by Nichole Giles
4.4 10


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Descendant 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well i stumbled across this book while doing a little searching/shopping and bought it but quickly put it aside to read later. That was my first mistake... When i finally got up the courage to read it ( afraid id be overly disapointed) i was surprised to find i wasnt. Quickly i bonded with the characters, impressed by their strengths and stories aswell as enwrapped in the love story of the two main characters.. i often found my self flipping ahead to see what happened next and skipping out on meals to continue At times i did find the story to be a bit predictible and irritating when it came to a few of the characters decisons, leaving me to rate it only 4 out of 5 stars.. but overall i was intreged.. Great read the second is even better ..waiting for the third
EndlessReading More than 1 year ago
First I would like to thank the lovely author and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of Descendant to read and review. After a traumatic event that rocks Abby to her core, she moves to seemingly normal Jackson At the age of 17, she has the emotions of a teen-age girl trying to figure out who she is while fitting into a new town and school, you then need to add into the mix dreams of true love, loss and past lives and you've got a story the keeps the pages turning "Life's a journey that forces us all to move forward, whether we want to or not." Soon after, she is thrust into the deep, dark world of the Gifted after she meets Kye; a beautiful, blue-eyed boy secrets of his very own This love story is magical and has you rooting for both Abby and Kye from the beginning. Kye is a perfect gentleman who can still get your heart drumming in your chest with just a one look ;) An exciting young adult paranormal romance & coming of age story with a splash of urban fantasy involving Greek/Roman mythology The author has managed to create something so captivating, unique, and something that doesn't follow the trends in the world of books as they are today Descendant moves along at a good speed, spinning a tale of love that is transcendent, and a war that has raged centuries ago and caused endless devastation. Be prepaid to read about lots of fairies, mermaids, psychics, healing herbs and crystals, sprites, magical creatures, dragons, swords and sorcery, goddesses, demons, the Morrigana, magic, witchcraft, romance oh and one more thing.....lots of kissing Well written. Love the elementals and paranormal gifts. Can't wait for the sequel
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review Abby Johnson had a vision when she was out with her friends. When she got home, she heard her grandmother calling her name. Abby runs up to their apartment and the room has been completely ransacked. Isabelle, Abby's grandmother, has been hurt. Abby has been training with her grandmother as healer, but is unable to save her. Marion, Abby's mother, reached for a gap in the mantle and brought out a wooden box that had all of Isabelle's prized possessions and had been left to Abby: her ring, some healing crystals, a pocket-size book of herbal remedies and a sealed envelope with Abby's name on it. Abby and her mom leave and end up in Wyoming. Kye is a guy Abby was drawn to even before she officially meets him. Rose talks to Abby in her first class and asks her to sit with them at lunch. She is asked to go to a trip to Yellowstone to kick off Spring Break and celebrate Rose's 18th birthday. When at the lodge Abby sees a stranger with a gray aura. She senses evil, bad, scary. Abby is moved a lot so she really doesn't have any friends or a boyfriend. She loves her grandmother and mother. She grows stronger as the story goes on. She is loyal, caring, and kind. She can be determined to the point of stubborn. She grows in many ways as the story continues and she finds answers to questions, even some she never knew she had. I found Kye to be a strong young man. He's smart and caring. He can also be very protective. He has a mission and will do whatever he has to in order to fulfill it. Then he meets and falls for Abby. He also grows through the story. It was a good book and well written. I recommend it to anyone that likes this genre.
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
Abby is a strong character, but she's pretty dense at times. As a reader, you will have things figured out long before she does. I yelled at the book a few times because of this. The story had me frustrated more than once, but it was unique and fast. You have an enchanting romance, evil bad guys, fairies, magic powers, and some humor. The ARC of Descendant by Nichole Giles was provided to me from the publicist for review. The opinions are my own.
LarkPaula More than 1 year ago
This one is going to merit a re-read, friends. The rich texture of the lore that is being used, the fast pace of the action, and the array of characters are demanding that I spend a little more time in this universe; real life has made it difficult for me to give this novel the attention it deserves. What I can tell you for sure: I love that Giles has combined typical elements of the paranormal genre, traditional legends, and fae tales into one epic love story that causes mortal peril that lasts for generations. There were bits and pieces of so many familiar stories that the premise felt very plausible and real. While reading, I struggled with whether to take my time and enjoy every morsel of the universe Giles built, or to race headlong through the action-packed plot. I took turns at both, as it turns out. I can also tell you for sure that I really connected with the main character, right down to her questioning whether or not she should hop on a plane with the hot boy. She's a smart girl who doesn't let her friends or her emotions knock her around, and I respect her for that. As for the hot boy. . . he's a perfect gentleman who can still get your heart drumming in your chest with just a look. Even if you're not into this paranormal storyline, it's worth reading for the book boyfriend alone. :) This is one of those books that you like when you've finished it, and you like more as you ponder afterwards. I will definitely be re-reading at my leisure this summer, and certainly will be anticipating a sequel. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
StephWard More than 1 year ago
'Descendant' is a fantastic new young adult fantasy/paranormal novel that weaves a captivating tale that will have readers hooked from the first paragraph. It follows Abigail "Abby" Johnson as she moves to the small town of Jackson, Wyoming after her grandmother's murder in Las Vegas. Abby and her mother must be careful wherever they go because Abby isn't just another ordinary teen - she's Gifted with the abilities to Heal and with Sight. Because of her gifts, Abby and her family can never stay in one place for long, and Jackson is sure to be no different - at least until Abby meets the incredibly gorgeous Kye. They have an instant and intense attraction that Abby's never experienced before, although she has the strangest feeling that she has known Kye - has loved him - for a long time. But before they can explore their feelings for one another, the darkness that has always followed Abby shows up in Wyoming and they need to move again. Only this time Abby isn't alone; she has Kye with her and they aren't going down without a fight. This was a truly wonderful paranormal novel that had me hooked right from the very beginning. The plot wasn't completely original in concept, but the execution was amazing and it definitely blew me away. I loved Abby as a main character. She's smart, devoted to her family, and wants to help people in any way she can - especially since one of her gifts is Healing. Her relationship with Kye is intense and interesting, although some readers may not like the "instalove" they seem to have. I liked the immediate attraction since it ran deeper than just the run of the mill love at first sight scenario - they have a history together, which makes their instant bond romantic instead of cheesy, in my opinion. The writing was flawless with a great pace and effortless flow throughout the book. The plot was very fascinating and I loved reading about Abby's gifts and the different abilities that could manifest, along with learning about the history of the Gifted ones. It added an extra depth to the novel that gives the reader a better understanding of the inner workings of the plot. Overall, this was an enchanting paranormal novel that fans of the genre will not be able to put down. Highly recommended! Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
cindybeck More than 1 year ago
Love this story. The author, Nichole Giles, is great at making Abby and Kyle -- the main characters -- strong young adults, without making them seem like, well ... a fantasy. She portrays their young love in a way that makes it interesting, warm, and magical. Speaking of magical ... the story is mysterious and magical at the same time! How can it not be, when it's about Gifts that supersede time? There is one minor character that I really enjoyed, but I don't want to put in spoilers ... so you'll have to read it for yourself and figure out who it is!
clarenehall1 More than 1 year ago
I related to Abby from the first moment I read her story. I also moved a lot in my younger years, and could feel the pain each time she had to flee to a new location. Thank goodness my moves were not as dramatic. As you read about Abby and her gifts you will love her as much as I do. There is plenty of suspense, action and a new twist around every corner in this great book. Nichole Giles has written about characters that seem real, and the emotions will keep you wanting to read long after the last page. I'm glad that it is finally rleased so everyone can read the story as told by Nichole Giles. I will be encouraging my teenage granddaughters to read this book.
Rachellewrites More than 1 year ago
Open your eyes to another facet of our world in Descendant and you'll be sucked into an adventure with Abby and Kye that will explore the power of gifts, courage, and love. This story has it all--adventure, romance, and self-discovery. I love Abby's strength and abilities to see things that others can't. Giles has crafted a page-turner that will leave you looking for Abby and Kye, hoping for more of their story!