Demon Hunter: Saga

Demon Hunter: Saga

by Cynthia Vespia


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THREE complete - full length - novels for one great price! The acclaimed fantasy series comes together in one epic saga. What happens when the life you thought you knew turns out to be a lie? This is the tale of the heroes journey where a man finds out he is fated to be the next great hunter of demons to save all of human kind...whether he wants to or not.The story of a nobody who becomes a somebody in the bloodiest of ways! Follow Costa Calabrese as he begins his journey as demon hunter in The Chosen One; with his companions Talisa and Paralay as they take on the high seas in Seek & Destroy; and as Costa uncovers the truth about his past in Heroes Call. A classic adventure tale that weaves together a tapestry of fantasy, horror, romance and more!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692016299
Publisher: Original Cyn Advertising
Publication date: 02/01/2012
Pages: 396
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

Cynthia Vespia, "The Original Cyn," is an award-winning author, graphic designer, and video editor. Cynthia writes speculative fiction that encompasses fantasy, the paranormal, and magic realism. Her characters are rich with detail and fabulously flawed which breathes life into them with a believability readers can identify with. Cynthia's creative worlds mesh together multiple genres which offers a cross-over appeal. Her novels are emotionally engaging, leaving hearts pounding and pages turning.

She has also turned her creative energy into ORIGINAL CYN CREATIVE SERVICES, an award-winning copy, design, and video source specializing in promotional media. With over a decade of experience her background has included feature writing for a variety of publications; web design; national marketing and promotional campaigns via print and copy; script writing; video trailers and montages for authors and entrepreneurs. She has been nominated for a "Best in Series" award for her trilogy DEMON HUNTER, "Best Cover" for DEMON HUNTRESS: DESTINY UNLEASHED, and has won a "Most Artistic Trailer" award for her work on DEMON HUNTER: SEEK and DESTROY.

During her downtime she enjoys getting lost in a good book or movie, and keeping active through martial arts and weight training.

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Demon Hunter: Saga 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
BookmarkReviews More than 1 year ago
Costa Calabrese is an orphan, a slave to the local tavern master in Gryphant. Costa passes his days miserably cleaning the tavern and on his free time he explores the forest, looking for anything abnormal that would bring excitement to his dull miserable life. You see, Costa isn't a boy destined to live on a farm, this is a young man filled with adventure and excitement, a life as a slave would not allow him that freedom. Although one day, when young Calabrese ventures off into the forest, he bumps into a dark cloaked man. That my friends, is when Costa ends his life as a slave and begins one as a Demon Hunter! The Demon Hunter is hands down, one of my favorite reads! This is mainly due to the built up relationships. Costa only had one friend as a slave and that made him an outcast. This brought out some lack of self confidence as well as some self conscious acts. I loved the way that Costa did make friends throughout the novel because of his stubbornness! It was also great to see the relationships between his masters and owners. Costa was a great character and the others just polished him up! Another great attribute about this novel is that the plot is just so simple and pure. That's how I enjoy my books, with a task ahead of you with a few twists and turns but the outcome will be the same. I enjoyed how the author made it so simple but it was very exciting as well. I also liked the fact that no loose ends or questions remained unanswered. While the relationships grew over time I enjoyed how the characters themselves grew together throughout the story. It was nice to see them actually bond and grow stronger together. Especially when it happened during a high intensity fight where your all caught up in things you don't actually realize it until it's over. I believe that the author did a marvelous job with this aspect of the book and that she didn't try to force it in. It was just there! One thing that many readers dislike is that fact that it can be very predictable at times. For me I enjoyed it, even when I knew what was going to happen but for some readers this might not appeal to you as much as I. Another thing that has me very agitated was the fact that the training was skipped and we had a 1 year later part. This really frustrated me and I could have seen a lot of potential in these 200 pages or so extra. These are my favorite parts and I was very sad to see it being skipped. Overall an amazing novel, one of the best I have read recently. I can't wait to finish it up and review part two. I highly recommend this for any fan of Fantasy as well as anyone who have read and enjoyed the series The Last Apprentice or Ranger's Apprentice !
becx More than 1 year ago
I was sent “Demon Hunter: Saga” by Cynthia Vespia for review. This is a well written novel, containing the first 2 books of the series, any fantasy lover would enjoy. It was well out of my norm of reading, and did take me longer than I thought to finish, but I enjoyed the story very much. Cynthia takes readers into a world filled with both well-known and new myths to enjoy. Costa is a very likable hero and one I think young adult readers would relate to. His story is one of self-acceptance and growth. He must rise above his abusive past and become a man others count on. I really enjoyed his journey. It surprised me that this story contained some romance. Cost and Talisa’s relationship evolved smoothly and sweetly but had its unexpected twists that will keep readers flipping. It seemed this couple would never find a minute of peace. The ending was well done and finished in a nice spot for the 3rd book to pick up from. I give “Demon Hunter: Saga” 4/5 stars, it was something new, original, and well executed.