Denmark in the World

Denmark in the World

by Lars Bo Kaspersen


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ISBN-13: 9788741255354
Publisher: Gyldendal Akademisk
Publication date: 04/01/2013
Pages: 265
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Lars Bo Kaspersen is a professor of political sociology and the head of the department of political science at the University of Copenhagen. His research focuses on the development of states, state-citizen relationships, the processes of globalization, and the change of the welfare state.

Table of Contents

Preface to the English Edition 7

Preface 10

Introduction 14

Ten conventional perceptions 17

1 State and society 21

The state: external and internal conditions of existence, external and internal sovereignty 22

State and society: from Rechtsstaat to welfare state 29

The traditional perceptions of the welfare state and its development 37

The alternative 40

How do we understand the development of the welfare state? 43

Denmark in a relational perspective 51

The Danish state 54

Europeanisation, internationalisation and globalisation 55

Denmark in the context of Europeanisation and internationalisation 58

2 Denmark's development 1815-1918 60

Europeanisation I: the European concert 62

Europeanisation II: the constitution and the liberal state 73

The Danish constitution: a fault line in the development of the Danish state 76

1864 and its consequences 78

Internationalisation and globalisation: La Belle Époque from the 1870s to 1914 86

The idea of the welfare society: Denmark's response to Europeanisation 1900- 1918 91

3 New conditions for Denmark 1918-1945 101

The growing strength of the United States in the system of states 103

The development of the USA 106

Denmark's options in a changing figuration: from the British to the American century 110

4 The American century 127

Internationalisation: 1944-1989 127

Europeanisation in the post-war era - from the Coal and Steel Community to the European Union 140

Denmark in the American "Grossraum" 149

Europeanisation in the post-war era: another Danish dilemma 156

Internationalisation, the "American shift" and the crisis of the welfare state in the 1970s 160

5 The end of the Cold War 165

The big collapse 165

Internationalisation I: from "Grossraum" to empire? 168

Internationalisation II: the American strategy - soft power and "globalisation" 171

Denmark and internationalisation 179

Europeanisation from the end of the Cold War until today 185

Denmark - survival, growth and problems 189

6 September 11 and "the war on terror" 194

A new form of internationalisation? 194

September 11, 2001 197

The security state 207

Denmark's new external conditions of existence 209

An emerging security state? 214

Dilemmas 219

The threat 221

7 Towards a market state or a security state? 227

Change processes and implications for state and society 227

Processes of internationalisation and globalisation 228

Processes of Europeanisation and the ongoing development of the EU 240

The new enemy image and the fight against terrorism 242

Market state or security state? 243

Conclusion: Denmark will survive … 248

List of concepts 258

References 266

Name and subject index 277

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