Denying Biology: Essays in Gender and Pseudo-Procreation

Denying Biology: Essays in Gender and Pseudo-Procreation

by Warren Shapiro, Uli Linke




We know that human beings are part of nature yet Philosophical systems around the world deny or minimize this fact. As the first book to take a systematic account of the universal human tendency to deny or minimize biology, this book considers a wide variety of these anti-biological systems and their relation to larger issues, particularly gender studies. Discussed in this book are a wide variety of expressions of the antithesis between human beings and natural processes in which the latter are denied, denigrated, or minimized. Contents: Introduction, Warren Shapiro; Sexual Imagery in Spanish Carnival, David D. Gilmore; Symbolic Reproduction and Sherpa Monasticism, Robert A. Paul; Witches and Wizards: A Male/Female Dichotomy?, James L. Brian; Coping with the Dilemmas of Masculinity and Female Disempowerment in Icelandic Mythology, Uli Linke; The Quest for Purity in Anthropological Inquiry, Warren Shapiro; Procreation, Gender, and Pollution, Ward H. Goodenough; Bibliography, Index.

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ISBN-13: 9780761803201
Publisher: UPA
Publication date: 08/08/1996
Pages: 254
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Warren Shapiro is Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University. Uli Linke is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the same university.

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