Deja Vu

Deja Vu

by D. J. Starling


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They each sense a powerful connection at their first meeting, but no one could have ever imagined the incredible scenario about to unfold, forever altering the lives of all involved. . . .


A new business venture takes priority over romance, yet she longs to meet her Mr. Right. At the same time, she's being haunted by a recurring nightmare, relentless in its tormenting attacks until desperation leads her to a dark and dangerous world.


At the pinnacle of a demanding career, with everything he worked for finally coming together, he begins to yearn for the serious relationship his cherished grandmother, ANNA, insists he needs. Neither could have ever suspected that a vintage keepsake would clear the path to true love.


Deanna's closest friend, her greatest ally through the best and worst of times, she believes she could supply an antidote for the horrifying dreams that are threatening her friend's well-being. If only Deanna would let her.


Fortified by young love, emboldened by circumstances, they stand strong against a ruthless enemy in a grueling fight for their lives.

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ISBN-13: 9781475978438
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/09/2013
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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Deja Vu 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
A novel told in multiple points of view, D. J. Starling’s Déjà vu offers two stories in one, with present day successful adults pining for love, and WWII teens finding it. The honest urgency of Jewish life in Poland contrasts well with the superficiality of present day America, and the love story of David and Anna is pleasingly told. They grow up fast. They learn to fight. And they wait to enjoy what they’re sure fate will soon have in store. Fate, of course, has different ideas. In the present day Deanna loves Josh. Josh is fickle. And neither is sure they can give up all they’ve worked for, or trust the other in the name of love. Strange coincidence, scary nightmares, and a convenient best friend with experience in regression therapy tie the stories together in sometimes surprising ways. The author knows her topic well and the novel is weighty with backstories and explanation. Shifting points of view add introspection and occasional repetition, though it’s interesting to see through alternate eyes—which, of course, is what the two timelines force readers to do. The dangers and horrors of World War II create an immediacy and depth to relationships which today’s superficial needs might tempt us to deny. I don’t believe in past life regression, but it works well in the context of this novel and creates an enjoyable backdrop to romance and hope. Disclosure: The author gave me an ecopy and I offer my honest review.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lorena Sanqui for Readers' Favorite A chance encounter in a crowded airport left Deanna and Josh feeling as if they are connected to each other somehow. More chance encounters made their connection stronger. And now their romance is blossoming but along with their love, Deanna’s nightmares are also worsening. With the help of regression therapy by Deanna’s very good friend Faith, Deanna will learn the source of her nightmares. A previous life may be the cause of her bad dreams, but that life may also show why her connection with Josh is so strong. Déjà Vu by D.J. Starling is a story of love so powerful it spans many lifetimes. It may have started with death, but it continued on to be full of love, life, romance, and sweetness. The first part was so intriguing that I had to read it all, like, right now. I’m very glad, though, that I didn't jump to the end of the book, because a new, interesting fact is unfurled on every page. Déjà Vu is a romance story but with a dash of suspense that made it enthralling and a page turner. Deanna and Josh’s back story is very interesting. I love that Josh is a little skeptical and Deanna wanted to believe in the fairy tale. The characters felt real and the story was inspiring, as if it could happen to anyone. The way the events were described during the flashbacks was very detailed and emotional. D.J. Starling is a very talented writer; she was able to get my attention in one page. This book is the most romantic book that I have read so far this year.
Mrsjonsey More than 1 year ago
This is a very interesting book by D.J. Starling.  It is a unique look at love and the all the different roads that lead there.  They do a wonderful job of drawing the reader in and making them want to stay.  The writing is great, not too descriptive and well developed characters.  I give this book 4 stars.
CrystalCB More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading Deja Vu by D.J. Starling and I had to take just a little while to get my words together after reading this very interesting and fascinating story. I really liked Deanna, this poor girl has been through a LOT in her life and suffers horrible nightmares. I admired her wonderful friendship with Faith. These two show us what a blessing true friendship can be.  Josh has his hands full with a thriving new career. He doesn't think he has time in his life for a relationship. I loved how Josh and Deanna kept bumping into each other in so many different places. They truly were meant to meet up again. When they start to explore their feeling for each other and try to build their relationship it isn't easy. I have to admit there are several times I would have loved to have smacked Josh.  Deanna finally allows her friend Faith to explore regression therapy. I honestly had never heard anything about this until I read this story. I truly found this to be very fascinating and completely interesting. I LOVED this part of the story. There is a LOT of drama involved here and it kept me turning the pages quickly. I don't want to tell you to much even though I could go on and on about this part of the story. I found it so intriguing. However, I sure do not want to spoil the story for you. So you must click the link to buy this book so you can read all about Deanna's past and what is causing her nightmares. It really is a must read.  I enjoyed all the characters in this story. I liked Josh's grandma Anna, and his friend Michael. All the characters were entertaining and made for a great story.  I can not wait to see what D.J. Starling has in store for us lucky readers next. I have the next book FANTASYLAND in my to be read pile. I can't wait to see what story this fabulous new author has written next.  I was given the fabulous opportunity to read Deja Vu to share my thoughts with you. As always it has my been my pleasure to share my thoughts about this fascinating story with you. 
Tracykrausswrtr More than 1 year ago
Deanna and Josh just keep running into each other. It’s almost as if they were destined to meet. As it turns out, they are perfect for each other and a relationship begins. But Deanna is having strange nightmares, despite her idyllic new boyfriend. Another friend convinces her to undergo hypnosis to see if they can pinpoint the root of the problem.  During this process, the reader is transported into Deanna’s past life during World War Two. This was the most intriguing part of the story and definitely the most entertaining, even though I am not a proponent of reincarnation, nor do I believe it to be true.  But fiction is fiction, after all, and once I disengaged myself from my skepticism, I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the book. The characters in this section were multi-dimensional and truly came alive. I felt their joy and their pain. It was at this point in the book that I actually didn’t want to stop reading.  Previous to that, I found the story dragged a bit in spots. Although there was plenty of romance, there was also a lot of backstory which sometimes got in the way of the action. I also found the resolution was drawn out past what was necessary, and well beyond what I would consider to be the climax. Perhaps this was to set up for the sequel, which is apparently in the works. Despite that, my overall impression of the book was good.  I enjoyed it as a whole, especially since the author did such a good job of connecting with the historical characters. It is an intriguing read and I would recommend it.  I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
Tina_Chan More than 1 year ago
I have some mixed feeling about this book. I really liked the idea of people having past lives and how the main character Deanna  experienced a flashback into her past life. Yet, on the other hand, some of the writing just didn't "click" with me. But over all, I had a positive experience reading this novel. ¿This story was told from multiple points of view. but revolves mostly around the main character Deanna. It's hard not to like Deanna-- she is warm hearted, smart and thoughtful for others. After quitting a job she hated, she's now running her own business, something that she has always wanted to do. However, managing her own company takes up quite a chunk of her time and she discovers that she  has no time to spare to search for her soul mate, despite her friends' urging. Josh is quickly rising up in the ranks of his business. He scouts out potential bands to perform in gigs. Much like Deanna, he doesn't  have much time to spare for his love life. By a happy chance of coincidence, the two meet for the first time at an air port. Even though  they don't know each other, there seems to be a connection forged between them.  ¿Deanna feels as if she has met Josh before, even though she knows for certain she hasn' least not in this life. Meanwhile, nightmares that had plagued her when she was a teen are back ten times worse. Luckily, she has her trustworthy friend, Faith to help  her out. Using a method called regression therapy, they are able to explore Deanna's past life and neither of them are prepared the  turn of evens that are about to occur. Alright, enough said about the plot. The romance was very sweet. Both Josh and Deanna are very sweet characters...perhaps a little bit  too perfect. I feel like it would've made the novel much more interesting if Josh and Deanna had some more flaws. I mean, yes, they  are both workaholics, but other than that it's hard to find them at fault for something. I think if I had been in a romance/light-hearted reading mood I would've been fine with the lack of conflicts in Josh and Deanna to be fine. Also, I find that much of the writing tells and doesn't show. Reading stuff that shows instead of tells is much more engaging to me. For  example. a sentence might go something like this in the book "Deanna had a busy week." Whereas I feel that a sentence reading "Deanna sighed and briefly glanced at the ever growing list of clients on her desk" would inform me both of her present action AND that her week had been rough. My favorite part about the novel is how Deanna's past life connects to her present one and to Josh. I found Rivka's life to be quite interesting and was sad when she and David died. I strongly recommend this book if you like a light hearted read or is in need of a  pick-me-up. Like I said before, over all, this was a good book. The only major issue I had with it was the "tell not showing" writing style. Likes:     *interesting past life     *"feel good" atmosphere to the novel Dislikes:     *too much telling not enough showing     *a lot of switches in POV
Sargon1 More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for erotic this isn't your book. It is a wonderful romance with great couple Josh and Deanna and some really great secondary characters. A little slow in places but a really good read.