Democratick Editorials: Essays in Jacksonian Political Economy

Democratick Editorials: Essays in Jacksonian Political Economy

by William Leggett, Lawrence H. White

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ISBN-13: 9781614871446
Publisher: Liberty Fund Inc.
Publication date: 04/01/1984
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 432
File size: 595 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents

Foreword by Lawrence H. White xi P A R T O N E
The Doctrine of Equal Rights True Functions of Government 3
The Reserved Rights of the People 7
Objects of the Evening Post 11
Reply to the Charge of Lunacy 15
The Legislation of Congress 19
Religious Intolerance 21
Direct Taxation 21
The Course of the Evening Post 24
Chief Justice Marshall 28
Prefatory Remarks 31
The Sister Doctrines 35
The True Theory of Taxation 38
Strict Construction 42
Legislative Indemnity for Losses from Mobs 43
The Despotism of the Majority 48
Morals of Legislation 52
The Morals of Politics 55 P A R T T W O
Separation of Bank and State Bank of United States 63
Small Note Circulation 71
The Monopoly Banking System 74
Uncurrent Bank Notes 83
Fancy Cities 86
Causes of Financial Distress 88
Why Is Flour So Dear? 94
Thoughts on the Causes of the Present Discontents 96
Strictures on the Late Message 101
The Value of Money 105
The Way to Cheapen Flour 109
The Money Market and Nicholas Biddle 112
The Pressure—the Cause of it—and the Remedy 115
Connexion of State with Banking 119
The Crisis 126
The Bankrupt Banks 132
What We Must Do, and What We Must Not 135
“The Foresight of Individual Enterprise” 137
The Safety Fund Bubble 138
Separation of Bank and State 142
The Remedy for Broken Banks 147
“Blest Paper Credit” 149
Questions and Answers 151
The True and Natural System 153
The Bugbear of the Bank Democrats 158
Bank and State 163
Theory and Practice 165
Separation of Bank and State 170
“Specie Basis” 174
The Natural System 176
The Credit System and the Aristocracy 180
The Divorce of Politicks and Banking 185 P A R T T H R E E
Abolition Insolence Riot at the Chatham-Street Chapel 191
Governor McDuffie’s Message 193
The Abolitionists 197
Reward for Arthur Tappan 199
The Anti-Slavery Society 201
Abolitionists 204
Slavery No Evil 208
Progress of Fanaticism 212
An Argument Against Abolition Refuted 219
Commencement of the Administration of Martin Van Buren 221
The Question of Slavery Narrowed to a Point 224
“Abolition Insolence” 228 P A R T F O U R
The Division of Political Classes Despotism of Andrew Jackson 233
The Division of Parties 242
Rich and Poor 246
The Street of the Palaces 250
American Nobility 252
The Inequality of Human Condition 254
A Bad Beginning 258
The Whig Embassy to Washington, and Its Result 260
Right Views Among the Right Sort of People 265
Newspaper Nominations 268
Foreign “Paupers” 271 P A R T F I V E
The Principles of Free Trade Monopolies: I 277
“A Little Free-Trade Crazy” 284
Asylum for Insane Paupers 289
Monopolies: II 293
Revolutionary Pensioners 296
Joint-Stock Partnership Law 299
The Ferry Monopoly 301
Free Trade Post Office 304
Stock Gambling 308
Weighmaster General 312
State Prison Monopoly 315
Corporation Property 318
Regulation of Coal 322
Free Ferries and an Agrarian Law 324
Thanksgiving Day 327
Municipal Docks 332
Associated Effort 334
The Coal Question 336
The Corporation Question 338
Free Trade Weights and Measures 345
Associated Effort 347
Sale of Publick Lands 350
Manacles Instead of Gyves 352
The Meaning of Free Trade 355
Gambling Laws 360
Free Trade Post Office 362
Free Trade, Taxes, and Subsidies 367
Meek and Gentle with These Butchers 370
The Cause of High Prices, and the Rights of Combination 372
Omnipotence of the Legislature 384 P A R T S I X
Literary Property Rights of Authors 391
The Rights of Authors 396
Right of Property in the Fruits of Intellectual Labour 403 Index 407

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