Dermatology for Skin of Color / Edition 1

Dermatology for Skin of Color / Edition 1

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McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing


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Dermatology for Skin of Color / Edition 1

A complete textbook of dermatologic science and practice focusing on the care of patients with moderately to heavily pigmented skin

A Doody's Core Title for 2011!

"The well-organized book is replete with clinical images and addresses the unique medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology issues that occur in skin of color. Important cultural considerations in providing optimal care to patients with skin of color are discussed. 4 Stars (Excellent)"—Mayo Clinic Proceedings

"...provides readers with the first comprehensive reference for this subspecialty, ranging from the historic and cultural to the clinical and basic science components....More than 600 full-color photographs of preoperative and postoperative photographs foster the visual recognition of dermatologic diagnostics, and the text proves an excellent diagnostic reference for clinicians presented with puzzling dermatologic lesions. Dermatology for Skin of Color will be a critical and invaluable addition to the clinical reference library of any culturally competent physician."—JAMA

"Excellent color clinical photographs on high quality glossy white paper make this book a pleasure to peruse....I would recommend this book to anyone caring for a multiracial mix of patients. It also serves as a good standalone general dermatology textbook. It is definitely one of the superior books currently available covering dermatology issues in patients of color. 3 Stars."—Doody's Review Service

Dermatology for Skin of Color is a comprehensive reference thoroughly detailing every aspect of dermatologic science as it applies to skin of color - from the development of the skin to the biology of hair and nails. All commonly encountered dermatologic problems of Africans, Asians, Native American, and other peoples are covered as are other diseases with significant skin manifestations.

For each problem/disorder discussed, the authors offer detailed, specialized advice on diagnosis and treatment methods. Both medical and surgical treatment options are discussed as is cosmetic dermatology. In addition, folk remedies and over-the-counter treatments specifically targeting this population are also covered.


  • 600 superb full-color pre and post operative photographs that can also be used for patient education
  • Clinical pearls impart the wisdom of experience of international experts
  • Easy-to-use, standardized presentation describes each condition and procedure
  • Comprehensive coverage that includes:
    Pediatric dermatology;
    Medical, surgical, and cosmetic treatment options;
    ;The differences between skin of color and Caucasian skin as well as the differences between ethnic groups with skin of color
    ;Important basic science information on the structure and function of skin of color

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780071446716
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 05/15/2009
Pages: 752
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents






Section 1: Definitions, Epidemiology, and Cultural Considerations

1. Skin of Color: A Historical Perspective, A. Paul Kelly

2.Defining Skin of Color, Susan C. Taylor and Pamela Summers

3. Epidemiology of Cutaneous Diseases, Michael Bigby

4. Multicultural Competence in Dermatologic Practice, Flora N. Taylor

5. Impact of Cultural Beliefs on Health Care, Marta I. Rendon and Jorge I. Gaviria

6. Impact of Cultural Beliefs in Health Care in Blacks: Afro-Caribbean Culture, Traditions, Habits, and Practices, Fran E. Cook-Bolden and Jocelyne Papacharalambous

7. Asian Cultural Habits and Practices, Richard S. Mizuguchi

8. Hispanic Skin Remedies and Practices, Miguel Sanchez

9. African-American Skin Remedies and Folk Healing Practices, Elena Jones and Jeanine Downie

10. Homeopathic Medicine and Spiritualism: African-American Voodoo and Healing Remedies, Wilbert C. Jordan

11. Psychiatric Aspects of Skin Color, Curley L. Bonds

Section 2: Structure, Function, and Biology

12. The Structure and Function of Skin of Color, Sonia Badreshia-Bansal and Susan C. Taylor

13. Nuances of Skin of Color, A. Paul Kelly

14. Skin Lesions: Normal and Pathologic, Sharona Yashar and Jennifer Haley

15. Histology, Jennifer Haley and Chandra Smart

16. Genetics of Skin Diseases, Saundrett G. Arrindell and Shirley B. Russell

17. Biology of Hair Follicles, Candrice R. Heath and Amy J. McMichael

18. Biology of Nails, Nicole DeYampert, Gisela Torres, and Richard K. Sher

19. Cutaneous Wound Healing, A. Paul Kelly and Elaine Bethell

20. Cytokine Alterations and Cutaneous Diseases, Madeleine E. Gainers and Charles J. Dimitroff

21. Complement System: Cellular and Molecular Biology of Inflammation, Kwame Denianke

Section 3: Cutaneous Disorders

22. Psoriasis, Amy Geng, Jason McBean, Priya Swamy Zeikus, and Charles J. McDonald

23. Pityriasis Rosea, Dwana R. Shabazz

24. Lichen Planus, Khari Bridges

25. Lichen Nitidus, Khari Bridges

26. Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Nina Desai and Vincent DeLeo

27. Atopic Dermatitis and Other Eczemas, Nina Desai and Andrew F. Alexis

28. Erythema Chronicum Perstans and Related Disorders, Miguel R. Sanchezm and Tameka Lane

29. Lichen Amyloidosis, Richard S. Mizuguchi

30. Keloids, A. Paul Kelly

31. Bullous Diseases, Mobolaji Opeola and Brittney Kaufman De Clerk

Section 4: Hair, Scalp, and Nail Disorders

32. Acne Keloidalis, A. Paul Kelly

33. Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, A. Paul Kelly

34. Hair Care Practices, Chemene R. Quinn

35. Alopecia, Chemene R. Quinn

36. Seborrheic Dermatitis, Yvette Andree George

37. Tinea Capitis, Marcy S. Alvarez and Nanette B. Silverberg

38. Nail Disorders, Nathaniel J. Jellinek and C. Ralph Daniel, III

Section 5: Sebaceous and Sweat Gland Disorders

39. Acne, Susan C. Taylor and Pamela Summers

40. Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Shari Hicks-Graham

Section 6: Skin Color

41. Melanoma in Skin of Color, Seaver L. Soon and Carl V. Washington, Jr.

42. Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Algin B. Garrett

43. Basal Cell Carcinoma, Seth B. Foreman and Algin B. Garrett

44. Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma, Helen Halliday Craige and Amit G. Pandya

Section 7: Pigmentary Disorders

45. Disorders of Hypopigmentation, Justine Park and Doris Hexsel

46. Vitiligo, Pearl E. Grimes

47. Albinism, Amezi N. Okoro

48. Melasma, Wendy E. Roberts

49. Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Candrice R. Heath and Susan C. Taylor

50. Periorbital Hypermelanosis, Raechele Cochran Gathers

51. Maturational Hyperpigmentation, A. Melvin Alexander
52. Solar Lentigines, Doris Hexsel

53. Nevus of Ito/Ota, Marvi Iqbal

Section 8: Muscosal Disorders

54. Biology and Pathology of the Oral Musoca, Diana Messadi, Ahn Le, Ginat W. Mirowski, and Heddie Sedano

55. Genital Lesions in Men, Sean Doherty and Ted Rosen

56. Genital Lesions in Women, Christy Doherty and Ted Rosen

Section 9: Dermatologic Infections

57. Bacterial Infections, Micole Tuchman and Jeffrey M. Weinberg

58. Folliculitis, Kim Nichols

59. Fungal and Yeast Infections, Aditya K. Gupta and Lindsay E. Lynch

60. Parsitic Infections, Shobita Rajagopalan

61. Onchocerciasis, Edith Nkechi Nnoruka

62. Leprosy, Tebebe Yemane Berhan and Shobita Rajagopalan

63. Leishmaniasis, Tebebe Yemane Berhan and Edith Nkechi Nnoruka

64. Cutaneous Manifestations of HIV, Wilbert C. Jordan

Section 10: Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation and Topical Agents

65. Acute and Chronic Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation, Including Photocarcinogenesis, Dakara Rucker Wright, Lawrence S.W. Khoo, and Henry W. Lim

66. Topical Steroids, Ncoza Dlovaa and Nilesh Morar

67. Topical Hydroquinones, Nilesh Morar and Ncoza Dlova

Section 11: Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Diseases

68. Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Diseases, Lynn McKinley-Grant, Meredith Wernick, and Saurabh Singh

Section 12: Cosmetic Dermatology

69. Cosmetic Procedures in Skin of Color: Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Hair Transplantation, Augmentation, and Sclerotherapy, Valerie D. Callender and Cherie M. Young

70. Cosmetic Products, Cheryl M. Burgess

71. Skin and Lip Typology, Diane Baras and Lawrence Caisey

72. Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra, Marcia J. Glenn

73. The Use of Lasers for Treatment of Skin of Color Patients, Lori M. Hobbs

74. Liposuction, Ella L. Toombs

75. Rhinoplasty, Gina D. Jefferson, Jimmy J. Brown, and Lorenzo Brown

76. Adjunctive Reduction Cheiloplasty, Gina D. Jefferson, Jimmy J. Brown, and Lorenzo Brown

77. Other Head and Neck Surgicall Procedures, Jimmy J. Brown and Gina D. Jefferson

Section 13: Pediatric Dermatology

78. Pediatric Dermatology, Andrea Trowers

Section 14: International Dermatology

79. Common Skin Diseases and Treatment in Africa, Edith Nkechi Nnoruka, Felix D. Oresanya, and Osumane Faye

80. Common Skin Diseases and Treatments in Asia, Joyce Teng-Ee Lim and Yuin-Chew Chan

81. Common Skin Diseases and Treatments in North America: Mexico, Ivonne Arellano and Amado Saul

82. Common Skin Diseases and Treatments in Latin America: Brazil, Marcia Ramos-e-Silva, Gabriela Munhoz-da-Fontoura, and Doris Hexsel

83. Immunizations for International Travel, Jasmine Yun

Section 15: Atlas for Skin of Color: Africa, Asia, and Latin America

84. Atlas for Skin of Color: Africa, Asia, and Latin America, Barbara Leppard, Rashmi Sarkar, Marcia Ramos-e-Silva, and Special Atlas Editor Allison Nichols Metz

Section 16: A History of African American Dermatologists, Nineteenth through Twenty-First Centuries

85. A History of African American Dermatologists: Nineteenth through Twenty-First Centuries, Angela D. Dillard and Frederick N. Quarles


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