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Elsevier Health Sciences
Dermatology e-dition: Text with Continually Updated Online Reference

Dermatology e-dition: Text with Continually Updated Online Reference


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ISBN-13: 9780323025782
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 07/07/2003
Edition description: 2 Volume Set & CD-ROM
Pages: 2460
Product dimensions: 11.50(w) x 12.25(h) x 5.82(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction to clinical dermatology - Ron Rapini

Section One - Overview of basic science

1 Introduction to basic science - Georg Stingl
2 Anatomy and physiology - Paul R Bergstresser and Melissa I Costner
3 Embryology - Cynthia A Loomis and Tamara Koss
4 Application of molecular biology to the study of skin - Jonathan Vogel, Carol Yee and Thomas Darling
5 Immunology - Thomas Schwarz

Section Two - Pruritus

6 Mediators of itch - Malcolm W Greaves
7 Pruritus and dysesthesia -Elke Weisshaar, Michael J Kucenic, Alan Fleischer and Jeffrey D Berhard
8 Psychocutaneous diseases - John YM Koo and Amy Han

Section Three – Papulosquamous and eczematous dermatoses

9 Psoriasis - Peter CM van der Kerkhoff
10 Other papulosquamous disorders - Gary S Wood and Georg Reizner
11 Erythroderma - Wolfram Sterry and J Marcus Muche
12 Lichen planus and lichenoid dermatoses - Tetsuo Shiohara and Yoko Kano
13 Atopic dermatitis - Kefei Kang, Amy M Polster, Susan T Nedorost, Seth R Stevens and Kevin Cooper
14 Eczematous group - Peter O Fritsch and Norbert Reider
15 Allergic contact dermatitis - James G Marks and Christen M Mowad
16 Irritant contact dermatitis - David E Cohen and Shirley Bassiri-Tehrani
17 Occupational dermatoses - Peter S Friedmann and Mark Wilkinson
18 Dermatoses due to plants - Thomas W McGovern

Section Four – Urticarias, erythemas and purpuras

19 Urticaria and angioedema - Clive Grattan and Anne Kobza Black
20 Erythemas - Agustin Espana
21 Erythema multiforme - William Lee Weston
22 Toxic epidermal necrolysis - Lars E French and Christa Prins
23 Drug reactions - Laurence Valeyrie and Jean Revuz
24 Purpura and coagulation - Warren Piette
25 Purpuras, pigmented purpuras and vasculopathies - Warren Piette
26 Vasculitis - Robert A Swerlick and Cora W Hannon
27 Eosinophilic dermatoses - Cloyce Stetson
28 Neutrophilic dermatoses - Samuel L Moschella
29 Pregnancy dermatoses - Jeff K Shornick

Section Five – Vesiculobullous diseases

30 Biology of the basement membrane zone - Kim B Yancey and David M Allen
31 Pemphigus - Masayuki Amagai
32 Pemphigoid group - Luca Borradori and Philippe Bernard
33 Dermatitis herpetiformis and linear IgA bullous dermatosis - Mark D Herron and John J Zone
34 Epidermolysis bullosa - Jo-David Fine
35 Other vesiculobullous diseases - Jose M Mascaro Jr
36 Vesiculobullous and erosive diseases in the new born - Michele Pauport and Ilona Frieden

Section Six – Adnexal diseases

37 Structure and function of apocrine, eccrine and sebaceous glands - Gerd Plewig and Martin Schaller
38 Acne vulgaris - Andrea L Zaenglein and Diane M Thibotout
39 Acne rosacea and related disorders - Guy F Webster
40 Folliculitis and the follicular occlusion tetrad - Paul Kelly
41 Disorders of the eccrine sweat glands - Harry J Hurley

Section Seven – Rheumatologic diseases

42 Autoantibodies and their clinical significance - Richard D Sontheimer and Heidi T Jacobe
43 Lupus erythematosus - Lela A Lee
44 Dermatomyositis - Joseph L Jorizzo
45 Systemic sclerosis (scleroderma) - Vincent Falanga
46 Other rheumatologic diseases - Adrienne Rencic and H Carlos Nousari

Section Eight – Metabolic and systemic diseases

47 Cutaneous mucinoses - Alfredo Rebora and Franco Rongioletti
48 Amyloidosis - Martin M Black and Sandra Albert
49 Deposition diseases - Ingolf Frank and Harald Gollnick
50 Porphyrias - Gillian M Murphy
51 Calcifying and ossifying disorders of the skin - Janet A Fairley
52 Nutritional diseases - Ramon Ruiz-Maldonado and Luz Orozco-Covarrubias
53 Dermatologic signs of systemic disease - Jeffrey P Callen

Section Nine – Genodermatoses

54 Basic principles of genetics - Amalia Martinez-Mir and Angela M Christiano
55 Genetic basis of cutaneous diseases - Arne Konig and Rudolf Happle
56 Biology of keratinocytes - Irene M Leigh
57 Ichthyoses and related disorders - Franziska Ringpfeil and Gabriele Richard
58 Keratodermas - Alfons Krol
59 Darier’s disease and Hailey-Hailey disease - Jean-Philipe Gorog, Theodora Mauro and Daniel Hohl
60 Genetic immunodeficiences - Amy S Paller
61 Neurofibromatosis and tuberous sclerosis - Hensin Tsao
62 Mosaicism and linear lesions - Celia Moss
63a Other genodermatoses: Other tumour syndromes - Susan B Mallory
63b Other genodermatoses: Enzyme deficiency diseases - Barbara K Burton
63c Other genodermatoses: Progeroid syndromes - Bernard A Cohen
63d Other genodermatoses: ectodermal dysplasias - Virginia P Sybert and Jonathan Zonana
64 Developmental anomalies - Richard Antaya and Julie V Schaffer

Section Ten – Pigmentary disorders

65 Biology of melanocytes - Jean L Bolognia and Seth J Orlow
66 Vitiligo and other disorders of hypopigmentation - Jean-Paul Ortonne
67a Disorders of hyperpigmentation - Colin R Trout and Norman Levine
67b Linear and reticulated hyperpigmentation - Mary W Chang

Section Eleven – Hair, Nails and mucous membranes

68 Biology of hair and nails - Ralf Paus
69 Alopecias - Maria K Hordinsky
70 H hypertrichosis and hirsutism - Francisco Camacho-Martinez
71 Nails - Antonella Tosti and Bianca Maria Piraccini
72 Oral diseases - Kenneth M Anderson, Parish Sedghizadeh, Carl M Allen and Charles Camisa
73 Anogenital diseases - Fenella Wojnarowska and Susan M Cooper

Section Twelve – Infections, infestations and bites

74 Bacterial diseases - Jonathan E Blume, Erika G Levine and Warren Heymann
75 Mycobacterial infections - Marica Ramos e Silva and Maria Cristina Ribiero de Castroand Jean L Bolognia
76 Rickettsial diseases - Philippe Berbis
77 Fungal diseases - Jenny Sobera and Boni Elewski
78 Cutaneous manifestations of HIV and HIV-related disorders - Clay J Cockerell and T Minsue Chen
79 Human papilloma viruses - Reinhart Kirnbauer, Petra Lenz and Martin M Okun
80 Herpes viruses - Jennifer R Stalkup, Kimberly Yeung-Yue, Mathijs Brentjens and Stephen K Tyring
81 Other viral diseases - Anthony J Mancini and Ayelet Shani-Adir
82 Venereal diseases - Angelika Starry
83 Worms and protozoa - Omar Sangueza, Di Lu, Martin Sangueza, Claire Paniago Perreira
84 Infestations - Terri L Meinking, Craig G Burhart, Craig N Burkhart
85 Bites and stings - Dirk M Elston

Section Thirteen – Disorders due to physical agents

86 Ultraviolet light - Thomas M Runger
87 Photodermatoses - John LM Hawk and Henry W Lim
88 Environmental and sports-related skin diseases - Michael L Smith
89 Signs of drug abuse - Miguel Sanchez
90 Signs of child abuse - Sharon S Raimer and Ben G Raimer

Section Fourteen – Disorders of Langerhans cells and macrophages

91 Histiocytoses - Warren T Goodman and Terry L Barrett
92 Xanthomas - W Trent Messengale and Lee T Nesbitt
93 Non-infectious granulomas - Amy Howard and Clifton R White Jr
94 Foreign bodies - M A Adallah

Section Fifteen- Atrophies and disorders of dermal connective tissue

95 Biology of the extracellular matrix - Leena Bruckner-Tuderman
96 Perforating disorders - Ronald P Rapini
97 Morphea and lichen sclerosus - Martin Rocken and Kamran Ghoreschi
98 Inherited disorders of connective tissue: Ehler-Danlos syndrome, pseudoxanthoma elasticum and cutis laxa - Juoni Uitto, Franziska Ringpfeil and Leena Pulkinen
99 Dermal hypertropies - Claude S Burton
100 Atrophies of connective tissue - Catharine Maari and Julie Powell

Section Sixteen – Disorder of subcutaenous fat

101 Panniculitis - James W Patterson
102 Lipodystrophies - Jacqueline M Junkins-Hopkins and Alison S Avram

Section Seventeen – Vascular disorders

103 Vascular biology - Michael Detmar
104 Infantile hemangiomas - Maria C Garzon
105 Vascular malformations - Odile Enjolras
106 Ulcers - Peggy Lin and Tania J Phillip
107 Other vascular disorders - Norbert Sepp

Section Eighteen – Neoplasms of the skin

108 Principles of tumor biology and pathogensis of BCCs and SCCs - Fredrik Ponten and Joakim Lundeberg
109 Actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinomas - Stanley J Miller and J Margaret Moresi
110 Benign epithelial tumors and proliferations - Diane M Pierson, Christoph Bandel, Torsten Ehrig, Clay J Cockerell
111 Cysts - Mary S Stone
112 Adnexal neoplasms - Tim McAlmont
113 Benign melanocytic neoplasms - Raymond L Barnhill
114 Melanoma - Frank O Nestle and Helmut Kerl
115 Vascular neoplasms and neoplastic-like proliferations - Jay Kincannon, C Hull and Paula E North
116 Cutaneous neural neoplasms - Zsolt B Argenyi
117 Fibrohistiocytic and fibrous neoplasms and proliferations of the skin and tendons - Hideoko Kamino and John Pui
118 Muscle, cartilage and adipose neoplasms - Sabine Kohler
119 Mastocytosis - Michael D Tharp
120 B cell lymphomas of the skin - Lorenzo Cerroni and Helmut Kerl
121 Cutaneous T cell lymphomas - Rein Willemz
122 Other lymphoproliferative and myeloproliferative diseases - Bruce R Smoller
123 Cutaneous metastases - Iftikhar Ahmed
Section Nineteen - Medical therapy

124 Public health science in dermatology - Tomas L Diepgen
125a Skin barrier and percutaneous drug delivery - Peter M Elias, Jui-Chen Tsai, Gopinathan K Menon, Walter M Holleran, Kenneth R Feingold
125b Pharmacokinetics - Thomas J Franz
126 Glucocorticosteroids - Lee T Nesbitt
127 Retinoids - Stephane Kuenzli and Jean-Hilaire Saurat
128 Antimicrobial drugs - Carol M Woody and Jack L Lesher Jr
129a Immunomodulators - Brain Behrman, Tami De Araujo, Mark Lebwohl
129b Immunomodulators - Mark Lebwohl
130a Other topical medications - Dan Lipsker, Knud Kragballe and Jean-Hilaire Saurat
130b Vitamin D analogues - Karsten Fogh and Knud Kragballe
131 Other systemic drugs - Steve Wolverton and Marc Dast
132 Drug-drug interactions - Lori E Shapiro, Sandra R Knowles and Neil Shear
133 Alternative medicine - Josef Smolle

Section Twenty – Physical treatments modalities

134 Ultraviolet light therapy - Herbert Honigsmann and Thomas Schwarz
135 Photodynamic therapy - Whitney D Tope and Joseph J Shaffer
136 Principles of lasers - Ranella J Hirsch and R Rox Anderson
137 Laser therapy - Alexander J Stratigos, Jeffrey S Dover and Kenneth A Arndt
138 Cryosurgery - Emmanuel G Kuflik and Gilberto Castro-Ron
139 Radiation - Lynn Wilson and Renato G Pannizzon
140 Electrosurgery - Sheldon V Pollack

Section Twenty-one - Surgery

141 Principles of wound healing - Robert S Kirsner
142 Surgical anatomy - Franklin P Flowers and Jennifer C Zampogna
143 Anesthesia - George J Hruza
144 Wound closure materials and instruments - Ingrid H Olhoffer, Glenn Goldman and David J Leffell
145 Dressings - Gregg Menakerand G Delia Wilcher
146 Biopsy techniques and basic excisions - Suzanne Olbricht
147 Flaps - Dave Brodland and David Pharis
148 Grafts - Desiree Ratner
149 Nail surgery - Pheobe Rich
150 Mohs surgery - Elizabeth F Callahan, Clark C Otley and Randall K Roenigk
151 Surgical complications and optimizing outcomes - Tomas Stasko and Anna S Clayton

Section Twenty-two – Cosmetic surgery

152 Introduction - Rick Glogau
153 Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals - Zoe D Draelos
154 Sunscreens - Mark Naylor
155 Chemical and mechanical skin resurfacing - Gary D Monheit and Mark A Chastain
156 Sclerotherapy and ambulatory phlebectomy - Neil S Sadick
157 Liposuction - William P Coleman and Timothy C Flynn
158 Hair transplantation - Dow Stough
159 Soft tissue augmentation - Seth L Matarasso and Neil S Sadick
160 Botulinum toxin - Alaistair Carruthers and Jean Carruthers


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