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Elsevier Health Sciences
Dermatology: 2-Volume Set

Dermatology: 2-Volume Set


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ISBN-13: 9780323024099
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 07/07/2003
Edition description: 2 Vol Set
Pages: 2500
Product dimensions: 12.00(w) x 12.00(h) x 5.25(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction to clinical dermatology
Ron Rapini
Section One - Overview of basic science
1 Introduction to basic science
Georg Stingl
2 Anatomy and physiology
Paul R Bergstresser and Melissa I Costner
3 Embryology
Cynthia A Loomis and Tamara Koss
4 Application of molecular biology to the study of skin
Jonathan Vogel, Carol Yee and Thomas Darling
5 Immunology
Thomas Schwarz
Section Two - Pruritus
6 Mediators of itch
Malcolm W Greaves
7 Pruritus and dysesthesia
Elke Weisshaar, Michael J Kucenic, Alan Fleischer and Jeffrey D Berhard
8 Psychocutaneous diseases
John YM Koo and Amy Han
Section Three - Papulosquamous and eczematous dermatoses
9 Psoriasis
Peter CM van der Kerkhoff
10 Other papulosquamous disorders
Gary S Wood and Georg Reizner
11 Erythroderma
Wolfram Sterry and J Marcus Muche
12 Lichen planus and lichenoid dermatoses
Tetsuo Shiohara and Yoko Kano
13 Atopic dermatitis
Kefei Kang, Amy M Polster, Susan T Nedorost, Seth R Stevens and Kevin Cooper
14 Eczematous group
Peter O Fritsch and Norbert Reider
15 Allergic contact dermatitis
James G Marks and Christen M Mowad
16 Irritant contact dermatitis
David E Cohen and Shirley Bassiri-Tehrani
17 Occupational dermatoses
Peter S Friedmann and Mark Wilkinson
18 Dermatoses due to plants
Thomas W McGovern
Section Four - Urticarias, erythemas and purpuras
19 Urticaria and angioedema
Clive Grattan and Anne Kobza Black
20 Erythemas
Agustin Espana
21 Erythema multiforme
William Lee Weston
22 Toxic epidermal necrolysis
Lars E French and Christa Prins
23 Drug reactions
Laurence Valeyrie and Jean Revuz
24 Purpura and coagulation
Warren Piette
25 Purpuras, pigmented purpuras and vasculopathies
Warren Piette
26 Vasculitis
Robert A Swerlick and Cora W Hannon
27 Eosinophilic dermatoses
Cloyce Stetson
28 Neutrophilic dermatoses
Samuel L Moschella
29 Pregnancy dermatoses
Jeff K Shornick
Section Five - Vesiculobullous diseases
30 Biology of the basement membrane zone
Kim B Yancey and David M Allen
31 Pemphigus
Masayuki Amagai
32 Pemphigoid group
Luca Borradori and Philippe Bernard
33 Dermatitis herpetiformis and linear IgA bullous dermatosis
Mark D Herron and John J Zone
34 Epidermolysis bullosa
Jo-David Fine
35 Other vesiculobullous diseases
Jose M Mascaro Jr
36 Vesiculobullous and erosive diseases in the new born
Michele Pauport and Ilona Frieden
Section Six - Adnexal diseases
37 Structure and function of apocrine, eccrine and sebaceous glands
Gerd Plewig and Martin Schaller
38 Acne vulgaris
Andrea L Zaenglein and Diane M Thibotout
39 Acne rosacea and related disorders
Guy F Webster
40 Folliculitis and the follicular occlusion tetrad
Paul Kelly
41 Disorders of the eccrine sweat glands
Harry J Hurley
Section Seven - Rheumatologic diseases
42 Autoantibodies and their clinical significance
Richard D Sontheimer and Heidi T Jacobe
43 Lupus erythematosus
Lela A Lee
44 Dermatomyositis
Joseph L Jorizzo
45 Systemic sclerosis (scleroderma)
Vincent Falanga
46 Other rheumatologic diseases
Adrienne Rencic and H Carlos Nousari
Section Eight - Metabolic and systemic diseases
47 Cutaneous mucinoses
Alfredo Rebora and Franco Rongioletti
48 Amyloidosis
Martin M Black and Sandra Albert
49 Deposition diseases
Ingolf Frank and Harald Gollnick
50 Porphyrias
Gillian M Murphy
51 Calcifying and ossifying disorders of the skin
Janet A Fairley
52 Nutritional diseases
Ramon Ruiz-Maldonado and Luz Orozco-Covarrubias
53 Dermatologic signs of systemic disease
Jeffrey P Callen
Section Nine - Genodermatoses
54 Basic principles of genetics
Amalia Martinez-Mir and Angela M Christiano
55 Genetic basis of cutaneous diseases
Arne Konig and Rudolf Happle
56 Biology of keratinocytes
Irene M Leigh
57 Ichthyoses and related disorders
Franziska Ringpfeil and Gabriele Richard
58 Keratodermas
Alfons Krol
59 Darier's disease and Hailey-Hailey disease
Jean-Philipe Gorog, Theodora Mauro and Daniel Hohl
60 Genetic immunodeficiences
Amy S Paller
61 Neurofibromatosis and tuberous sclerosis
Hensin Tsao
62 Mosaicism and linear lesions
Celia Moss
63a Other genodermatoses: Other tumour syndromes
Susan B Mallory
63b Other genodermatoses: Enzyme deficiency diseases
Barbara K Burton
63c Other genodermatoses: Progeroid syndromes
Bernard A Cohen
63d Other genodermatoses: ectodermal dysplasias
Virginia P Sybert and Jonathan Zonana
64 Developmental anomalies
Richard Antaya and Julie V Schaffer
Section Ten - Pigmentary disorders
65 Biology of melanocytes
Jean L Bolognia and Seth J Orlow
66 Vitiligo and other disorders of hypopigmentation
Jean-Paul Ortonne
67a Disorders of hyperpigmentation
Colin R Trout and Norman Levine
67b Linear and reticulated hyperpigmentation
Mary W Chang
Section Eleven - Hair, Nails and mucous membranes
68 Biology of hair and nails
Ralf Paus
69 Alopecias
Maria K Hordinsky
70 H hypertrichosis and hirsutism
Francisco Camacho-Martinez
71 Nails
Antonella Tosti and Bianca Maria Piraccini
72 Oral diseases
Kenneth M Anderson, Parish Sedghizadeh, Carl M Allen and Charles Camisa
73 Anogenital diseases
Fenella Wojnarowska and Susan M Cooper
Section Twelve - Infections, infestations and bites
74 Bacterial diseases
Jonathan E Blume, Erika G Levine and Warren Heymann
75 Mycobacterial infections
Marica Ramos e Silva and Maria Cristina Ribiero de Castroand Jean L Bolognia
76 Rickettsial diseases
Philippe Berbis
77 Fungal diseases
Jenny Sobera and Boni Elewski
78 Cutaneous manifestations of HIV and HIV-related disorders
Clay J Cockerell and T Minsue Chen
79 Human papilloma viruses
Reinhart Kirnbauer, Petra Lenz and Martin M Okun
80 Herpes viruses
Jennifer R Stalkup, Kimberly Yeung-Yue, Mathijs Brentjens and Stephen K Tyring
81 Other viral diseases
Anthony J Mancini and Ayelet Shani-Adir
82 Venereal diseases
Angelika Starry
83 Worms and protozoa
Omar Sangueza, Di Lu, Martin Sangueza, Claire Paniago Perreira
84 Infestations
Terri L Meinking, Craig G Burhart, Craig N Burkhart
85 Bites and stings
Dirk M Elston
Section Thirteen - Disorders due to physical agents
86 Ultraviolet light
Thomas M Runger
87 Photodermatoses
John LM Hawk and Henry W Lim
88 Environmental and sports-related skin diseases
Michael L Smith
89 Signs of drug abuse
Miguel Sanchez
90 Signs of child abuse
Sharon S Raimer and Ben G Raimer
Section Fourteen - Disorders of Langerhans cells and macrophages
91 Histiocytoses
Warren T Goodman and Terry L Barrett
92 Xanthomas
W Trent Messengale and Lee T Nesbitt
93 Non-infectious granulomas
Amy Howard and Clifton R White Jr
94 Foreign bodies
MA Abdallah
Section Fifteen- Atrophies and disorders of dermal connective tissue
95 Biology of the extracellular matrix
Leena Bruckner-Tuderman
96 Perforating disorders
Ronald P Rapini
97 Morphea and lichen sclerosus
Martin Rocken and Kamran Ghoreschi
98 Inherited disorders of connective tissue: Ehler-Danlos syndrome, pseudoxanthoma elasticum and cutis laxa
Juoni Uitto, Franziska Ringpfeil and Leena Pulkinen
99 Dermal hypertropies
Claude S Burton
100 Atrophies of connective tissue
Catharine Maari and Julie Powell
Section Sixteen - Disorder of subcutaenous fat
101 Panniculitis
James W Patterson
102 Lipodystrophies
Jacqueline M Junkins-Hopkins and Alison S Avram
Section Seventeen - Vascular disorders
103 Vascular biology
Michael Detmar
104 Infantile hemangiomas
Maria C Garzon
105 Vascular malformations
Odile Enjolras
106 Ulcers
Peggy Lin and Tania J Phillips
107 Other vascular disorders
Norbert Sepp
Section Eighteen - Neoplasms of the skin
108 Principles of tumor biology and pathogensis of BCCs and SCCs
Fredrik Ponten and Joakim Lundeberg
109 Actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinomas
Stanley J Miller and J Margaret Moresi
110 Benign epithelial tumors and proliferations
Diane M Pierson, Christoph Bandel, Torsten Ehrig, Clay J Cockerell
111 Cysts
Mary S Stone
112 Adnexal neoplasms
Tim McAlmont
113 Benign melanocytic neoplasms
Raymond L Barnhill
114 Melanoma
Frank O Nestle and Helmut Kerl
115 Vascular neoplasms and neoplastic-like proliferations
Jay Kincannon, C Hull and Paula E North
116 Cutaneous neural neoplasms
Zsolt B Argenyi
117 Fibrohistiocytic and fibrous neoplasms and proliferations of the skin and tendons
Hideoko Kamino and John Pui
118 Muscle, cartilage and adipose neoplasms
Sabine Kohler
119 Mastocytosis
Michael D Tharp
120 B cell lymphomas of the skin
Lorenzo Cerroni and Helmut Kerl
121 Cutaneous T cell lymphomas
Rein Willemz
122 Other lymphoproliferative and myeloproliferative diseases
Bruce R Smoller
123 Cutaneous metastases
Iftikhar Ahmed
Section Nineteen - Medical therapy
124 Public health science in dermatology
Tomas L Diepgen
125a Skin barrier and percutaneous drug delivery
Peter M Elias, Jui-Chen Tsai, Gopinathan K Menon, Walter M Holleran, Kenneth R Feingold
125b Pharmacokinetics
Thomas J Franz
126 Glucocorticosteroids
Lee T Nesbitt
127 Retinoids
Stephane Kuenzli and Jean-Hilaire Saurat
128 Antimicrobial drugs
Carol M Woody and Jack L Lesher Jr
129a Immunomodulators
Brain Behrman, Tami De Araujo, Mark Lebwohl
129b Immunomodulators
Mark Lebwohl
130a Other topical medications
Dan Lipsker, Knud Kragballe and Jean-Hilaire Saurat
130b Vitamin D analogues
Karsten Fogh and Knud Kragballe
131 Other systemic drugs
Steve Wolverton and Marc Dast
132 Drug-drug interactions
Lori E Shapiro, Sandra R Knowles and Neil Shear
133 Alternative medicine
Josef Smolle
Section Twenty - Physical treatments modalities
134 Ultraviolet light therapy
Herbert Honigsmann and Thomas Schwarz
135 Photodynamic therapy
Whitney D Tope and Joseph J Shaffer
136 Principles of lasers
Ranella J Hirsch and R Rox Anderson
137 Laser therapy
Alexander J Stratigos, Jeffrey S Dover and Kenneth A Arndt
138 Cryosurgery
Emmanuel G Kuflik and Gilberto Castro-Ron
139 Radiation
Lynn Wilson and Renato G Pannizzon
140 Electrosurgery
Sheldon V Pollack
Section Twenty-one - Surgery
141 Principles of wound healing
Robert S Kirsner
142 Surgical anatomy
Franklin P Flowers and Jennifer C Zampogna
143 Anesthesia
George J Hruza
144 Wound closure materials and instruments
Ingrid H Olhoffer, Glenn Goldman and David J Leffell
145 Dressings
Gregg Menakerand G Delia Wilcher
146 Biopsy techniques and basic excisions
Suzanne Olbricht
147 Flaps
Dave Brodland and David Pharis
148 Grafts
Desiree Ratner
149 Nail surgery
Pheobe Rich
150 Mohs surgery
Elizabeth F Callahan, Clark C Otley and Randall K Roenigk
151 Surgical complications and optimizing outcomes
Tomas Stasko and Anna S Clayton
Section Twenty-two - Cosmetic surgery
152 Introduction
Rick Glogau
153 Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals
Zoe D Draelos
154 Sunscreens
Mark Naylor
155 Chemical and mechanical skin resurfacing
Gary D Monheit and Mark A Chastain
156 Sclerotherapy and ambulatory phlebectomy
Neil S Sadick
157 Liposuction
William P Coleman and Timothy C Flynn
158 Hair transplantation
Dow Stough
159 Soft tissue augmentation
Seth L Matarasso and Neil S Sadick
160 Botulinum toxin
Alaistair Carruthers and Jean Carruthers

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