Deja Blue

Deja Blue

by Julie Cassar

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BN ID: 2940014953207
Publisher: Julie Cassar
Publication date: 06/18/2012
Series: The Ruby Blue Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Deja Blue 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received this book from the author to give an honest review. I wish I could give Deja Blue and Ruby Blue more than 5 stars because both books deserve it. Book 2 in a great magical series Deja Blue has the same characters Ruby, Jeremy, Anya and Brennan. You will get to meet new characters and learn that Ruby has new abilities from the bite she received from the dragon that her and her friends accidentally killed. Which is in book 1 Ruby Blue. In Deja Blue there are mermaids, trolls, a new love angle going on. Everything is fast-paced and will leave you wanting more. Of course Jeremy still has me laughing with drama filled life at times hehe. Especially when he was on his date and he starts texting Ruby asking her how to get red slushie out of white pants. Of course Ruby has me laughing again with the way she talks. She was written perfectly in this story When she is with Nick and his parents.And he goes to wake her up in the morning. This one part will make you burst out laughing "Ohmygoshhh! Your parents! They're right next door! Get the hell outta my bed-couch-thing-whateverthehell it is! They're gonna think I'm a ho-bag!" It's nice to know that Ruby cares what his parents will think of her. If you want a fast-paced, action-filled, laughter, love,friendship and magic then I highly suggest you give this book a try. Where this book left off I want to know more about the hit that was put on Ruby, what more will happen with the Water Court. And what exactly is up with Prince Brennan I feel as though he has feelings for a special someone!
Books4Tomorrow More than 1 year ago
It was such a treat connecting with Ruby and her friends again as they headed on another adventure. In the first book Ruby killed a dragon, but in “Deja Blue”, Ruby has bigger fish to fry. And yes, she really hates fish! As much as I enjoyed “Ruby Blue”, the first book in this series, I enjoyed this one even more. The reader meets a whole bunch of new characters – some likeable and others not so much – but what I really loved most about this story was where the author took me with her boundless imagination. The setting for this story is so much different from what you read in most books, and the last 100 pages of the story were really suspenseful. The ending was a complete unexpected surprise which left me teary-eyed, but it was a perfect ending as I would love to see Brandon and Ruby becoming more than friends. The author’s signature quirky writing and the side-splitting banter between the characters, as well as an exceptional plot, makes “Deja Blue” the perfect breakaway read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My review of Deja Blue by Julie Cassar Book Two of the Ruby Blue Series Rating 5***** This book was provided free by the author in exchange for honest literary review. Ruby has had a pretty awesome summer so far. She has a dreamy boyfriend named Nick who oozes Italian dreaminess. She has an awesome drama queen /goth/gay best friend named Jeremy who is king of the one liner responses. Plus she has just slayed a nasty dragon a few months ago and saved her town. Life is good right? Not so much. See Ruby talks to fairies and somehow she has upset someone down in fairy-land who now wants her dead. Also, her two best fairy friends are noticeably absent moreso than ever. Oh and now she has to help a mermaid solve a big problem ......just another day huh? I have to say hats off the Julie again. Excellent non - traditional fairy plot. Believeable teenge characters whom I adore and I think I am moreso in love with Jeremy and his sarcasm than even in the first novel. Very few sophomore books of a series hold up to the calibur of the first novel, bu this one does that and then some. Plot is well developed and fast paced without being confusing. It was a pleasure to review this book! Ruby is still slightly awkward, just a normal teen trying to cope the best way she knows how. She comes across as positively amazing and adorable. I would recommend this book highly. I read it in one setting and it completely held my rapt attention!!!!!! Well worth the money and time to read!!!!! By michelle mcqueen
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome sequel! We continue to follow the ever exciting Ruby as she battles dragons and other magical threats! Ruby is beginning to find out exactly how closely she is linked to Fey, Brennan, and Anya and things seem to be turning around! Up and Down her life is full of it AND with everything that is associated with being a normal teenager on top of all the magic stuff it is no wonder Ruby loses it occasionally! Still being surrounded by her friends and a new romance with her crush Nick...Ruby seems to pull thru! Great follow up to Ruby Blue and a good prelude to Sky Blue! Cant wait to see what this awesome writer has up her sleeve next!
MrsBakon More than 1 year ago
Great continuation of Ruby Blue! If you want funny banter, action, and a great story you’ll like this book. As you “dive” haha into this  adventure you’ll encounter mermaids, trolls, threats, and a lot of fun-loving adventure. Ruby finds herself stuck in a situation  because of her encounter from book one with the dragon. Luckily her fairy friends set her up with something that can get her unstuck.  Problem is, will Ruby be able to win? Ah! I don’t want to give anything away! Just read it! I was given this book for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stacey_Johnson here again :)  I read Deja Blue because I loved Ruby so much. The sequel to Ruby Blue did not dissapoint. I found myself staying up all night to once again finish the book in a hurry. I will be reading it again. 
LoveofBooksAM More than 1 year ago
This book exceeded my expectations for a second book. I said it when I read Ruby Blue and I will say it again, I absolutely ADORE Julie Cassar's writing style! Her books are just fun to read! Her characters remind me of my own friends, they are written very realistically. I love all the Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter references. I adore the character of Jeremy and always get excited when he comes in. He is so silly and happy and just makes any scene he is in, fun. Mr. Hotness, Nick, is swoonworthy of course, and pretty sweet. However, I found myself really latching on to Brennan in this book more. I'll be vague so as not to give spoilers away...the ending gave me so many "Awwwww" moments that I am still sitting here smiling as I type this!! Great writing, Great Characters, a Great book for young adults or just people who like young adult books, like me! As soon as I saw the words "The End" I bought the next one. I'm off to read book 3, Sky Blue, now!!
MelannD More than 1 year ago
Another great, well written book from Julie Cassar that will keep you interested from the first page till the end. Deja Blue picks up where Ruby Blue ended and involves more unique and interesting characters. The descriptions of all the characters, events and places were very vivid. I could easily picture exactly what they looked like. I felt like i was there with them experiencing each adventure. i can't wait to read the next book in the Ruby Blue Series.
Albinomex More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful sequel to Ruby Blue, but even if you haven't already fallen in love with these characters & their story this one should guarantee you do! OMG talk about heart racing anxiety attack!?! I LOVE this book...for so many reasons!!! Not only are the characters adorable, entertaining, & full of charm, but the story feels like it's meant to be. It never feels forced & flows so well. As Kansas (Ruby) is learning life lessons, decision making, & hidden truths I relate to her as I'm taken back in time to being that carefree teen who has yet to understand life yet. As Cassar reveals the next lil' piece of her puzzle I am drawn in more & more! I absolutely love Brennan, Anya, & Jeremy!!! And...thanks to that ending...I can not wait for the next book! ~ Grá mo chroí go deo ~
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Liked Ruby Blue so I purchased Deja Blue, and this ones even better! Great teen read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished Deja Blue and enjoyed it immensely! As much as I liked the first book, Ruby Blue, this one was jam-packed with even more suspense and fairy action! (Plus a hint at what I hope is yet to come in this series.) Way to go Julie!
ReadingAddictChris More than 1 year ago
Woohoo! Even better than the first book! A great story with a little romance and little action with Ruby's fairy friends that make a great read!
MurryLindal More than 1 year ago
Deja Blue is the sequel to Ruby Blue and let's just say Julie Cassar "Blew It Out Of The Water" with this one! As a teenager enjoying her summer before her 18th birthday Ruby is just an ordinary girl or is she? She has a super hot boyfriend, an awesome but very gay best-friend, and two real life Fairy friends. This is no ordinary girl and she soon finds out that she is no longer just an ordinary teenager because of what happened with the dragon. Oh yes, I said dragon. If you haven't read the first Ruby Blue book then you must to find out about the incredible dragon and what happens to Ruby to make her even more special! Now that she finds herself no longer just ordinary, she realizes someone is trying to kill her?! What? Seriously, what did she do that was so horrible? She is just Ruby, Scooby, or Kansas as her family and friends like to call her. So Ruby finds herself embroiled in new trials she never thought possible and adventures she never even dreamed of! From mermaids and trolls to underwater night swimming and competitions so awesome it is unheard of, Ruby finds herself frightened and excited all in the same breath! Not only does she have to deal with all of that but one of her best-friends is now acting kind of strange. What is up with Brennan? Love/hate? Only the third book in the series will tell us! Can't wait to read it! Julie Cassar is a genius when it comes to YA writing! Someone compared her to Judy Blume and I would totally have to agree! Her books are witty and fun, they are full of adventure and intrigue, and the characters wrap around your heart and won't let go! Please check out this latest installment of the Ruby Blue Series and I promise, like a fairy unable to lie, that you will NOT be disappointed!
krsy001 More than 1 year ago
~~I received this in exchange for my honest opinion~~ So you can't help but love this series. I mean, I don't think that I have ever been so enthralled with the development of the characters and the story line. This story taken a trip into the water... you are introduced to Mermaids!!!!! Without going into too many details, Ruby has to participate in a challenge, but it isn't any challenge. This challenge has two lives on the line. Anya and Brennan have to work with Ruby with her newly found skills that she has acquired. Only Ruby just wants to spend time with Nick. This tides are turning in this book. Things that were are slowly turning into something beautiful and something that is stronger than just normal butterflies! I couldn't put this book down!!! I read it in one sitting. When you find a series that you love, you just want to read it without stopping! You will love this book!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this installment in the series. Only a few pages in and I was taken back to my own weekend on Mackinac Island and watching fudge being made. There really is a difference in Mackinac IslandFudge and all the other fudge out there. The story begins with Ruby on vacation with Nick and his parents. Ruby has acquired a few "gifts" from her battle with Sirrush  and now has to learn what they are and how to control them. Besides being able to see fairies, now she can hear their telepathic conversations when Anya and Brennan aren't speaking aloud to each other. Accepting a challenge from Nick to swim to the nearest buoy, Ruby discovers  she has acquired the ability to swim very fast, most likely as part of the abilities she acquired from Sirrush. On the way back to the beach, she has to pretend to be exhausted and swim slower to prevent Nick from becoming suspicious. Later, swimming alone by the pier, Ruby is trapped underwater by falling rocks. Little does she know that she has seriously angered someone, someone who has put out a hit on her life. Things are not looking good. Thanks to the assistance of the mermaid who helped Brennan rescue her, Ruby now owes a debt to Celestine. Brennan has an idea of how she can repay the debt, but he isn't sharing the details. Not sharing the details of his plan makes Ruby nervous, but there's nothing she can do about it. Deja Blue is a good sequel. The friends' adventures continue with challenges to overcome and new enemies to avoid. New fey creatures are introduced and Ruby's knowledge of the fey world is expanding by leaps and bounds. I think the audience this book is targeted for will  really enjoy the story. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
GC4GSUS More than 1 year ago
Author Julie Cassar outdid herself with this sequel in her "The Ruby Blue Series." I found book one to be brilliant but she did even better in this one. With her great story telling, beautiful descriptive writing style, humor, great imagination, and knowledge of Michigan history and locations, she blew me out of the water with this book. With all my favorite characters from book one and some new ones from the world of Fey this story was not only suspenseful and intriguing but also fun and exciting in all the ways that make for a great book. I was also impressed by the more adult-ish theme that one would expect from main characters that are around 18 years old. I would highly recommend this book for teens and young adults. Well done Julie I can't wait to dive into book three :)
Reyadawn More than 1 year ago
I love the authors imagination. I got everything I wanted and more in this second book of the series. I loved the Water Court challenges, the description of the scenes and how everyone looked were amazing. I felt like I was there and it was a cool change up from the "typical" fairy/mermaid stereotypes. I love Ruby's character and am constantly rooting her on. I can't wait to read the next book and see where her journey takes her. I love Ruby's innocence in an age where that is hard to come by.
twimom101 More than 1 year ago
Ruby is starting to learn a few things about herself this summer. She is realizing that when the dragon from the first book bit her, well, he left her with a few gifts. Thankfully not of the scaly variety. But not only is she coping with her new abilities, she is sensing something sinister is watching her. Then add her newly devolved Mer-drama into the mix and Ruby has come to one conclusion: this is so not the summer she signed up for. This series is so unbelievably cute. Absolutely perfect for anyone who loves YA reads and fantasy. It is a lighthearted read that as the series continues starts adding a little more drama than we saw in the first one. With DEJA BLUE we not only get our 2 favorite fairies, Brennan and Anya, we also get trolls and mermaids thrown in! How awesome is that? Cassar did an amazing job continuing on with Ruby's story and I absolutely look forward to more. One thing I did tire of hearing was Ruby referring to her boyfriend as Mr. Hottness. For a girl who is about to be 18, it seemed a little childish. Maybe I am just so old and decrypted I don't realize that teen girls at that age are saying that. But it would rub me the wrong way when it seemed to be said over and over again. Now don’t get me wrong…I love Nick. To a certain degree. I always felt he was kept at arm’s reach from the readers. Like we never really got the chance to get to know him, know him. After finishing DEJA BLUE I am beginning to understand why. A new development will leave us all a bit frazzled. But in a good way…at least for me. What will this new development mean for Ruby? Oh I a guess a whole lot of headaches and some heartaches as well. But I am actually really excited about where the series is going. So much so I immediately started SKY BLUE the minute I finished DEJA BLUE. A definite must read!!
EllieSewSweet More than 1 year ago
iends you have created! Next up, Senior year! Can't Wait!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I swear i never thought id say this but Julie has made me forget my first true love Mr. Harry Potter. This book had me so swept up i cant stop thinking about whats going to happen next! A must read for all
sweetgirlcassandra1 More than 1 year ago
I fell in love with Ruby Blue from the beginning, the sequel picks you right back up where you were left from Ruby Blue and her wild  adventures continue. It's great for all ages!
JenniferWarrickDavis More than 1 year ago
Deja Blue...Ruby Blue Volume 2 I was given and e-copy in exchange for my honest review, which made my day, I loved volume 1. Deja Blue is Volume 2 in The Ruby Blue Series. I loved Volume 1, and let me say Volume 2 is just as awesome, if not more. Ruby and her friends, you know the fairies, are back! Ruby has learned something new about her Fey connection, but has also figured out that there is many things left for her to learn. Poor girl really needs some magical Cliff Notes. Now she has gotten herself in debt. Not your, "Oh, I don't have Converse in that color, CHARGE IT!" kind of debt. The debt of owing a Mermaid...yep, you heard me....Mermaid. Not only does she have to worry about that, but she also has the issue of someone wanting to kill her. Yep, that Ruby really gets herself into the biggest pickles. Still, after everything she has been thru in the past, I am sure she would rather face another dragon than to overcome this next adventure. The story is amazing, along with the characters. The gang is back, including my favorite...Jeremy. There are also several new magical characters added to this adventure. And let me just make my confession now, I am so crushing Brennan in this book...I know you are laughing at me now, but you just wait! I highly recommend this YA read, but if you have read Volume 1, I am sure this is already in your TBR pile. Now, I just have to wait until Volume 3 comes out..... Originally posted on The Mystical World of Book Reviews