Delroy: A Peter D. Chisholm Story

Delroy: A Peter D. Chisholm Story

by Peter Chisholm


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Delroy Cambell or DC as fans know him to be, the famous super entertainer who latches himself into the hearts of those who hear him sing, now has his followers mesmerized and ready to submit themselves to his greatest request. Delroy the silent, has now instilled fear into the hearts of all those who know him by murder of all those who apposed him. He has gained control of the White man's dictatorship and now the ever-growing Hitler of his community, his nation, his world. But only at the cost and success of war. The government has allowed poison into the very communities Delroy and his family live. They use the negative addiction as a way to program and keep in control. More penitentiaries are being built and more police are being hired and trained to stop the use and abuse of the very same thing their people of authority continue to allow. Delroy and his family are among the number one members of the very same people who poison the communities, but now that success and power has been achieved, it's time to be pardoned and correct a wrong by fighting the very same blessing that has put them in power of this magnitude. Finally feeling accomplished, Delroy gives back to the world of the so-called Christians. He re-educates them and their ways of relying on man to do what only God can do. He wakes up the communities of pastors, bishops, and preachers and brings them back to earth where they belong on this side of the living fence. He concluded too many like God Himself, and they do not know God at all, but what they interpret Him to be.

Can this be Delroy's final calling? Now the truth will unfold.
Will Delroy live or die?
Will Raymond be the new lord?
Will there be peace after all?
Do you want to know?

Delroy!..A Peter D Chisholm story.

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ISBN-13: 9781453869598
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/25/2012
Pages: 762
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.52(d)

About the Author

About The Author

Born in London England and raised by his grandaunt on the beautiful Island of Jamaica,
Peter D Chisholm wants to take you back to the 80's with a story fictional but not far from the truth. Being raised in the church and coming from a family where all are close,
Peter implemented his true life experience with that of a character you will know and grow to love or hate. His story is one of love and sacrifice. A story of racism from people who looks just like him. Something he has experienced in his life.

He was taught to love every one and found it odd and hurtful to be hated by people who looks just like him. At his time of arrival in New York up until this very day, many Black
Americans dislike blacks from the Caribbean for some reason or another. That negative truth that faced him has brought about the Peter D Chisholm that exist today. Peter knows he cannot change the world, but if his story can change one life from bad to possible better, then he will move forward with his story.

He wants you to know although fictional, this story can be true in the aspects of family. A
family that plays, study, and prays together stays together. He wants you to know that
God is real as the pages of this book. Hope is only a heart beat away. Love yourself and dare to make a difference.

Peter went to York College The City University and participated in Political Science, Black History, and became a celebrity writer for the College Newspaper. Peter started his own Independent Recording Label after many rejections in the music business.

Married with six kids, Peter D Chisholm wants to take you back to a time when a pager or beeper as it was called was the greatest technology in comparison to today's cell phones. He wants this time travel experience to assist his readers in a better tomorrow.
He plans to write screenplays and hopefully direct movies. Peter feels he has a long and lengthy journey which the battle will be trying and his responsibility will be heavy in his teaching. He feels the world is not ready for his ideas, but Peter D Chisholm do not care what the world thinks of him, he only hopes his books, songs, and movies will wake up the sleeping world to the reality that exist in which all humankind can benefit.

Let him take you on a journey back in time and learn how it use to be and how it can be.

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