by Jack Lively



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ISBN-13: 9780631114314
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JACK LIVELY - for 14 years Professor of Politics at Warwick University - saw himself, as he put it, as a child of the Enlightenment. His extensive publications include a study of Enlightenment thought, as well as works on Alexis de Tocqueville and early utilitarianism. He was concerned to resist fashionable ideas about the death of liberalism, the impossibility of rational political discourse, and the allegedly crippling relativity of morality. He was deeply imbued with Millian values - with the importance of self- culture, and of the pursuit of the general welfare within a just liberal political settlement. He told his students that he strongly endorsed T.H. Green's view that they were privileged to have access to higher education (as he conceived it), and that they had a duty both to take full advantage of it and to repay the community for it.

Table of Contents

New Introduction   Andrew Reeve     1
Introduction     13
The Meaning of Democracy     18
The Majority Principle     19
The extent of citizenship     19
Majority decision     21
Political equality     31
The Rule of the People     32
Possible requirements of popular rule     32
Insufficient requirements     34
Responsible government     41
Conclusion     45
Theories of Democracy     49
Classification or Ideal Types     49
Empirical Generalizations     54
The conditions of democracy     55
The explanatory value of empirical theory     62
The normative content of empirical theory     64
Deductive Models     73
An economic theory of democracy     73
Economic theory as a recommendatory theory     75
Economic theory as an explanatory theory     80
Explanations of elections     84
Utopian Schemes     87
The Ends of Democracy     90
The General Interest     90
The Common Good     95
Liberty     100
Participation     103
Conclusion     115
Index     119

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