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Demons & Thieves

Demons & Thieves


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A thief in search of his destiny.

A man in search of his son.

The Messiah fated to meet them both.

Demons & Thieves is a fast-paced, riveting tale of demonic powers that bring destruction, of unconditional love that brings restoration, and of man’s ultimate choice toward one or the other. In this brilliantly crafted historical novel, master storyteller, Brae Wyckoff, weaves together the account of the two thieves on the cross and the Gerasene demoniacs in an action-packed, epic adventure that progresses across a span of twenty years against the backdrop of ancient Israel.

From the first page, Wyckoff captivates us with vivid characters brought to life as he carefully peels back layer upon layer to reveal raw emotion and the fragility of human existence. Readers will be deeply moved and completely enthralled by the two brothers caught in a cycle of loss and tragedy, the father racing against time to restore relationship, the loyal friend who will not walk away, and the Messiah who encounters each one.

This hauntingly powerful novel will inspire readers to look deeper than what can be seen on the surface and to recognize that behind every person is a story that may surprise us. What influences one’s behaviors and decisions? What determines one’s destiny? For Nestor and Philos, Dismas and Gestas, the answers await in Demons & Thieves.

“I loved it so much I need to read it again.” - Claudene

“This is a movie in the making!” - Jan

“Powerful! Well done, Brae Wyckoff!” - Sabrina

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ISBN-13: 9780999789087
Publisher: LR Publishing
Publication date: 03/16/2018
Pages: 358
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Brae Wyckoff is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed author, born and raised in San Diego, CA. He married his beautiful wife, Jill, in 1993, and they have three children and six wonderful grandchildren.
Brae's passion for mysterious realms and the supernatural inspired him to write The Orb of Truth, the first in a series of fantasy action adventures. His first book, The Orb of Truth, won Best Christian Fantasy Award and has been voted #1 in several categories, including Best Indie Fantasy Book, Epic Fantasy Worth Your Time, and Fantasy Book That Should Be Required Reading. Other award-winning books are The Dragon God and The Vampire King.
In 2015, Brae released his first children's book, called The Unfriendly Dragon, after he teamed up with Disney Artist, Seth Weinberg.
Brae is currently the Director of Kingdom Writers Association (KWA) based in San Diego where he is working with writers of all levels to encourage and empower them to pursue their calling as authors. KWA is part of Awakening International Training & Reformation Center.
Brae has shared the stage with notable authors and public figures such as Paul Young, author of the Shack, Darren Wilson, author and film director, Dr. Mark Stibbe, author and speaker, Manna Ko, author and speaker, and many more.

You can contact Brae Wyckoff to schedule a speaking engagement at

Table of Contents



Part I: The Beginning

Chapter 1- Save Our Child

Chapter 2- The Decision

Chapter 3- The Turning

Chapter 4- The Tombs

Part II: Dismas

Chapter 5- Ten Years Later

Chapter 6- The Promise

Chapter 7- Choices

Chapter 8- Dark Times

Chapter 9- A Mother’s Love

Chapter 10- The Well

Chapter 11- To The Unknown

Chapter 12- Into The Hands of the Jews

Chapter 13- The Way

Chapter 14- The Message

Chapter 15- Patience

Chapter 16- Welcome Home

Chapter 17- Nomadic Suspicion

Chapter 18- The Servants

Chapter 19- The Great Loss

Chapter 20- Hidden Fear

Chapter 21- The Pick

Chapter 22- The Hand of the Serpent

Chapter 23- A Lonely Road

Chapter 24- A New Road

Chapter 25- The Stranger

Chapter 26- The Secret Meeting

Chapter 27- Shifting Sand

Part III: The Messiah

Chapter 28- He’s Coming

Part IV: Nestor

Chapter 29- Awakened

Chapter 30- How Long Has It Been?

Chapter 31- The Search Begins

Chapter 32- The Doctor

Chapter 33- An Empty Home

Chapter 34- Lost and Found

Chapter 35- The Weight

Chapter 36- Broken Silence

Chapter 37- Times Up

Part V: Dismas & Nestor

Chapter 38- Barabbas’ Fury

Chapter 39-The High Priest

Chapter 40- The Plan of Attack

Chapter 41- Scythopolis

Chapter 42- The Old Man

Chapter 43- Aenon

Chapter 44- He Knows Something

Chapter 45- Lies

Chapter 46- Jesus Is Not Here

Chapter 47- It Is Time

Chapter 48- Race Against Time

Chapter 49- Darkness

Chapter 50- Sentenced

Chapter 51- Unlikely Warriors

Chapter 52- The City of Peace

Chapter 53- Barabbas

Chapter 54- Follow the Blood

Chapter 55- If You Are The Christ

Chapter 56- The Pain

Chapter 57- I’m Ready

Chapter 58- Remember Me

Chapter 59- The Roman Road

Chapter 60- And It Was So

Final Words- Dismas & Gestas


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