Demons, the Answer Book

Demons, the Answer Book

by Lester Sumrall
4.2 5


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Demons, the Answer Book 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Demons do exist and do inhabit people. Lester Sumrall was called by the God in a mission on this earth to set the captives free from the oppression of their souls. He is one the top demonologists in the Christian community on deliverance learning it firsthand. He did not choose to do this, he was chosen by the almighty God of the Universe to set the captives free from the demons of hell. I myself have experienced the screeches of demons leaving a human being and the smell they emit from an unsuspecting individual who has been bound up by depression, suicide, oppression, no hope, rape, and disease. Demons are real and can be cast out by the name above all names Jesus of Nazareth!
Anonymous 18 days ago
Pastor Sumrall brings such life to his books!
MicaDobbins More than 1 year ago
This book is not for the faint at heart. You must truly have a relationship with God in order to understand the spiritual depths of this book. I do not agree with the origin of the devil as Bro. Sumrall describes in the book but the depths of Satan and the spiritual darkness is right on target. After reading this book my faith was stronger and I was ready to go head on with the powers of darkness in the name of Jesus.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Richard_Szponder More than 1 year ago
As research for my own novel, I purchased and read Demons: The Answer Book by Lester Sumrall. At first, I found myself angry for having wasted any amount of money on such rubbish. However, I read the book through to completion so as to simply be able to comment on its complete and utter absurdity. Filled with contradictions and hypocrisy, Sumrall's alleged "demon book" is nothing more than a religious rant and rave, blaming every sin any human as ever committed on demon possession. Where shall we begin? Pornography, homosexuality, drug abuse, horror films, fascination with the supernatural, infidelity, obsession with material things, desire for money. Sumrall blames each and every one of these on demon possession, meanwhile completely ignoring the more horrific signs and symptoms of true demon possession. No doubt, most Christians would consider all of the above the various tools of Satan's trade, but Sumrall goes entirely too far when he blames mental illness, sickness, and homosexuality on demon possession. He even suggests that psychiatrists and medical doctors should not treat conditions with medicine, but rather the demons causing the ailments should be exorcised by the church. Sumrall's few accounts of actual demon possession are fascinating, especially when he describes females possessed by a demon speaking in a male's voice and vice-versa. The opening sequence, describing demonic possession, sets the stage for what could have been a fascinating story. It is a tease in a way, luring the reading in, only to be disappointed by the typical mad ravings of an evangelist who believed he had been granted the power by God to heal those who were sick and expel demons back to hell. The one point of value that Sumrall makes, worth mentioning, is when he comments that Satan's greatest accomplishment has been his ability to convince man that he does not exist. That is a fascinating point to ponder and one that makes a great deal of sense. It is too unfortunate that this point gets lost in the muck and disaster of this disappointing book. Do not expect a thorough analysis of demons, demon possession, or exorcism. Instead, expect to be insulted and made to feel completely inferior as a sinner who must be possessed by a devil.