Denver: On Top of the World (Urban Tapestry Series)

Denver: On Top of the World (Urban Tapestry Series)


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ISBN-13: 9781881096863
Publisher: Towery Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 04/28/2001
Series: Urban Tapestry Series
Pages: 256

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"People who know me as the mayor of East Tin Cup, Colorado, may think it's ironic that I was asked to write this introduction about the big city of Denver. After all, I've devoted a good deal of my adult life to serving East Tin Cup � a place of Old West Values, small-town neighborliness, good humor, good will, and free hay for the horses."

So says former radio announcer Pete Smythe in his introduction to Denver: On Top of the World. During the 1950s, Smythe claimed to be broadcasting live from Pete Smythe's General Store in East Tin Cup-a "near ghost town." While Tin Cup had been a real silver-mining town during the 1800s, East Tin Cup never existed-although many of his listeners believed it was real. In truth, East Tin Cup was only his "off-kilter notion of what an Old West town ought to be, where the codes of honor, individuality, and freedom still are cherished."

For Smythe, Denver has come to embody all the things that East Tin Cup was supposed to be. "It's the culmination," he says, "of an old way of life that still exists and is always new. Even though Denver has become big and fast and modern, it'' still the true heart of the Old West."

With hundreds of images culled from some of the area's finest photographers, Denver: On Top of the World showcases the city as a place where business, technology, and the arts flourish and thrive-all in a beautiful, mountainous environment that holds true to its rich history.

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