Democracy Realized

Democracy Realized

by Roberto Mangabeira Unger


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ISBN-13: 9781859840092
Publisher: Verso Books
Publication date: 06/17/2000
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,280,322
Product dimensions: 5.45(w) x 8.49(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

Roberto Mangabeira Unger is one of the leading social and political thinkers in the world today. He is also active in Brazilian politics. Verso has published much of his work: False Necessity: Antinecessitarian Social Theory in the Service of Radical Democracy, What Should Legal Analysis Become?, Democracy Realized: The Progressive Alternative, Politics, and The Left Alternative.

Table of Contents

IAn Argument1
Democratic Experimentalism in Trouble3
What is Democratic Experimentalism?5
Practical progress and individual emancipation5
Democratic experimentalism and ordinary people10
Institutional innovation16
False necessity and alternative pluralisms20
Plan of the book27
Vanguards and Rearguards30
The idea of the hierarchical distribution of production30
Vanguardist production defined32
Four typical situations35
Compensating or overcoming the division between vanguard and rearguard40
Three Programs for the Reorganization of Firms41
The managerial program of industrial renovation41
The social-democratic response44
The radical-democratic alternative48
Neoliberalism and its Discontents52
Neoliberalism defined52
From the micro to the macro; from the rich countries to the world at large58
The false necessity of comparative advantage63
The unstable relation between neoliberal economics and neoliberal politics67
The search for alternatives to neoliberalism in the rich countries72
The search for alternatives to neoliberalism in the developing countries79
The seats of resistance: the large marginalized countries84
National rebellion and international organization84
A Progressive Alternative133
Two stages of an alternative133
The early program: taxation, saving, and investment139
Taxation redesigned139
Pension reform148
Saving and production150
The early program: wages and welfare163
Redistributive social policy and institutional innovation163
The participation of wages in national income169
Free capital and unfree labor: the international context of the commitment to heighten the wage take from national income175
Social entitlements and social action182
The early program: coordination decentralized187
Two tasks: the mobilization of savings for investment and the diffusion of vanguardist practices187
Antiexperimentalist illusions188
Examples and warnings: national governments and family farms190
Examples and warnings: strategic coordination and hard states in North East Asia191
Examples and warnings: industrial reorganization in the rich countries197
Economic vanguardism reoriented199
The early program: from democratic education to social inheritance204
The later program: redistribution and antidualism206
Early and later programs redefined206
The redistributive side207
The antidualist side210
The later program: a deepened democracy and an emancipatory school212
The constitutionalism of accelerated politics213
The heightening of political participation217
The independent organization of civil society220
The school229
The triple gamble of democratic experimentalism235
Program and risk235
The risk of instability: strong politics, weak groups237
The risk of failure in agency: the missing agent of inclusive politics240
The risk of conflict between personal need and the demands of democracy: the ideal of personality246
Beyond Institutions252
Nationalism and institutional change252
The political and the personal254
IIA Manifesto261
The Constitutional Organization of Government and the Legal Framework of Electoral Politics263
First thesis: On the history of democratic institutions264
Second thesis: On the constitutional arrangements of government264
Third thesis: On the reorganization of electoral politics265
The Organization of Civil Society and the Protection of Rights266
Fourth thesis: On the conception of fundamental rights266
Fifth thesis: On the protection of fundamental rights268
Sixth thesis: On the legal organization of civil society269
The Organization of Public Finance and of the Economy271
Seventh thesis: On public finance and the tax system271
Eighth thesis: On the reform of the production system and of its relation to the state272
Ninth thesis: On property rights273
Democracy and the Left275
Tenth thesis: On what it means to be progressive today275
Eleventh thesis: On the interpretation of the democratic cause276
Twelfth thesis: On the social base of the progressive parties276
Thirteenth thesis: On the focus of institutional innovation and ideological conflict in the world277
An Appendix on Saving and Investment279
Proper-Names Index289
Thematic Index291

What People are Saying About This

A.B. Cochran

A. B. Cochran, Choice, October 1999

Unger skillfully summarizes the staid orthodoxy stifling most political and economic thought and articulates unquestioned assumptions that block innovation... His politically astute program recommends policies for both the near and far term.

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