Deliciously Sinful

Deliciously Sinful

by Lilli Feisty
3.5 12

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Deliciously Sinful 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
The_Reading_Reviewer More than 1 year ago
Phoebe has taken on the family restaurant knowing it was going to push her over the limit of her capabilities. She makes a great decision to sign on Nick even though he is a hotshot chef from Los Angeles. He may not fit in but he is a great chef so maybe he can blend in and no one will notice. After Phoebe meets him, she knows that his British accent is the least of her problems. These two argue over menus, conduct screaming matches over the proper use of butter, and the best use of a kitchen whisk. This is Phoebe's future at stake and she wants Nick to respect her wishes for organic and natural, which is not the same as au natural. The longer Nick spends in this tiny town the more contented he becomes which scares him more than Phoebe. He is use to long nights, fast women, and too much partying. The sound of crickets should make him nervous not relaxed. Nick wonders if this is a phase that will pass. But he worries that his attraction to Phoebe may go away as well even though it feels like it is just growing stronger every day. Phoebe is struggling with her feelings for Nick as well because he is not what she needs or wants and there is no way he will stay put long enough to help her cultivate a relationship. Phoebe is also trying to manage her brother's life while he starts to move away from the grief that losing his wife created. Phoebe has her hands full in more ways than one. So while Nick is bright lights and big city whereas Phoebe is down to earth and boring. Can these two polar opposites click and come up with the perfect recipe for love and brownies, you never know until you read the book. I am a fan of Lilli Feisty's books because they have a romantic edginess to them you do not find just anywhere. She keeps the story moving and the character engaging without too much of this and not enough of that!
RBtWBC More than 1 year ago
After the passing of her aunt and uncle, Phoebe Mayle takes of the family business; an organic café, which has received the best reviews and even won first place ribbons for their brownies at the local festival ten years running. Determined to carry on the tradition while running her own organic farming business at the same time, Phoebe hires a talented chef with a bad-boy reputation. But when her new chef pulls into her nature loving small town in a gas-guzzling eye-catching yellow Hummer, she instantly regrets her decision and coming face-to-face with the arrogant Brit they immediately butt heads while the sparks start to fly. Taking a job at a local dinner in the hippy small town of Redbolt, California is not something that Nick Avalon wants to do but after being fired, again, as chef at a high profile L.A. restaurant and being turned down for a reality television show Nick needs to get out of the city to reevaluate and get his life back on track. Frustrating his feisty new boss is easy to do and seems to be the only entertainment in this town full of bumpkins, but when things start to heat up in the kitchen and frustration turns to attraction will Nick stick around long enough for it to lead anywhere? You know what they say, there¿s a fine line between love and hate... This is my first read from author Lilli Feisty and I will definitely be looking into her other works now. The title of this novel says it all because the story of Phoebe and Nick was sinfully delicious! The romance was edgy, thrilling, and I will never be able to use a whisk or see chocolate pudding without thinking about the erotic uses they can be put to. Deliciously Sinful moved at a nice clip while the engaging characters kept me turning the pages. Nick is the swoon worthy bad boy with a whole other hidden side to his personality that is rarely, if ever, seen. But the more time he spends with Phoebe the more that softer side comes out, which is what Phoebe clings to throughout their hot and cold running relationship. The back and forth between these two will tug on your heartstrings as they fight their undeniable attraction for each other and slowly start to lower the walls built around each of their hearts. A wonderful romance of opposites attracting, not to mention the sizzling cooking and scorching sex that lit up the pages! Sexy, humorous, heart pounding; Sinfully Delicious also had a wonderful sub plot of Phoebe¿s eighteen year old niece and widowed brother in law that was moving and I thoroughly enjoyed. 4 Wine Glasses: A satisfying contemporary erotic romance, I loved every minute of Deliciously Sinful! Adult Content: Deliciously Sinful is chuck full of appetizing erotic love scenes, edgy romance, light bondage, frequent adult language full of snark and so much more! Definitely heats up the kitchen and the pages, you will need a bath full of ice cubes after this read!
Loriya More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the all 3 books! Every story was captivating and hot!! Lilli Feisty need to write more books!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
epicrat More than 1 year ago
Phoebe cannot cook for the life of her, so imagine her dismay when she inherits her aunt and uncle¿s small award-winning café after their deaths. In lieu of her culinary shortcomings, she makes the executive decision to hire Nick Avalon to rescue the café from failure. Phoebe braces herself for arguing with the hotshot LA chef on menu offerings, but she fails to shield her heart against the absolute hotness of her latest employee. Will Phoebe be able to endure the sizzle of Nick¿s eyes, or will she burn to a crisp with no hope of saving this dish? Lately I have been finding books that start at one point and then go a very different direction that sometimes does not make sense. In this case, we begin with the first line ¿ and it braces me for a possible ¿foul play¿ storyline. SO not the case! Why does it start here? I think the story would still work out fine without this beginning. Did Deliciously Sinful satisfy this reader¿s appetite? Well¿ it does okay as a snack, but it is far from being a full-course meal. I expected more actual resistance, but it seemed that Phoebe bent to Nick's bad boy charms way too easily. If Phoebe and Nick had resisted each other a little bit longer and added more kindling to the fire, the story may have reached the necessary heat to bring my tea to a boil.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RomancingRakes More than 1 year ago
Fill your tub up with ice cubes, sit in it and read this book! Good gracious, holy 9 1/2 Weeks spoon feeding scene Batman! Wow, wow, wow! Jamie from For the Love of Romance was not kidding about Lilli Feisty being a must read author. Where can I get my own Nick Avalon? Heck, I'd settle for any gorgeous yellow Hummer driving, the Le Cordon Bleu graduate, chocolate pudding making, banana flambeing, oyster gathering, orange peeling, dark haired, blue eyed chef with magical hands and mouth and has a tendency for whisking. Throw in a tattoo and I think my knees just turned into jello. The relationship between Nick and Phoebe is hot and cold. Yes, the intimacy is HOT, HOT, HOT! Yet, their feelings towards each other run a little tepid. Nick wants to go back to his life in Los Angeles, Phoebe knows he's not going to stay. Nick's constant voicing of his dislike of the town grates Phoebe but his touch puts fire in her veins and he's panty dropping good looking to boot. At every turn she thinks Nick is trying to one up her: teaching her niece to cook, changing the menu to be a little fancier and even entering brownies in the bake off, of which her families recipe has won for the past 10 years. Since the passing of her parents and sister, Phoebe has thrown herself into organic farming and running the cafe owned by her late aunt and uncle. She is determined to show the community that she can carry on the tradition of baking the best brownies and has the ability to run the cafe with the help of her niece and that guy, Nick Avalon. At first, she doesn't know what to do with Nick but after getting to know him a little better, she finds that there is something simmering under his cocky bad boy image. Nick is just there to re-assess and get his life back together. He's not there to find love or comfort in the arms of an uptight cafe owner. Between taking snark from Phoebe, teaching her niece to cook, showing her how to loosen up behind closed doors and letting the little town and its people grow on him, he's bound to lose his heart along the way. Bad boy, meet good girl and get ready to rock her world with all sorts of foodstuffs. Dear Lilli Feisty, where have you been all my romance book reading life? This book is (I'm borrowing from the title) deliciously sinful, wayyy better than chocolate pudding. It's a sexy, laugh out loud, book gripping, thigh clenching, 'oh my god did I just moan out loud in public?', pupil dilating, heart pounding read with a side of whisking. Sheesh! Who knew whisking could be so hot? I was waiting for the book to go up in flames after reading. Again, where can I get a man like Nick Avalon? Those chefs on the Food Network have nothing on Nick Avalon, nothing I tell you! Oh god, now I'm going to be looking at the likes of Bobby Flay and wonder if he too practices whisking outside of the kitchen. Ahh!!! ***review copy provided by Jihan Antoine at Hatchette Books***
harstan More than 1 year ago
Phoebe Mayle took over her family owned Green Leaf café in Redbolt, California, but her cooking incompetence has her fearing she will put the restaurant out of business soon. She desperately needs a chef so she hires British expatriate Nick Avalon currently of Los Angeles in spite of his unsavory reputation. Over the next couple of months, the pair argue over the menu as he loves butter and she prefers organic cuisines that the café is known for. Nick muses how much he feels like he belongs in the small town, but also fears his attraction to his employer; as relationships end. Phoebe also struggles with her needing her chef, but expects him to ride his hummer into the sunset sooner than later while also trying to be there for her grieving brother whose wife recently died. With a nod to the movie No Reservations, Deliciously Sinful is an entertaining culinary romance starring two seemingly opposites falling in love in the middle of nowhere. The amusing lighthearted is fun to read as love appears to not be enough to keep the big city Brit and the small town Californian together. Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Overall the book was great. It was realistic which is something you don't always get in romance. The main characters had passion. All the intimate scenes were definetly heated. The smaller story of other characters were interesting too. I just felt as though it could have EXTENDED THE ENDING! I really like this book though. I gave it 4 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
nick seem to into himself he acts like hes to good for everyone this book is an ok read