A Delta-Man In Yebu

A Delta-Man In Yebu


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A collection of papers from the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum (http://welcome.to/EEF) on a variety of Egyptological topics, of interest to both professionals and laypersons. Five broad themes may be discerned: royalty in ancient Egypt, scarabs and funerary items, archaeology and early Egypt, Egyptology - past, present and future, and ancient Egyptian language, science and religion.

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ISBN-13: 9781581125641
Publisher: Universal-Publishers.com
Publication date: 09/15/2003
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.53(d)

Table of Contents

# Lorton, David - The Institution of Kingship in Ancient Egypt
# Gaber, Amr - Aspects of the Deification of Some Old Kingdom Kings
# Rocchi, Federico - The First Prophet of Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten
# Kramer, Arris - Enigmatic Kiya
# Bennett, Chris - Three Notes on Arsinoe I
# Sarr, John - The Gayer-Anderson Amenhotep III Commemorative Scarabs in the Portland Art Museum: Their Discovery and Description
# Andelkovic, Branislav, and Troy Sagrillo - The Djed-Ptah-iw-ef-ankh Shabti Figurine from the National Museum of Belgrade
# Uranic, Igor - The Coffin and the Cartonnage of Kaipamaw
# Gibson, Gayle - The Case of the Misplaced Cow: ROM Cartonnage 1910.10
# Brass, Michael - Tracing the Origins of the Ancient Egyptian Cattle Cult
# Castillos, Juan José - Preliminary Report on the 2000 Poznan Symposium
# van Wetering, Joris, and G. J. Tassie - Socio-Political Hierarchy of First Dynasty Sites: A Ranking of East Delta Cemeteries Based on Grave Architecture
# Cagle, Anthony - A Spatial Analysis of Deposits in Kom el-Hisn
# Adams, Matthew - The Egypt Archaeological Database and the Birth of Computerized Inter-site Analysis
# Grajetzki, Wolfram - Digital Egypt for Universities: Koptos in the Second Intermediate Period
# Stadnikow, Sergei - Otto Friedrich von Richters Expedition in Unternubien im Jahre 1815
# Doranlo, Henri - La construction « jw sDm=f prospectif » dans Kagemni
# Lumpkin, Beatrice - Ancient Egyptian Mathematics and Forerunners: Some Hints from Work Sites
# Gyory, Hedvig - On a Topos in Egyptian Medical History
# Szpakowska, Kasia - Altered States: An Inquiry into the Possible Use of Narcotics or Alcohol to Induce Dreams in Pharaonic Egypt
# Bailey, Leslie - Weltende

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