"Deh prendi un dolce amplesso, amico mio fedel", No. 3 from "La Clemenza di Tito", Act 1 (K621) (Full Score)

by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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BN ID: 2940000612118
Publisher: FreeHandMusic.com
Publication date: 02/29/2000
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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"Deh prendi un dolce amplesso, amico mio fedel", No. 3 from "La Clemenza di Tito", Act 1 (K621) (Full Score) 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*crying silent tears of joy* T.T What is this magic? <br> Actually, it wouldn't be silent. <br> It'd be more like "ERMERGERSHWHYDAFU<_>CKDIDYOUMAKEMEWAITSODA<_>MNFU<_>CKINGLONGYOUMAGICALMAGIC!?!?"
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You wake in the back of a covered truck, your head pounding even more fierce than before. You blink your bleary eyes and look around, catching sight of Feliciano watching you with wide eyes. <p> Thankfully, the deepness of the shadows hid your flushed cheeks. <p> "Are you okay, (y/n)?" He inquired quietly. <p> You nodded dumbfoundly, not trusting yourself to speak; you placed a palm to your head, feeling the prickliness of crusted and dried blood beside your temple. You tried to stop the trembling in your hands, the cord tying them together digging into your wrist. <p> Keeping the awkward silence, you noticed your gun was missing, and your person had been stripped of all your belongings. Your feet were bound, as well. <p> You flinched as the vehicle trundled over a bump, making a jolt of pain shoot through your head. <p> "Feli-Feliciano. . . ?" You stammered softly. <p> Feli looked at you intently, though the far-away look in his eyes made it hard to take him seriously. "Ve, bella?" <p> "Why-why did you, y'know, defend me?" You looked down at your boots, the question left to sink through the tense air. <p> You swore his cheeks were tinged with pink. "Ve~ You-you're too pretty to let Ludwig kill." He replied. <p> You grunted, hiding your face once more. "I-I--" You opened your mouth but wasn't able to finish your sentence. How could you explain the sudden defensive action that had saved the ltalian? <p> The awkward silence once more took hold of the truck cabin, the only sound that of the tires crunching over rough gravel and the occasional gunshot. <p> Feliciano suddenly spoke. "Do you like pasta, (y/n)?" <p> Your face twisted into a wry smile at the random question, but you gratefully took the opening to break the silence. "Yeah, I s'pose." <p> "I like pasta, too." Feliciano's face brightened considerably. "More than the war. More than training. More than Kiku. More than Lovino. More than Ludwig." He rambled on. <p> You had no idea who Lovino or Kiku were, but just the sound of his niave voice made you happy. <p> You lurched forward slightly as the truck stopped, announcing that the automobile had stopped. Suddenly, worry struck your mind. "Feli--Where are we going?" <p> Feliciano's amber eyes dropped like he had been hoping you wouldn't ask the question. "No--" <p> "Feli, where?" You tried to sound confident, but your anxiousness overtook them. <p> The Italian muttered something, and you slumped back against the rough canvas behind you. An aching memory tugged at your pounding mind. You were going to a camp. . . <p> ~ NRM [ Same with Kiku's name. . . If I spelled it wrong. . . ]