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Dense Molecular Gas around Protostars and in Galactic Nuclei: European Workshop on Astronomical Molecules 2004 / Edition 1

Dense Molecular Gas around Protostars and in Galactic Nuclei: European Workshop on Astronomical Molecules 2004 / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9781402030383
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 05/31/2005
Edition description: Reprinted from ASTROPHYSICS AND SPACE SCIENCE, Volume 295, No.1-2, 2005
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.13(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

Part I: Young Stellar Objects (YSO) Evolution. 1. Outflow, Infall and Rotation in High-mass star forming regions (review); R. Cesaroni. 2. Cycles, orbits or evolution in outer galactic star-forming region S128; A. Richards. 3. Observing Magnetic Fields in Star-Forming Regions (review); R. Cohen. 4. Evidence for co-propagation of 4765- and 1720-MHz OH masers in two star-forming region; A. Niezurawska. 5. Magnetic fields in star-forming regions: theoretical aspects (review); D. Galli. 6. VLBI water maser proper motion measurements in star-forming regions (review); J. Torrelles. 7. High resolution observations in B1-IRS: ammonia, CCS and water maser; I. de Gregorio-Monsalvo. 8. The Kinematics, Physical Condition, and Magnetic Field of the W3 IRS5 Region; H. Imai.- 9. EVN observations of water masers towards the high-mass young stellar object in AFGL 5142; C. Goddi.- Part II: AGN/Starburst Evolution. 10. Mechanisms of fueling Starbursts and AGNs (review); J. Knapen. 11. Feeding monsters - A study about active galaxies; M. Krips. 12. The QSO Hosts I Zw 1 and 3C 48; J. Scharwaechter. 13. H2O Megamasers (review); C. Henkel. 14. Confirming obscuring medium around active nuclei using masers: the case of 3C403; A. Tarchi. 15. Extragalactic low-luminosity water masers; Y. Hagiwara. Part III: Statistical approach. 16. Monitoring water masers in star-forming regions; J. Brand. 17. Molecular gas properties and chemistry in starbursts and AGNs (review); S. Aalto. 18. NGC 5218 - An AGN-driven LINER Galaxy? E. Olsson. 19. Active Galactic Nuclei & Starbursts (review); A. Pedlar. 20. Condition of Dense Molecular Gas in Galaxy Nuclei; F. Israel. Part IV: Diagnostics of YSO. 21. Chemical Evolution of Protostars (review); M. Hogerheijde. 22. Unified models of environment of massive young stellar objects based on data for both maser and "quasi-thermal" lines; A. Sobolev. 23. Long-term monitoring of 6.7 and 12.2 GHz methanol masers; S. Goedhart and M. Gaylard. 24. Evolution around protostars - Ultra-compact H II regions (review); M. Hoare. 25. 6.7 GHz and 25 GHz methanol masers in OMC-1; M. Voronkov.- 26. The methanol maser emission in W51; C. Phillips. 27. A circumstellar disc in a high-mass star forming region; M. Pestalozzi. Part V: The story of AGN/Starbursts. 28. Diagnostics of dense gas around proto-stars and in active galactic nuclei (review); M. Spaans. 29. The excitation and distribution of OH and H2CO on VLBI scales in CenA; H.J. van Langevelde. 30. High-Resolution ATCA Molecular Line Observations of the Nucleus of NGC 4945; M. Hunt-Cunningham. 31. Megamasers: Molecular diagnostics of the nuclear ISM (review); W. Baan. 32. Extragalactic Hydroxyl; H. Klöckner. 33. The sub-parsec scale accretion disk of NGC 4258; E.M.L. Humphreys. 34. OH Maser Disks and Outflows in ULIRGs Galaxies Y. Pihlström. 35. MERLIN and EVN observations of the megamaser galaxy Zw049.057; A. Polatidis. 36. Molecular gas in UGC1347 and in other Abell 262 Galaxies; T. Bertram. 37. Maser Excitation and Variability (review); M. Gray. 38. Effects of Clumping in Masers; J. Conway. 39. A thin ring model for the OH megamaser in IIIZw35; R. Parra.

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