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Defining the Nineties: Consensus Making in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles

Defining the Nineties: Consensus Making in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles

by Bonnie Clearwater, Jeffrey Deitch, Janine Antoni (Photographer)

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal - Library Journal
Although is seems somewhat premature, in Defining the Nineties the chief curator at America's newest museum for contemporary art, MOCA Miami, attempts to identify the emerging artists of the Nineties, to define the characteristics of their works, and to explore the impact of the marketplace. Several patterns are discussed, such as an increased interest, and support for, local artists; a smaller number of superstars and Europeans; and a growing recognition of artists of Latin American origin. Cogent essays, color illustrations, a checklist, and the biographies of 22 young artists create a compelling survey. Two of those artistsJanine Antoni and Charles Longare included in the Saatchi Collection catalog, which would have been more appropriately subtitled New New York Art, as eight of the nine artists live and work there. Unfortunately, though there are short essays and good color illustrations of each artist, no attempt is made to give the works any unifying framework. Conversely, The Collection, the catalog of the first ten years of Milan's new museum of contemporary art, delivers more than it promises. In addition to essays, illustrations, and bibliographies of the works of its 44 artists (mostly European and well established), there is an interview with collector Pontus Huhten, an essay on public collections of modern art in Italy, and a detailed description of the history, restoration, and interior decoration of the castle that houses the collection. All three catalogs make contributions worthy of any medium- to large-sized contemporary art library, The Collection being the best single volume and the Miami book the most important for collections concentrating on American art.Heidi Winston, NYPL

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