate or unique theory designed for the study and understanding of (one-time) transition economies.

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ISBN-13: 9789633860588
Publisher: Central European University Press
Publication date: 10/01/2014
Pages: 250
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About the Author

István Benczes is Associate Professor, Department of World Economy, Vice Dean, Faculty of Economics, Corvinus University Budapest

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

List of Tables ix

List of Figures xi

List of Boxes xiii

List of Abbreviations xiv

List of Contributors xvi

Introduction: Political Economy and Public Finances István Benczes 1

I Cross-Country Analysis of Public Finances in Central and Eastern Europe 13

1 Economic Freedom and Public Debt in Central and Eastern Europe Oliver Treidler 15

2 Political Business Cycles: Theory and Empirical Findings for the CEE Region András Olivér Németh 35

3 The Strategic Use of Public Debt in Central and Eastern Europe Vera Takács István Benczes 59

4 Varieties of Capitalism and Public Finances in Cental and Eastern Europe Zsolt Szabó 87

II Case Studies in the Public Finances of Central and Eastern Europe 105

5 Passive Macro economic Populism in the Baltics Gábor Kutasi 107

6 Values, Norms, and Beliefs: The Case of Poland Judit Kozenkow 133

7 Critical Junctures and Unintended Consequences: The Case of Hungary István Benczes 153

8 Structural Reforms in a Low-Trust Environment: The Case of Slovakia Dóra Gyorffy 175

9 Europeanization with a Detour: The Case of Croatia Fruzsina Sigér 197

Index 219

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