Democracy Days: Dispatches From the Obama Era

Democracy Days: Dispatches From the Obama Era


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ISBN-13: 9780578443966
Publisher: PSA
Publication date: 01/14/2019
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.84(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword vii

Preface xiii

Part One: Dumb Politicians 15

“Bravo, Blago! A Primer in Pay to Play” 16

“Ken Blackwell for RNC Chair” 19

“Recalling Randy Hopper” 23

“Democracy in Ohio is Hard Enough Already” 30

“In Midterms Aftermath, a Bright Spot in Ohio” 33

Part Two: Money in Politics 35

“Our Pay to Play System, Embodied by Beanie Babies” 36

“Who is Citizens United?” 39

“We Can Put an End to Pay to Play” 42

“Keeping the Heat on Clarence Thomas” 45

“Taking a Stand Against Money in Politics” 49

“Playing Monopoly With Our Lives” 52

“Pulling the Wool Over Our Eyes” 57

“This is Exactly What Pay to Play Looks Like” 60

“How Doug Hughes Took Free Speech to New Heights” 63

“Movement to Reform Campaign Finance Reform Keeps Growing” 66

Part Three: Voter Suppression 68

“The Technical Term: Human Error” 69

“In Ohio Union Battle, a Call to Video the Vote” 72

“This July 4th, our Elections are in a FREE FOR ALL” 75

“Brad Friedman: Counting Chickens” 78

“Putting Our Country Back Together” 84

“People Power Prevails at the Supreme Court” 86

“Confronting Voter Suppression in 2016” 89

“How Can We Trust Our Elections?” 93

Part Four: The Obama Administration 96

“Obama’s Coup in Cairo” 97

“Picking on Pelosi” 99

“When Karl Rove Squeals, You’re Doing Something Right” 102

“The Monkey, the Organ Grinder & the Swift Boating of Van Jones” 107

“How Rahm Bombed” 112

“Why Mitt Romney Won’t Get the Job” 123

“Mr. President, it’s Our Moment of Truth” 126

“President Obama is Right: It’s Time for Mandatory Voting” 128

Part Five: Rise of the Right 131

“What Right Wing Threat?” 132

“I’m Sorry, Right Wing Extremists” 135

“On Teabags and Douchebags” 137

“Entrapping ACORN” 140

“The Lynching of ACORN” 146

“Leonard Zeskind: A History of White Nationalism” 153

“It’s Not Sarah Palin’s Fault” 160

“Rupert Murdoch Shows Us the Need For Government Oversight” 165

Part Six: Occupy Wall Street 168

“The Endgame of Occupy Wall Street is Critical Mass” 169

“Occupy Our Homes: I’m Not Leaving” 174

“Anthem of 2011: ‘The Show Goes On’ by Lupe Fiasco” 177

“Lawrence Lessig: We’ve Lost That Republic” 181

“Three Years Later, What Has Come of Occupy Wall Street?” 185

Part Seven: The 2012 DNC 190

“Jodie Evans & Code Pink: The Art of Infiltration” 191

“The People’s Convention” 195

“As He Returns to Prison, Don Siegelman Still Seeks Justice” 198

“Dana Spiegelman: My Dad the Political Prisoner” 202

Part Eight: The Culture Wars 206

“Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients?” 207

“Missing the Point of Atlas Shrugged” 210

“With Release of Atlas Shrugged Movie, a Rise in Rand Rants” 214

“Is ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Really Racist?” 219

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